Cholesterol is a type of fat which is produced by the liver. Our body needs it, but if it is made according to our needs, it is good for our health. It is important to know the symptoms of increased cholesterol; it can only be treated in time. High levels are always dangerous. Increased levels increase the risk of a heart attack. Therefore, it is better to check yourselves before you enter the UK. Order tests at the home profile from the government list of approved 2 & 8 providers. While checking your cholesterol, you can also get Full blood count testing done near me, which will help evaluate your red and white blood cells. A CBC blood test UK-wide will work well, too.

People struggle to learn different ways to control it naturally. It accumulates in the cells when it is high, leading to many diseases. Increased cholesterol in the blood means having heart-related conditions.

Think it has gone up? A simple check can detect the level. Know the symptoms. A simple kit can also be done for CBC Tests UK to understand your Full Blood Count test results.

Early fatigue and tingling.

If you feel tired or short of breath after walking a little distance, it is one of the symptoms of increasing cholesterol in your body. You could also feel tired due to low haemoglobin detected by a CBC test near me. The indication goes the same; that’s why if this happens to you, then without delay, check with your doctor. It is a very big sign of increased cholesterol; the symptoms of high levels can differ in everyone, but most people have a reason for this. Feeling tired. Such people often feel tingling in their hands and feet or pain in their hands and feet without any reason.

It also happens because the peripheral veins of your body do not get enough oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. Tingling in the hands and feet mostly happens to overweight people. Overweight people taking different medications can have lower immunity. Therefore, they should prevent themselves from getting infected by COVID-19. They can get the tests at home profile ordered from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers.

Neck pain, abnormal heart rate

Some CBC Tests in the UK indicate the body’s vessels start getting blocked, affecting blood circulation in the head when your cholesterol level increases. It may lead to pain in the back and neck. Your heart beats faster after exercise, running quickly, climbing stairs, or doing any heavy physical activity. There’s no harm in that. Sometimes, this can happen due to stress, anxiety, or any medicine. But if you start feeling short of breath after walking for a while, feel tired, and your heart beats very fast, it is a sign of high levels in the body. A low blood count can also make you feel tired. A Full Blood Count test screens for abnormal values.

The most common symptom of high levels is abnormal heart rate, which increases the risk of heart attack or other heart diseases. Such patients have a low chance of survival if infected with the severe coronavirus. It is better to test yourself from any Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers, especially if you have travelled and are in mandatory quarantine.

Other symptoms

If your body has always been of normal weight, but suddenly it is increasing continuously for no reason, and you feel heavy all the time, it can be a sign of high cholesterol. When it is high, the doctor first asks to reduce weight and take precautions in the diet. Although sweating is common, it can also be a sign of increasing levels if someone starts sweating excessively. Please don’t ignore it as normal. Excessive sweating is also a common symptom of high cholesterol, as it often happens due to obesity. High levels might lead to a grey-coloured ring in the cornea. However, this condition is common in older people.

Constant pain in the legs

Having pain in the feet anytime without talking or having pain all the time is also a symptom of increased cholesterol. Taking this pain lightly, you take painkillers by yourself. Taking painkillers, again and again, can also be harmful to the body. That is why it is not wise to do this; you should contact your doctor immediately. You may also feel constant leg pain as a symptom of increasing levels. Many visit Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester,  and Stansted wellness clinics for pain relief. However, many ignore the underlying reason: high levels detected in tests at home profile. It can be dangerous if untreated. The same goes for Full Blood Count tests. If you have abnormal values of any cell, consult your GP soon.

Yellowish Growths on the Eyelids

Have you also noticed yellow growth on your eyes’ upper or lower eyelids, which does not cause pain? Do not panic; this will not affect your eyesight, but this growth is a clear sign that the amount in your blood has increased too much. Controlling your cholesterol can help remove this yellow-coloured growth. The doctor can check your reports and prescribe some medicines to improve your health after a Full Blood Count, also known as a CBC test, near me.

Ways to prevent high cholesterol

It would help if you didn’t trap yourself in a vicious cycle. Making a few lifestyle changes to control excessive levels. It would be best to make these changes in diet: Reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet. Apart from this, eliminate trans fat from the diet. Incorporate foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in the food. Consume soluble fibre. Exercise daily. Exercise improves cholesterol. Make sure that you exercise daily for 30 minutes. Quit smoking to control HDL levels. It is important to maintain an appropriate weight. Lifestyle changes can give you great results.