According to doctors, the secret to a healthy and long-lasting life lies in your food. Many researchers call it an integrative medicine that directly impacts the years of our lives. Many scientists explain this according to a study on the people in the US’s blue zone areas. They consume a Mediterranean diet and live longer than any other country’s population. Many people in the UK are switching to the Mediterranean diet after knowing its benefits. But if you are still in doubt, you can go through various health checkups to monitor your condition. CBC Tests will help to give a perfect overview of your body changes. You can also use STD Kits to examine the changes in your health condition if you have any sexual needs.

These diets are magical; many Londoners have also adopted them and are enjoying their benefits. Let’s learn about this diet and its benefits, and also consider the health checkups to monitor the best changes in your body that occur because of this diet plan.

Which Foods are most Important while following a Mediterranean Diet? 

According to researchers, beans and legumes are the most important foods to consume while following a Mediterranean diet. They are also one of the most common items in almost every meal. Thus, they are easy to continue. According to the National Library of Medicine, US, legumes tend to predict the survival rate of older people of different ethnicities.

The dietary pattern of Blue Zone areas is based on plants; thus, it includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole-grain food items. The Mediterranean diet does not include red meat. So, non-vegetarians have to avoid meat products for following this dietary pattern.

This diet pattern demands you take control of your food intake. Most of the natives of Blue Zone areas eat until they are 80% full. So, try to limit the quantity of your meal (which is the demand of almost every next diet). Track the Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet with Regular CBC Exams

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

This diet has many benefits, but many people still need clarification. Let’s start with knowing about their advantages:

  • According to various studies, these diets are the healthiest foods for a healthy heart. Many researchers state that this diet is of utmost importance for those at high risk of myocardial infarction as it reduces its chances by 30%.
  • Moreover, it reduces the chances of recurrent heart disease by 50% to 70% in high-risk individuals. Thus, it is a must-try option for old and heart disease-containing people.
  • This diet includes omega-3, a healthy fat in seeds, nuts, and fish. It helps develop and maintain a healthy brain, a perfectly working heart, and a more robust metabolism system.
  • A recent study has also found a connection between the Mediterranean diet and the longevity of humans. As this diet contains polyphenols (present in fruits and vegetables), which are known for increasing the life of humans, this diet connects with a long-lasting life.
  • Polyphenols help to increase longevity by resisting the diseases associated with ageing, like cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

Importance of Regular Reports

As we have discussed many benefits of the Mediterranean diet, let’s talk about tracking these points with the help of an authentic means: testing. Regular CBC screening is the perfect way to eliminate confusion or uncertainty about this food plan. Start this diet once, and then track your health with the help of this checkup. It will let you know the accurate results of your health. Moreover, if you are hesitant to go outside in a hospital or lab to get tested, open Google and search for the Medicine Online website. You’ll find home testing kits for all vital checkups, including STDs. You’ll be amazed to get the results but remember to screen before starting this diet and note down or save the results from counterchecking.

Is Wine also a Part of this Diet Plan? Track its Safety with Regular Checkups.  

According to research, the safest level of consuming alcohol is “none.” The risks of having cancers, heart diseases, and other conditions increase with the intake of addictive substances like tobacco and alcohol, including all types of Wine, beer, liquor, and champagne. Even the recommended amount of alcohol can cause severe problems.

In a Mediterranean diet, you must skip Wine from your diet plan if you are a non-alcoholic. But, if you consume alcohol, you must limit it according to its conditions. Moreover, you can trace its effects by performing a CBC exam. It will inform you about your body’s condition and signal any upcoming disease.

Advice for Those who want to change their diet

If anyone is trying to change their diet plans, then it is necessary to understand that change does not come immediately. It needs a lot from your side. Effort, dedication, and passion are all prerequisites. That is why it is necessary to start by taking baby steps. This will help you to adapt to the changes. Following a Mediterranean diet, you must leave any delicious food items that might be your favourite, and you can’t stay with them, just like red meat. Slowly adopting these changes is a more intelligent option than leaving all at once because this might irritate you.

Moreover, regular checkups with CBC Tests are also an intelligent way to monitor this diet’s positive and negative impact on your body. You can also go for STD Profiles if you have any sexual diseases because it can help manage them.


The Mediterranean diet has several benefits, and many people in the United Kingdom follow it. In many recent studies, it has been related to longevity, but it is essential to know that a healthy diet all alone can’t be able to increase the quantity of your life. Several other factors contribute to longevity. But still, the benefits posed by this diet must be addressed. Get regular health checkups, including an STD Test, and track your health status to stay informed about your body.