One man’s tragic story 

Good morning, everyone. I apologise for the papyrus I sent. I didn’t know what to do. I’m writing for my brother, who gave me the Ureaplasma Test infection material but can’t write it. Let me start by saying that his symptoms for the STD problems are “strict”, urological, and “feminine” in the sense that tests show that he does not have any seminal or prostate problems.

Given the serious situation, I’m looking for advice or comparisons.

I don’t know if this is the right place, and I hope I haven’t bothered you at all, but it’s also true that here I met a female user (whose name I won’t reveal) with some similar symptoms and whose comparison is providing helpful elements…

 I hope I can find more.

Below, I’m sharing the story he wrote and the STD symptoms I have placed below.

HISTORY (his words)

NB He was born in 2000; he will be 20 in a month.

2010: (10 years)

– Chain hemorrhagic Urethrocystitis begins, increasingly strong and frequent: Ureaplasma, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Proteus mirabilis. Numerous hospitalisations and endless cycles of heavy antibiotics because Monuril is never enough.

– Over the months, the urethral burning and urination burning have become more and more constant and intense, even when I don’t have STD infections.

– Little by little, I never empty my bladder, which feels full to 0 ml, even though I have no retention.


– It continues to worsen the above.


  • – Extremely violent hemorrhagic Urethrocystitis in July, with long hospitalisation. Despite the antibiotics, I have four increasingly strong relapses.
  • – Since then, the STD burning symptoms + urethral and urination pain has become 100% perennial, 24 hours a day, and continues to increase in intensity over time.
  • – Increasingly intense and frequent urethral symptoms: urethral spasms, stabs, needles, lacerations, shocks, the sensation of having “glass”, “razors”, or a “stone” in the canal, … and countless others.
  • – Urethrorrhages 2-3 times a week, even abundant.
  • – Marked urination frequency with the sensation of never emptying, but every drop of pee breaks me in two.
  • – Very frequent hemorrhagic cystitis continues, and the urethra never stops getting worse.


  • Unexplained five months of improvement (partial but clear) of all symptoms. I remove Kentera. I finally leave the house and start pelvic relaxation exercises, but as soon as I start doing a minimum of “sport” (walking), everything starts again worse than before.
  • Ureaplasma Test Diagnosis” of irritable bowel syndrome and lactose and nickel intolerance, plus serious drug allergies. The colon will resolve the following year.
  • Useless psychotherapy sessions.
  • Cystoscopy in narcosis (three nights in tears after the catheter) and intervention: removal of urethral granuloma.

I have enormous urethral pain only, classified as severe Urethrodynia.

STD Diagnosis Test: “extremely hyperemic urethra, thinned walls with deep ulcers and multiform lesions” (They tell me that my urethral walls are made of tissue paper).

“Hyperactive and hypertonic bladder, moderately hyperemic, hemorrhagic petechiae at 120 ml”.

Outcome: After the surgery, I have a drastic worsening.


  • – I’m stuck at home.
  • – Continuous worsening of ALL STD symptoms, from burning + fixed pain and urination to various spasms, needles, and haemorrhages, …
  • – Since then, I have also felt a body stuck in my urethra (stone/pin/blade / …) 24 hours a day, which I would like to expel.
  • – Pain and heat extend from the genitals to the tendons of the legs and pubis.
  • The pain, burning, and hypersensitivity to vibrations make it difficult for me to walk or sit/stand, and I can’t use means of transport.
  • – Cystitis recur, always very violent, with frequent hospitalisations and a bladder that is always “full”.
  • – Worst experience ever after ejaculation: I never experienced anything like this, not even close to the worst infections.


– After going to millions of doctors and trying useless drugs that make me worse, I find competent people between San Raffale, Magenta and Niguarda.

– Diagnosis of severe Urethrodynia and penodynia (equivalent of vulvodynia). Suspected neuropathy (?).

– Various neuromodulator implants. In the first case, it comes off after 7 days; in the other two cases, it must be removed first due to serious worsening and then very bad cystitis.

Despite this, I go ahead and manage to have one last implant: after four months of worsening, I feel a VERY SLIGHT benefit, barely perceptible, but which doesn’t seem to stop.

The Ureaplasma story took a new, very bad turn in 2019: I contracted the worst urinary infection of all, a very rare tuberculosis Urethrocystitis (BK bacterium). Nobody knows why.

I am forced to undergo months of specific treatments and remove the modulator.

