Complex cyst found by accident

Hi, I have gone in to have my Implanon taken out due to planning to have children in the upcoming months/years and also have a routine HPV gynaecologist checkup. During the transvaginal, they found a complex cyst on the left ovary, about 4.6cm. There are some solid components within, septations and no vascular flow. My gynaecologist thinks it’s a dermoid CA125-related cyst but said she couldn’t tell for sure and referred me to a university HPV hospital test to see a specialist who can reexamine and possibly have a better understanding of what it could be, saying it’s not urgent. It takes about 3-6 months to see a specialist, and I’m going insane here, thinking the worst, even Syphilis. I strongly consider going to a private clinic to get reexamined and update the status of the cancerous cyst in 2-3 weeks, regardless of when my specialist appointment is.

I’m 26. I have had simple HPV viral cysts before that went away on their own. Unfortunately, because my CA125 levels changed due to health anxiety, I work in the biomedical field, so I immediately noticed on the monitor that this cancerous cyst did look a little suspicious. My heart started sinking before my ob-gynaecologist even mentioned it.

Living with cancer

I am completely asymptomatic and have only had some constipation now and then. Last time, I had a transvag. The ultrasound in the summer detected no cysts, so I don’t think a dermoid came out of nowhere. This probably wouldn’t have worried me as much as it does if my aunt hadn’t passed away from ovarian cancer a decade ago. I’m just looking to vent and possibly get some comfort through the comments/shared experience.

Three weeks later, I saw a specialist. They did the tumour markers, and the values were normal. They have found 2 dermoids, 3cm on the right and 4cm on the left ovary benign looking, with no blood flow, not complex, no septations, and nothing solid inside (apart from the classical dermoid presentation). The dermoids were there for many years. They grew atypically on the surface of my ovary, not inside. Extremely hard to see with ultrasound by a regular technician because the bowel and ovaries are in the way.


What probably happened is that the many previous scans that I have had missed them. The CA125 gynaecologist who referred me probably noticed the left dermoid. The same dermoid formed a crease while sitting on top of my ovary. Only a few mm connects my cyst to my ovary”. They thought it was septation. But they are both unilocular, very “dermoid” looking, full of fat and hair, except one has a small collection of sebum/goo (disgusting if you ask me) inside. I’ve lost sleep and my mental sanity over this, and I’m relieved it’s what HPV doctors called “absolutely nothing to worry about and 99% benign” (And I hope they’re right). I know you’re probably reading this because you are/were in a similar situation as me. If your “dermoid” has no vascularity, please stop worrying. I wish I did.

I checked my old HPV and other scans from 2019 when they found 2 “atypical hemorrhagic cancerous cysts” (probably my dermoid) on both of my ovaries while I was on BC pills (my ovaries were shrunk). That “self-resolved” after I stopped birth control (i.e. my ovaries went back to normal size and covered them). These hemorrhagic cysts were about 2cm on the right and 2.9cm on the left and were positioned in the same spots as my dermoids are now. Anyway, I digress. Chances of CA125-type cancer are usually low in general, especially if you’re premenopausal. If you do have an immature ovarian teratoma (or any germ cell cancer), my heart goes out to you, but know that the prognosis is usually excellent if caught early.


Worsening Symptoms from Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cancer Cyst.

Doctors say they should go away in a few days, but they aren’t

Hello there, Female, 33 years old. No history of HPV or GYNO issues except for pain during intercourse. I’ve had recent worsening symptoms ever since I had a cancerous cyst on my ovary haemorrhage a month ago. I told my gynaecologist I was experiencing sharp pain in the back and abdomen, and he told me to wait it out for a few days. It would get better.

I ended up going to the emergency room that night because the CA125 cancer pain was too much. They gave me morphine and told me to wait a few days. It would get better, but I had a hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary that was about 1cm. They told me it likely had its blood supply, so all “that stuff” is sitting around the organs, inflaming them and causing the pain. They said to wait a few days; it should all get better.

I still had continuous pain, so I went to a walk-in. He referred me to another TVU and said to wait a few days. It would get better. That same night, I had a hard time breathing with nausea and vomiting, so I took a second trip to emerg. My CA125 blood test showed an infection somewhere in my body, but they “couldn’t pinpoint where.” So they gave me amoxicillin and said wait a few days, it will get better.

The doctor’s visit

Over the course of a month, different CA125 doctors told me, “Wait a few days. It will get better.”

My baseline is completely different. At work last night, just walking the halls, my symptoms were

  • Sharp pain on the left side of the back that radiates to the front. (Left is where the cancerous cyst haemorrhaged).
  • I get extremely nauseous and feel like I want to throw up. I was NEVER a vile person.
  • I feel a fever (hold and cold chills).
  • I have long bouts of being tired.
  • I have re-occurring abdomen and back pain that becomes too painful to even lean over a sink and wash my hands.

I went back to work last night after what was supposed to be a “couple of days” of ovarian cyst pain that turned into a CA125-related infection somewhere, which turned into a month-long thing that’s STILL going. I could barely complete the shift. All my symptoms flared just for simply walking the halls to monitor.

I’ve been to the HPV Test Centre for the emergency twice, walk in and see my gynaecologist, and everyone keeps telling me to “wait it out. Everything will be normal in a few days.” My baseline is completely different and getting worse, but I keep being told to wait longer.