Emma Brown, from the best victory to the testimonial of prevention

Emma had a CA125 Ovarian cancer test and had to undergo surgery three times; this is how she overcame her illness. A successful singer, Emma Brown, is also an HPV Test testimonial for cancer prevention. She inspires courage, strength, and determination in her singing and speaking. This is also evident from how she has confronted the terrible challenges life has thrown her.

Thanks to her profession, she has millions of fans, wins prizes, sells records like others in the UK, and fills arenas in private. Unfortunately, she has had to face a great Ovarian tumour suffering from HPV. And if anyone considers how badly her ex-boyfriend Stefano left her a few years ago, that was the lesser evil. However shocking it was for a young girl in love like Emma back then, she saw her money stolen and her fiancé engaged to Helen Rodriguez right under her nose.

Emma had a tumour and had to be operated on three times; this is how she overcame her Ovarian illness.

Emma Brown’s real enemy was another, much nastier and more fearsome: HPV Virus cancer. But she finally won this battle, and thanks to her experience, she can now help many people in the same situation. However, the Ovarian war lasted over ten years and began when she was young.

Emma Brown and the discovery

A 24-year-old girl who works as a sales assistant during the day and sings in clubs with her band in the evening hardly thinks she could find herself dealing with a tumour at any moment. Yet this is what happened in 2009 to Emmanuele Brown. She’s a little famous already because she won the Superstar Tour talent show in 2003 with two other girls, but her career didn’t take off, and she returned to her town, Aradeo, in the province of Leeds. She rolled up her sleeves, getting busy, working, and never abandoning her passion for music. In 2009, however, the ugly beast arrived unexpectedly.

Emma always feels very tired and loses weight.

She thinks it’s due to stress, to a too dynamic life between work and music. Still, she gets an HPV check-up and then a C A125 exam. The answer is unquestionable: she has uterine and ovarian Tumour cancer. She needs to be operated on with the utmost urgency because she risks dying. Her gynaecologist calls his colleagues at the Policlinique Carl I in Cardiff and sets a date for the operation. The operation lasts seven hours and is carried out by Dr MarieLou with her gynaecology staff. Everything is fine; there is no need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and the uterus and ovaries are safe. A masterful job by the HPV doctors.

Shortly after, while she is still wearing the brace with splints to protect the wound, Emma, encouraged by her parents Maria and Rosario, takes part in the audition for Amici. Maria knows what she has just been through, but she asks the famous presenter never publicly to mention her cA125 illness. She wants to avoid exploiting it to win. Nothing is known about what happened to her, but she still wins the program, thanks to her unique voice and determination to conquer the public.

Emma and the second operation

Emma’s career takes off this time! As a soloist, she works decidedly better than in a group and begins to sell many records, conquer the radio, and fill arenas. She also won Sanremo in 2012 with the Ovarian Club after coming second a year earlier together with Modà (then she will also host it in 2015 with Carlo Conte). In 2013, however, she was forced to stop again, once again, due to the CA125-related cancer that had once again affected her ovaries.

Another operation and the definitive victory

Unfortunately, Emma’s CA125 ordeal did not end in 2013. While her career is swimmingly, and she accumulates experiences not only in music but also in TV and cinema, becoming an actress and director artist or judge in talent shows, she once again finds herself having to go under the knife. On 20 September 2019, she announced to her fans through her social channels that she had to give up a concert because Ovarian health problems forced her to stop.

Eight days later, he makes another announcement and publishes the photo of the hospital bracelet he wore, saying: “I finally took off this bracelet, but I will keep it forever; it was hard… but it’s gone!” I need the time necessary to recover my strength but believe me, I can’t wait to return to all of you, and I will do so as soon as possible.

I send a kiss to all the people who have had a thought for me and I thank you for all the love that I have received and that you have given me. Pushed to the HPV fight with more strength and courage than usual. I send a much bigger kiss to all those people who still can’t stop fighting HPV. Hold on, I’m with you! Serenity is slowly taking the place of fear… I’m crying with joy at last! I love you so much.”

Just under a year later, the HPV doctor made another important announcement. Based on the latest CA125 tests she underwent, she had definitively recovered from the disease. Doctors initially told her that she probably shouldn’t dye her hair anymore, but she managed to stay blonde. Today, she also keeps fit by doing sports.

Will Emma Brown have children?

To avoid the risk of fighting HPV viral cancer again, Emma had to give up an important part of her body. Whether or not she will be able to have children of her own is entirely up to her. Therefore, the answer to this question is known only by Emma herself. It depends not on her physical possibilities but on what she wants.

On May 25th, she turns 37 and deserves everyone’s best wishes. She also deserves all the possible compliments because she has sweated this life daily. She fought for it tooth and nail and must continue to live it her way. Her.

What type did Emma have?

Emma Marrone’s HPV story is very interesting, and she, after keeping it hidden for a long time,  decided to tell it for a very specific reason: she can help many other women and young girls save their lives. As? With prevention, of course. Because at 20, it’s difficult to imagine finding yourself fighting a CA125 tumour, but it can happen.

Age is one of the risk factors for the cancer Emma had. In most cases, it occurs in women aged between 50 and 69. It can depend on many causes, including the length of the ovulatory period, i.e. the period between the first menstruation and menopause, the fact of not having had children, but above all genetic familiarity. However, it can also happen to very young women, even in their twenties, just like what happened to Emma. Research by the National Cancer Institute has shown that ovarian type cancers can occur at a young age in a percentage of cases between 7% and 10%. It happens due to an inherited genetic alteration that affects the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Identifying women carrying this mutation is crucial because it can help their families prevent it.


In Italy alone, around 5,200 women a year are affected by this CA125 HPV tumour. About 80% of them discover it when the disease is already advanced. The symptoms can easily be confused with other much less serious disorders. For example, symptoms include abdominal swelling, frequent need to urinate, aerophagia, and tiredness.

An accurate diagnosis requires a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound, abdominal CT, magnetic resonance imaging, and blood tests. These blood tests identify the CA125 marker; a PET scan is sometimes required.

The immediate treatment is surgery because, in most cases, it is necessary to remove the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy may then be necessary.

Emma’s testimonial for prevention

With everything she has been through, Emma is the best possible testimonial for cancer prevention and in favour of CA125 cancer research. In 2011, she became a spokesperson for the Italian Association for Cancer Ovarian Research. She participated in cancer prevention campaigns promoted by the National Tumor Association, a non-profit HPV organisation that provides free home CA125 health and social care for cancer patients. Furthermore, she now speaks openly about her illness on TV, in newspapers, and on social media.

He also did it to “News” last year, saying he was afraid:

“I was afraid. I think it was the thing I immediately said to my mother when she reached me before the operation. Just saying it freed me from a burden. I will always continue to be afraid because this way, I avoid taking wrong steps, and I understand the value of courage. I had just launched the single Io sono Bella (written for her by her idol Vasco Rossi, ed.). During a check-up, they told me that perhaps it was time to resolve the problem and not take risks. With sincerity and honesty, out of great respect for my audience, I thought it appropriate to tell the truth.”

Over time, then, Emma also found the strength to joke about her situation. In an interview with the Gazzetta, she told us: “It’s easier for you to find me in a medical centre than in a spa. Taking care of yourself aesthetically doesn’t mean taking care of yourself; CA125 check-ups are fundamental. What is beautiful on the outside must be super healthy on the inside.” Today, one year later, Emma Marrone returns to Verissimo to chat with Silvia Toff on Channel 5 about being HPV-free. And in the meantime she is preparing to celebrate her 37th birthday next Tuesday, 25 May.