Since then, all the symptoms have worsened enormously. I often have chronic Urethrocystitis; with this, Ureaplasma STD disease is increasingly impossible. I also undergo surgery for the lesions, including a urethral cyst. They see that the inflammation is maximum in the entire area. “Ragged urethra” with deep ulcers, very thin walls, and calcifications. The bladder is the size of a walnut (the “interstitial cystitis”) with an estimated physiological capacity of 20 ml. Hunner’s ulcers, hemorrhagic petechiae, and every quadrant are inflamed…

Now, they put me on “standby” for a long time.


The STD symptoms are endless, in particular:


– I have always had a very high pain threshold, which has increased significantly over time: now I can hold my hand over the fire for hours without moving. But all this Ureaplasma infectious disease is always unbearable and terrible: the pain-burning does not subside even for a second. It explodes during and after each pee; furthermore, from one moment to the next, it can intensify greatly “at random”.

– I always have a pin, a blade or a hot stone in the canal, which I would like to “expel”.

– Perennial sensation of an exploding bladder, as if it would never empty, even if it has 0 ml and I have no retention. Even though I can’t count them, I also urinate every 30 seconds – 1 minute and no more than 5 minutes, so I don’t get up from the bathroom for a long time. I urinate because every drop that accumulates causes a huge worsening and makes the strong stimulus appear or increase in my urethra as if it were full.


– At night, the Ureaplasma disease causes me to fall asleep out of desperation and get up constantly (at least once an hour, never more than 15-20 ml). However, if I have a serious worsening of the urethra or bladder, I cannot sleep.

– Urine burns like hell even when transparent, but if it becomes even slightly yellow, it makes me feel worse. Therefore, I drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water daily and take mineral salts.

However, the pH is normal: from 6.2 to 7.2; I am the one who feels the urine is acidic or hot like fire. Even when it’s too acidic, it looks like lava.

– I have difficulty holding a position and walking, and I feel terrible from the slightest vibration, even the sound of a voice.

It is impossible to travel because transportation exacerbates urethral burning and exploding bladder. Just the car moving on the route, let alone the potholes, etc.

THEY COME AND GO, even with very high intensity:

  • – Sensation of having a “tingle” or a “hot drip” in the urethra or that the urethra is full of hot urine (sometimes it seems like it is leaking, but there is nothing).
  • – Strong stimulation of the infection in the urethra (I don’t know how to describe my feelings for Ureaplasma disease; it seems full and burning).
  • – Razors, cuts or lacerations, stabs, glass or sandpaper, stabs, hot rings, pins, electric shock, “blade coming down,” “wire-pulling” or “catheter coming off,” fire, heat, scalding, “flaying”, … But also hot-cold, “throbbing”, urethral paresthesias, … etc.
  • – During infections (BK first and foremost) or with acidity, I feel like molten iron dripping into my urethra; I have to run to the bathroom with a HORRIBLE burning sensation, but there is nothing.
  • – Pain and burning in the penis or at the base, near the testicles (the latter rare and almost only with the STD infection).
  • – Glass shard between urethra and bladder.
  • – Urethra that feels swollen, sticky, …


Urethral haemorrhages with sharp burning pain (after BK almost every day), discharge of pieces of “flesh” or “skin” or “eschar”.


With ongoing Ureaplasma infection, what has been said becomes much worse. In particular, I spend sleepless nights with crying, burning pain, which erupts during and after urination and remains exasperated; I once tried to get under the bidet jet, but now the water always “burns” when it comes into contact with my “lips” or flesh.

I often have a very great worsening of the bladder.

Large emissions of blood and pieces of “living flesh” are present. Sometimes, white infection fluid discharge is accompanied by STD symptoms like the one described below.


Even when faced with the burning tears of the strongest Ureaplasma serious infection, NOTHING compares to what happens after an ejaculation.

Immediately after the sperm comes out, I feel an impossible fire, more intense than any other. I feel flames, blades, and incandescent foreign bodies in the canal. I must emit a drop per second to reduce it; otherwise, I’ll die. It is the only case in which I am “forced” to urinate. For everything else, urinating is excruciating, and I pay for a “wrong” pee for days.

This post is no different if this is the worst torture. 12-16 hours after an STD Test and generally after urinating, a second infection phase of Ureaplasma issues begins with a burning sensation that is truly excruciating and exaggerated in the urethra. This time, urinating is deadly, unlike before. I have severe bleeding, but in only one case have I found in a test for STD bacteria. The “aftereffects” last days and days and are still atrocious.

If the ejaculation is nocturnal, I wake up and still spend hours punching the wall on the bidet with very intense flushes, a liberating drip, stabs in the urethra, etc. After effects (minor) for three days.

The contact with detergents is extremely cute and similar to the above, which I AVOID like the plague or alcohol. Furthermore, with the infection of Ureaplasma, even water burns and minimal contact with my skin or clothing are enough to make me jump (I feel a burn like an ember or shock).