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What is a Kidney Function Exam? 

First, it is necessary to understand Kidney Function Blood exams or any other type of checking for evaluating your organs, including the kidneys and what they will analyse within the results. As we know, the kidneys are special organs that filter our blood from harmful substances in our bodies. 

Not only this, but their role is also to excrete these substances, thus assisting and regulating the patient’s whole blood.

It’s different from Herpes type Exams.

However, due to various factors such as habits or accidents, the sampling evaluates what should be done to the kidney in cases of the disease. 

For example: 

  • Renal calculus 
  • Urinary Obstructions
  • Infections 
  • Renal Insufficiency 
  • Kidney Tumors and others.

Some of these problems are resolved in a short time with proper treatment. However, issues such as kidney failure are chronic.

What is the importance of full blood count exams? 

The full blood count kit is very important for anyone, as it assesses your organs and their current state. In other words, besides being a way to identify possible problems indicated by symptoms such as anaemia, vomiting, or blood in the urine, it also serves as prevention.

Therefore, we recommend that you buy your kit and keep your health up to date by maintaining healthy habits with your kidneys, such as:

  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Avoid consuming too much salt 
  • Do exercises frequently
  • Do not drink or smoke cigarettes

Following the instructions above will prevent complications, especially by avoiding addictions.

How do the checks for kidney function work?

Now that you know the Tests for Kidney Function and their impact on health maintenance, let’s do it. To interpret the results accurately, you must understand how they are obtained and what it takes to get them. First, you will purchase the home kit for a kidney function blood check. After that, you will collect your sample as in the manual.

Then, with the sample collected, you will send it directly to the laboratory, which will have the result within one business day after receiving it.

Another point that is also very important is that you don’t need to be fasting to perform the checks.

What checks are performed in the sampling, and what do they evaluate?

So, it’s time to understand how the kit works and the five types of results you will receive after submitting your blood.

So let’s start our list with the first one, which is: 


So, starting the list, we have the first result to assess your kidneys’ health: the urea. The urea test is very important to evaluate your kidneys and liver, where urea is made. Its role is to support the body’s metabolism, especially in managing the protein ingested in the diet. 

Thus, in cases of its increase, it can indicate problems in processing it in the blood. In most cases, it is kidney failure.


Then we have the following Creatinine result on the list, which is exclusively about creatinine, which is also one of the main ones for identifying diseases. Since creatinine is a substance constantly being produced by the body to handle phosphocreatine (energy of muscles), in other words, in cases of unbalanced creatinine levels indicates some absorption difficulty in the kidneys. 

It is usually used to identify early and very early cases of kidney dysfunction and can still be reversed for other minor problems.

Since it is closely linked to muscle development, its increase may be influenced by high intake in athletes.


The next check performed, the kidney function check, evaluates the amount of phosphate in the patient’s bloodstream. Since phosphate is related to energy for the body and to the growth of bone structure, its excess presents some problems. Firstly, increased phosphate hinders calcium absorption into the bones and increases blood pressure too much.

Other problems also related to increased phosphate, besides kidney problems, are: 

  • Sexual Dysfunction 
  • Mental Confusion 
  • Itching and Skin Lesions
  • Cardiovascular Calcification
  • Albumin 

So, continuing our article on a test for kidney function, another very important check for identifying kidney-related problems is the albumin test, which is also used to analyse the liver. 

Albumin is a substance that essentially deals with protein processing. Taking up to 50% of the transport role in the body. Thus, in case of its excessive increase or decrease. It can be problems directly linked to infection problems or kidney disease. 

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The last check to evaluate the patient’s kidney function is bicarbonate, one of the main reasons to assess the kidneys. When the kidneys are healthy and without problems, the bicarbonate levels are regulated, and the blood will be fine. In the case of unevenness, this indicates an acidification process in the body, also caused by kidney diseases. 

We have finished our article on the full blood count kits and the main information about the options.

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