Real People Stories – Kristina

Kristina is 29 years old. Before March 2018, she had been tested for HPV many times. But at this time, she learned from a lab test that she had ovarian CA125-related cancer. During the short treatment, the girl has already made her main conclusion – cancer is not a death sentence; with it, you can live the same happy life as before the diagnosis. Christina also keeps a video diary about her treatment.

Kristina discussed the attitude of the CA125 oncology centre staff toward patients. And what questions should not be asked of cancer HPV patients, and why traditional medicine should not be resorted to.

My only parent is my mother; she has worked as a teacher in an orphanage all her life. Now, I’m not working; I’m doing housework. In March 2018, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

What helps you in your daily struggle?

My character. I am still a persistent tin soldier—I always go ahead through all the difficulties and circumstances. Enormous support comes from friends, relatives, and people I know. Of course, there is moral support. Fortunately, I did not need any financial help. They treated me free of charge, and I am grateful to our healthcare system.

At the beginning of treatment, I was certainly tired of daily messages. Especially at first when everyone found out about my diagnosis. I told everyone that there was no need to organise any funeral services and no messages like “How is this possible?” or “You’re so young” should be written, only positive ones.

When a person starts asking HPV disease questions like “why?” “Do you know the answer?” then it becomes very difficult for him. I struggled with this. So, if there is any support, it will only be positive.

What would you like to change about cancer screening in healthcare?

There are so many things that it’s impossible to list them all. Firstly, I want there to be many more cancer centres, and not only in big cities. More doctors are needed, and something should be done about clinic queues.

But it is in the oncology HPV test centre that I would want to keep everything the same. What I saw and lived allowed me to draw a positive conclusion. There was a good and warm attitude from both nurses and operating surgeons.

What did your diagnosis tell you?

I learned to love life; every day is my favourite. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, rain or snow; you get up and rejoice.

Now, I don’t have bad days at all; all the days are good. Everything has changed – some left, some stayed. To those who left, I wish you a safe journey and fair winds. Thank you so much to everyone who stayed.

During treatment, I concluded that I had lived a slightly wrong life. I didn’t live the way I wanted, but the way I needed to. It is not right. Working in a job you don’t like is also wrong. You need to look for the positive in everything, even if there are troubles, something hurts, and so on; you need to find strength in yourself and live only with a very good attitude.

Cancer is not a death sentence; you can live with it. Absolutely the same happy life as we lived before the HPV diesease diagnosis. The most important thing is to have the support of people close to you. If this happens without such support, do not despair – you have you.  

What questions were the most difficult to answer?

When I encountered this CA125 problem, I started looking online for information and people with a similar ovarian diagnosis. I wanted to chat and see what kind of life they lead, but I needed more information. There needed to be more live communication. Then, I decided to tell my story.

Of course, I’m not a super CA125 blogger, but I made a test video about how it all began and how I felt and looked. This is a kind of video diary. Sometimes, I reconsider how I changed and how I felt at the same time. All stages of my CA125 treatment are there. People watch my HPV- life-related videos; I have over a thousand views.

Christina’s advice to patients and their loved ones:

1. Find your HPV-certified doctor. There is no need to panic. It is better to find a doctor you trust who can completely shift responsibility for yourself and your health to him. I have such a doctor, and I am incredibly grateful to him.

2. You don’t need traditional medicine; please follow the CA125 instructions. Do not use any amateur activities, folk recipes or methods.

If you want to try something from traditional medicine, please, I urge you to consult your CA125 trained doctor. I have seen many women who were not consulted and developed severe complications. There is no need to do this.

Remember that you are not alone. Countless women have walked this path and are standing with you in CA125 spirit. Lean on your HPV support system- family, friends, or fellow survivors. Sharing your experiences, fears, and victories can provide immense comfort and strength.

Take each day one step at a time. Celebrate the small victories and feel proud of how far you’ve come. Give yourself permission to rest and heal physically and emotionally on tougher days. Your HPV IGA immunity and well-being are the most important thing.

Above all, know that you are a beacon of hope and strength. Your courage lights the way for others, and your CA125 journey is a testament to the power of the human spirit.

Stay strong, stay hopeful, and keep fighting.