Real People Stories – Carla‘s testimony

There is life after OC!

My name is Carla. I’m 41 years old, and I’m a survivor of ovarian CA125 tests and cancer. What I have to say about this one is that it doesn’t give you any signs, so you must get HPV variant Tests at least each year. When it is discovered, it is generally in an advanced stage. The symptoms are easy to confuse with other illnesses, making diagnosis difficult. I felt a lot of colic and abdominal pain, which I mistook for gas and menstrual cramps, but as they persisted for a long time, I decided to seek medical help.

Medical Consultation and Diagnosis

I went to the HPV medical test centre at work and explained the situation to the doctor. He said that I suspected endometriosis and also explained the history of CA125 cancer tests in the family, as my mother had already suffered from breast cancer years ago. The HPV doctor examined me; I had a distended abdomen and asked for some tests.

Confirmation and Treatment

In a short time, I had the Blood results of these tests for CA125 in hand. And the confirmation of an HPV-related tumour measuring seven centimetres that involved my left ovary. And the tumour counter showed a very high value, which made me apprehensive. Although there was still no definitive HPV DNA diagnosis, the race began to find a specialist. This diagnosis came during the consultation I had in October 2015, three months after the initial symptoms, where I was hospitalised to remove the tumour that had ruptured. This total hysterectomy lasted for more than six hours.

Recovery and Emotional Journey

Thirty-nine years old, I usually joke that due to the extent of the surgery, I received one stitch for every year of my life. The confirmation of the disease was overwhelming. The recovery was slow. I went through chemotherapy, my hair fell out, and I cried at times, but I got over it. My family was very present; my mother was tireless.

Finding Hope

That’s why today I can come here to give my genuine family HPV testimony and say that there is life after cancer and that we must pay attention to the signs that our body sends us.

To anyone currently fighting this CA 125 battle, know you are not alone. There is a community of survivors who understand and support you. Keep believing in your strength, and never lose hope. Life after cancer is not just about surviving; it’s about thriving and embracing the gift of each new day.

Alejandra’s testimony

Diagnosis and Initial Challenges

My name is Alejandra. I was diagnosed with a check for CA125 and then with ovarian disease on May 5, 2013, at 38 years old. Ten days later, I already had surgery where they removed both ovaries, the uterus, and part of the intestine since I was in stage III C.

Finding Strength in Family and Creativity

What can I tell you? I felt like my world was collapsing with a 9-year-old son and being a mother and father at the same time. Every caress, hug,… his innocent drawings that I placed around my bedroom, like “strength, mom,” “everything is fine,” “my friends and I are helping you kill those bad CA125 related cancer cells,” and “I love you,” gave me strength to move forward And not decline.

Exploring Holistic Healing and Personal Growth

The first months of CA125 levels being up and down were very complicated as fear took over me, but I started with Reiki therapies and then took a Bach Flower course. I have also had time to read a lot, readings that have allowed me to revitalise myself in the face of chemotherapy and CA125 exams and treatment.

Without a doubt, Cancer marked my life, making me feel today like a stronger, more feisty woman with a comprehensive view of life that I did not know and, above all, with a clear purpose that I intend to leave to future generations. I stopped being a “working” woman, full of HPV fears and unable to set limits on a personal and professional level. Today, I allow myself to dedicate time to meditation and do yoga. Above all, I have a much better quality of life to share and strengthen my son; I laugh more and set limits in my work and personal life.

Facing Recurrence and Continued Battles

In terms of Ovarian type Cancer, sometime after finishing the treatment, the CA 125 slowly began to rise. And I asked my oncologist for the order to perform a PET SCAN. To my great surprise, some implants appeared in the peritoneal area. Without further ado, I had to go back to some chemotherapy sessions, and this 04/23/2015, a new operation to remove and finish the chemotherapy process, which I will resume this May 2015.

Despite this, today, I feel happy with a lot of energy to face this little HPV evil, looking into its eyes that will not win.

Gratitude and Support

Finally, I want to thank my son Benjamín immensely for his strength and infinite love. And to my mother, who has always been helping me too. She is especially assisting in the difficult moments of chemo. And to my father and my sister Lorena, Tio Nino. With special note to our conversations diary of life, family, friends, the support networks.  Thanks to the oncology CA125 medical team where I have always felt like family. To my doctor Cristian and psychologist, who keep me with a positive and warrior outlook in the face of this disease.

Spiritual Reflection

Once upon a time, a person wrote to me on Facebook about the HPV variant and DNA issues. And when I am going through difficult times, I read it, and it truly calms me:
“…although the fig tree does not bloom, nor the vine bear fruit, although the olive tree’s produce is missing, and the fields do not provide maintenance and the sheep They are removed from the sheepfold, and there are no cows in the pens…, nevertheless, I will rejoice in the Lord.”

Thanks for reading!