People protesting without maskThe Story of Floyd

A week ago, American police officers killed a black man in broad daylight. Neither the black man nor the police officers wore any PPE face masks. Failure by the police not to wear face covers was the first indication that they contravened the laid-out regulations (regularly getting Antigen Test near me, wearing face covers, etc.). We will not detail how one of the four police officers knelt on a hopeless man’s neck for 10 minutes. This is even though the man had not been unresponsive for about three minutes. This article is not about this incident.

Also, I will not discuss the arrest’s legality even though we all know that the police used excessive force. This article is a result of the aftermath. Thousands of people around the world have marched in solidarity to protest Floyd’s death. However, even though they march together, they risk spreading Covid-19.

Lack of Protection During Demonstration

When the rebel began their riot, they followed the laid-out guidelines to stop the spread of covid. However, as time went by and confrontations with the police increased, people, removed their face masks to help them breathe. Also, some removed their PPE gloves when the heat became unbearable.

The Risks of removing Face Covers

The people started to shout, “Black lives matter.” To be more audible, the people in their wisdom decided to remove the Masks. Keep in mind that those who number in the thousands disregard the facts of social distancing rules and disregarding antigen test near me. In this case, if one of them contains the disease, then he/she could infect hundreds of his/her colleagues who would later infect others. In other words, if these people are not handled well, they could be a recipe for disaster.

Other factors

When they engage in running battles with the police, the police tend to use tear gas. In the process, they start to cough and sneeze. Keep in mind that the disease can release for up to 6 meters if a person sneezes. Protesters have another dangerous habit of hugging each other to show solidarity. This is especially so if they have just run away from the police. This further increases the spread. Social distancing rules are impossible to follow, and soap and water use during this time are virtually impossible.

The Solution

It would be impractical to suggest that they should march with their face masks worn. This is because most of them will feel like their voice is not loud enough. In other cases, the police will try to break them up using tear gas and remove their masks to breathe with their nose and mouth better. Also, the law should stop arresting them and putting them in jail with other prisoners. This is because it may result in spreading the disease in jail once they do TTR later. In conclusion, the police should allow protesters to use amplified music equipment such as drums and speakers. They should also minimize the use of tear gas in crowd control as this increases sneezing and coughing, which further helps spread the pathogen.