Many people say that adolescents can’t contract a sexual infection, but have you ever wondered about the authentication of this sentence? Because there are several cases in which adolescents are being infected with STDs. In today’s world, the number of these cases is increasing. But, among all this chaos, the most trusted source of healthcare for teenagers and adolescents is their parents. They guide them correctly, not only in everyday life issues but also in health-related conditions. They can also make teenagers aware of the benefits of regular STI Checkups, which help them to develop a healthy sexual life. For ladies, PCR Testing holds high importance, and mothers can be crucial in educating their daughters about this essential exam. 

Regular talks with adolescents and attention to their healthy and unhealthy actions are crucial for parents. As we can see, there is a rise in teenage pregnancies worldwide, and the sexual infection rate is also increasing in adolescents. Parents can be the turning point in eliminating these conditions by having a healthy and informative conversation about sexual health, including different types of screening.

Below, we have mentioned some of the recommendations, specifically for young adolescents, which describe the most common STIs that make screening necessary, who should be monitored with them, and when they should get screened. These steps will help parents understand their child’s sexual and reproductive health care needs.

Why Should Adolescents Get One?

Several studies have shown that young people aged 15 to 19 years are more prone to sexual infections. This is because: 

  1. The biological structure of young women’s bodies is more prone to STDs.
  2. There is a lack of awareness regarding monitoring sexual conditions among adolescents and young people.
  3. There is a sense of hesitation to discuss sexual health and sex life.
  4. Increase in number of cervical cancer due to human papillomavirus infection. For this, HPV testing is important.
  5. Lack of connection between parents and children can also be one of the reasons for the spread of STIs.
  6. Some young people enjoy having relationships with multiple partners, which becomes the reason for getting sexual infections.

Different Ways to Protect Adolescents from Sexually Transmitted Infections

As an adolescent, it is important to look at your sexual health as this is where you can get any sexual infection easily. Parents are the key to developing a sense of care in the minds and hearts of their children to protect their sexual health. There are different ways through which adolescents can maintain good sexual health. Below are some of them which will help Adolescents and also guide the parents in becoming light in the nervous days of their children.

  • Parents should have to guide their children about the etiquette of starting a relationship. Firstly, suggest they not indulge in sexual activity until they reach 18.
  • Moreover, guide them not to have sex with multiple partners as it increases the risk of getting an STI.
  • Confirm the STD sexual health status of your partner before getting intimate.
  • Always use condoms and other security measures during intimacy.
  • Make adolescent people aware of the use of condoms.
  • It is best to stay in a monogamous relationship. It reduces the chances of getting any sexual infection.
  • Guide them to perform regular STI monitoring after becoming sexually active.
  • Educate and encourage them to get HPV and hepatitis B vaccines.
  • For girls, HPV Variant checks and vaccines are highly crucial, so don’t underestimate their use and power in maintaining sexual health.

Some adolescents and young people hesitate to perform these screenings at clinics and diagnostic centres, which leads to a lack of awareness. But there is no need to pause now, as home monitoring kits for sexual infections are available. Anyone can get checked in the comfort of their homes. You can try tests using Profile STD home kits to know the status of your sexual health.

Is there any Cure for Sexual Infections? How can results Help?

This is the most common concern and question of Adolescents and their parents: Is there any cure for STIs? And the answer to this question is Yes!

If you come positive for any STI, there is no need to panic. A healthy and knowledgeable talk with a healthcare provider is the best thing to do. They can provide the best advice and medications to help cure and treat the treatable infections. However, it is necessary to note that some sexual diseases like AIDS, hepatitis B, and herpes have no cure, but their symptoms can be lessened with the Help of proper medical care. Thus, it is necessary to prevent and encounter any possible infection at its early stage with the Help of regular monitoring.

Never underestimate the power and strength of screening in preventing the growth of sexual infections. They can find these dangerous conditions in their early stages when chances of successful treatment are much higher than ever. So, motivate yourself and others to perform regular check-ups to live in good shape and size.

What are the Results Untreated? 

Various sexual infections are eliminated on their own without causing any discomfort or pain. They don’t even need any medication to treat. But then, some sexual conditions can lead to grave destruction if left untreated. This includes HPV infection. Some of the high-risk strains of human papillomavirus can lead to cervical cancer if left without treatment. Thus, to prevent this, HPV lab Exams play a vital role.

Moreover, various curable STIs can be dangerous if left without proper treatment, which include chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Long term of both of these diseases can be disastrous to women as they can lead to infertility if left untreated. Additionally, untreated STIs increase the chances of getting HIV infection, which is a fatal condition.


Parents are the builders of their children’s mental, physical, and social health, but in today’s environment and generation, sexual health should also be included in this definition. Rising cases of adolescent infection with sexual diseases increase the importance of STI monitoring. Home testing kits are made to encourage young people to monitor and deal with the hesitation of screening. Therefore, there is no excuse to ignore your sexual health. Examine yourself and fix an appointment for STI monitoring.