Increase your Awareness

No one is immune from STIs, and they often need an STD Lab Test. Everyone should be aware of them and know preventive measures and procedures such as a medical doctor’s ureaplasma test to act in case of infection. A decisive role belongs to the comprehensive education of adolescents on sexual health issues. This comprehensive education should provide them with evidence-based information about human development, anatomy and reproductive health, as well as information about contraception, childbirth and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV Tests.

Relevant information must be conveyed to children at a young age. (before they become sexually active).

In addition, access to counselling services on STIs and HIV is of utmost importance. Countries are increasingly targeting sex workers, men who have sex with men and people who inject drugs with Ureaplasma STI Test control interventions, but access to high-quality diagnostic tests remains limited in many low- and middle-income countries around the world. Once upon a time, when I was a young and stupid student, I found myself in bed with a girl. I knew that she was very loving and very “sociable”, but at that moment, I was not thinking with my head, and I was too lazy to take out the condoms lying in my jacket pocket.

A few days later, it started to drip from the end.

I still couldn’t decide to go to the doctor. Coincidentally, I soon caught a bad cold and was prescribed antibiotics. After a while, the “drip” stopped, and in the annotation for the antibiotic, I read that it also treats STIs with Tests.

I breathed a sigh of relief and promised myself not to neglect protection in the future. Several years passed, and I got married. Pregnancy seemed to occur a couple of times, but it was not possible to maintain it. The wife underwent various examinations, but nothing serious was found. I was not examined by any STD test process, only guided by the logic that since conception it is happening, the matter is not about me.

Many years later, I learned that there is a “false” pregnancy, when a woman wants to get pregnant so much that her body itself begins to deceive her, pretending that everything worked out. Over time, the marriage broke up. This was not associated with failures to conceive. The third anniversary was 2 months away. Met someone else, fell in love, and began to live together. It was not possible to get pregnant.

The wife underwent examinations and was told that the chance of natural conception was very small.

I don’t remember the diagnosis. My wife came in tears and insistently suggested we break up so that I could start a family with a healthy girl. This hurt me, and we had a slight quarrel but stayed together. As time passed, the wife underwent examinations and took treatment. The main problem was almost eliminated and became less decisive, but pregnancy never occurred. The doctors began to insist on my examination.

We should have started with a Ureaplasma STD Test program. I slacked off as best I could but ultimately gave up. The verdict floored me. No sperm were found in the ejaculate. At all. Zero. The doctor encouraged, suggesting a mistake. He ordered a repeat study, a more in-depth one. Again, to zero. Based on the results of additional studies, complete obstruction of the vas deferens was revealed. I’m 35. My life has collapsed after the positive Ureaplasma test. At that time, I already informed my wife. He offered her a divorce and freedom.

I was offended but stayed.

We went through the most complete examinations and got on the waiting list for the IVF + ICSI quota. This is when they not only take an egg from a woman but also sperm directly from a man’s ovaries and introduce them in vitro. The first attempt failed. There were a lot of tears.

The next year, we went again. I am 37, my wife is 30. We are expecting a child. Now I understand how stupid my action was, which led me to infertility. After all, I knew that STD Tests could lead to this, but “maybe it will pass” played a very cruel joke on me. I don’t hold any grudges against that girl; I’m a fool. There will be no morality; draw your conclusions. Learn from other people’s mistakes.