Alcohol and other forms of substance abuse are the last resort for most people battling stress and sleep disorders. Many adults in the UK within the reproductive age use drugs frequently. Unfortunately, drugs and substance abuse affect fertility in many ways. Any Fertility Exam for men intends to determine if you are healthy enough to conceive. Men abusing drugs can also go for a Health Check if they or their partner has a problem with conception.

You can define drug and substance abuse in different ways. These include;

  • Using illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin
  • Using drugs without a doctor’s prescription
  • Overusing OTC and prescription medication
  • Smoking cigars and cigarettes
  • Too much consumption of alcohol

Your Reproductive

Women are the most likely to develop infertility when abusing drugs. This is because they experience obvious changes, most likely to affect ovulation and fertilization. As a woman, you can measure the FSH in your blood to know if you have healthy eggs. You can do this using a Fertility Home kit for women, readily available in our online store. This exam will assess key hormones in your body to determine your ability to conceive.

With this home kit, you will collect the sample and send it to the lab for processing. You will get an email with your medical report and certificate within 72 hours. A timely full body Health Check makes it easier for many people across the United Kingdom to assess their reproductive health successfully. It can also identify potential health issues – making it easier to seek treatment early enough.

How Substance Abuse Affects Us

Drug and substance abuse affects fertility by acting on the reproductive system for both men and women. It can also affect your reproductive health, given that drug abuse results in changes in lifestyle and health. Also, in case you conceive, substance abuse may still cause miscarriage.

If you smoke cigars or drink alcohol, you might want to stop this as soon as possible to increase your chances of conceiving. If you’ve been trying to have a child for months but are not a drug abuser, you should go for a fertility check to establish the problem. You can also buy a private health check-up kit and screen your blood for infertility biomarkers.

As a woman, many factors come into play when analysing fertility rates. Some of the factors that must be working correctly to have a healthy reproductive system include:

  • Ovulation: Smoking can result in egg loss in women
  • Hormonal production: Women who smoke and drink alcohol have higher chances of experiencing hormonal imbalance leading to infertility
  • The reproductive tract, including the fallopian tube and cervix. and uterus
  • Menstrual cycle: Women who smoke will experience menopause at least four years earlier than their counterparts who do not abuse drugs

Commonly used drugs like tobacco and alcohol can also cause infertility in women. In a study, alcohol contributes to women’s infertility by more than 50%. The infertility rate is even worse if they use caffeine.

Additionally, consuming a cup of coffee daily can account for the inability to conceive compared to women who drink alcohol. An at-home Fertility Test is important if you have issues getting a child while on drugs.

Substance Abuse and Males

Males are the most affected by drug and substance abuse in the UK. At least 4 % of the male population in England is affected by drug and substance addiction compared to 1.9% of females. Drug abuse is the number one enemy of fertility in men. Yes, drug abuse can affect the male reproductive system negatively, resulting in infertility. Here is how;

1 – Low Sperm Count

Drugs such as tobacco and marijuana contain THC, which harms the body. When THC enters your body, it affects sperm production, causing low sperm count. It further weakens male libido and the production of the hormone testosterone, which is useful in reproduction. In some cases, THC may also directly impact sperm movement.

2 – ED

ED is also a common problem among men who abuse drugs and substances. Drugs such as alcohol and cocaine force blood vessels to narrow, also known as vasoconstriction. When your blood vessels are narrow, it affects the flow of blood to the penis, resulting in ED.

3 – Low Fertilization Rate 

Heroin and Vicodin are some drugs that suppress the GnRH hormone. The effect is low production of the hormone responsible for sperm production. It can also fragment sperm DNA and cause fertilization or miscarriage when your partner conceives.

4 – Diminishes Testes Function 

When you take drugs like steroids, you affect the hormone signals that your body needs for healthy sperm production. This causes your testes not to function well. If you are on steroids, you should consider a Fertility Test to find out if you are fertile.

Get Tested to Eliminate Doubt 

You should get a health assessment to confirm your fertility. If you take narcotics, chances are high that you may be unable to have a child. But that should not freak you out. Instead, you can get a health exam and probably get treatment. Avoid substance abuse to prevent the harmful effects of drugs on your reproductive health. Stop smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol if you want to conceive. This helps whether you want to consider vitro fertilization or natural conception.

Here are some ways you can prevent drug and substance abuse:

  • Observe a balanced diet
  • Love yourself and take time for self-care through meditation and mindfulness.
  • Seek treatment for any medical conditions and disorders
  • Surround yourself with people you can emulate and avoid peer pressure
  • Find a way to get over stress and negative emotions
  • Learn how addiction occurs and how it affects your reproductive health

Additionally, you should seek rehab and treatment for drug and substance abuse. Give up on recreational drug abuse to increase your odds of conception.

Conclusion Stop Drugs for Reasons

The effects of drug abuse on men and women within the reproductive age bracket are significant. People abusing drugs like marijuana, tobacco, and caffeine are most likely to experience infertility.

Substance abuse effects may show up in ways such as early menopause and miscarriage in women. Common health concerns in men abusing drugs are erectile dysfunction, low libido, and low sperm count. To avoid all the harmful effects of drug abuse, opting for a health exam and help from addiction professionals is advisable.