Fear and shame. Analysis, as well as about what was treated.

In this CA125 Test post, I’d like to share an intimate and delicate problem I encountered last winter and the story of my HPV Test and treatment. Last December, I caught a bad cold, and my immune system responded swiftly. The first warning sign was noticing a small amount of blood on the toilet paper after using the restroom, which I initially attributed to rough paper.

A little later, during water procedures, I felt some formations around the anus; upon closer examination in the mirror, I discovered a large number of genital warts.

For the rest of the day and half the night, I did not sleep and searched the Internet for information about CA125 and HPV. It didn’t make things any easier.

But in addition to appearing on the external genitalia, they can appear in the rectum, vagina, and cervix. 

Reasons for appearance

The cause of condylomas is the presence of human papillomavirus in the blood. The virus enters the body through sexual contact through defects in the mucous membrane or skin. A perinatal route of HPV virus transmission is possible – the child becomes infected during childbirth from a sick mother while passing through the birth canal. There is also a contact-household transmission route, but data on this transmission option are sparse.”

I’ll make a reservation that at the time the papillomas appeared, I did not use other people’s personal hygiene products, did not visit public baths or saunas, and for quite a long time, I did not have sexual intercourse.

Reading the incidence statistics, I was amazed at how many people suffer from the human papillomavirus. Moreover, many may need to be aware of it or are carriers without significant symptoms.

“HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – up to 55-65% of the total number of diseases.”

By the way, condoms do not protect against this HPV Viral disease if the carrier is in the acute phase.

Seeking Diagnosis and Treatment: Medical Intervention

Without putting this matter aside, I signed up for an HPV DNA test to determine what type of my disease belongs to. HPV has many stamps, some with a low oncogenic type and some with a high one.

I was tested using a vaginal smear, and the result was emailed to me the next day. I took the test at a paid medical facility. Centre – the price cost me about 2 thousand Russian rubles.

I was diagnosed with 2 types of HPV – 6 and 11.

Of course, having started reading Cancer Group CA125 forums, I bought some propolis tincture at the pharmacy and began the Inquisition at home. There is no other way to call it. My mother came to my aid because I would not have been able to get into all the secluded places and carefully process this cabbage. HPV papillomas look exactly like cauliflower when they grow and grow together. With her keen eye, my mother noticed papilomas appearing on the labia minora. It was scary and stressful.

A Rollercoaster of Treatments

We treated this crap once a day, 2 pieces at a time until they started to fall off. The feeling of this tincture cannot be conveyed. Everything burned and hurt so much that walking, sitting or washing in those places was impossible. I decided to go to the doctor, overcoming the shame.

I took a ticket to see a dermatologist shortly. During the appointment, they informed me that free treatment wasn’t available and laser cauterization would cost 3 thousand rubles per 1 square cm under the compulsory CA125 medical insurance policy. The dermatologist also warned me that there is no guarantee that papillomas will not appear in the same places or quantity in a month. She also suggested that I visit the residential complex in case they would offer me free CA125 treatment.

The doctor was surprised when she heard about where I was sent from in gynaecology. She said that, in principle, this was not from the profile, but she felt sorry for me and decided to help me.

They instructed me to appear at the clinic on the appointed day in the operating room, bring a diaper and pad, and purchase a cream based on icecoin; unfortunately, I forgot its name.

I went to the HPV clinic for cauterization of papillomas 5 times. They were completely burned out for me; it was painful despite the numbing cream, so I had to endure it. In addition to cauterization, I took a course of antiviral medications and prescribed a course of antiviral suppositories. It would seem a hurray; I won. But the music didn’t play for long.

After 2 months, they climbed again.

Traditional Methods

And then, I despaired of going to the hospital and decided to use traditional methods. I bought tea tree oil at the nearest pharmacy and started making compresses. I moistened a cotton pad with water, then, taking a dispenser out of the oil bottle, I poured a small amount of oil onto the cotton wool and applied it to the affected area for 20-30 minutes. So 3, 4, 5 times a day. There was a slight discomfort and tingling at this time, but this cannot be compared with propolis tincture and cauterization.

Within 4 days of using the oil, my papillomas completely disappeared, and they have not bothered me for over six months. I would never have thought that a cheap product could work miracles!

Dear readers, my post may be useful to someone! Good health to everyone, and thanks for stopping by!