In every passing second, someone in the United Kingdom requires a transfusion. Many suffer from accidents that make their levels low, and others have developed some ailments that infect their body, so new cells are needed for organs to function in the body, for example, kidney diseases. Many people find it terrifying and avoid doing this charitable donation work. However, there are others who voluntarily and fearlessly do it. Those must undergo a blood screening to confirm that the donor is disease-free, completely fit, and fine. A CBC Profile is part of those screenings. STI Lab Test Checks are also performed before Donation to check the presence of any sexual disease that travels in the donor’s body (like hepatitis B). 

Many people who don’t donate feel that by doing this act of kindness, they will harm their bodies, but this is not the case. There are many health benefits to donating, even to the donor. This article will shed light on the benefits of donation to the donor so that people are encouraged to do this charitable work. 

Benefits of Donation to the Donor

According to research, Donation has multiple physical and mental health benefits for the donor. Doing an act of kindness helps the person in numerous ways, including: 

  • Reducing stress
  • Benefitting their physical and psychological health
  • Improves their emotional well-being 
  • It helps to remove and eliminate negative feelings
  • Reduces isolation
  • It provides a sense of belonging

These are just a few benefits; many more come after you give to help a needy person. 

You’ll Also Get a Free Health Screening, including a Kit

Screening is necessary to preserve the patient’s health when they donate blood. A complete count screening is performed before this process. When the results are negative for every infection, disease, and deficiency, healthcare providers can then allow you to give. Physical factors, including pressure, pulse, body temperature, and weight, are also checked, as well as health checks. If the healthcare team finds any abnormality in your results, they will inform you and not allow you to give your blood. 

What is the Reason behind doing a Sample before Donation? 

The main reason is to safeguard the health of the recipient. Suppose you are unaware of an infection proliferating inside your body, possibly because it is dormant. And if you donate the blood without a health checkup and doctors give it to the recipient, they will also get the disease you are suffering from. This can make their condition even worse than curing them. So, getting the screening before doing this act of solidarity is essential to give the best support to those in need. Moreover, it will also help you know about your blood group. Learning about the blood type is necessary for every person; this helps in donating to the right person who matches your type. 

Are Checks Necessary Before Donation? 

Among various health checkups, STI Lab Reports are also a part of screening a person willing to donate blood. In that mini-physical health checkup that includes the CBC Health Report, it is compulsory to check for sexual infections. The reason behind this is the presence of some of those diseases. Those infections include: 

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • Syphilis 
  • West Nile Virus
  • Trypanosoma cruzi

Donation Promotes a Healthy Heart?

Various authentic studies have shown the relationship between Donation and a lower risk of heart disease. “Donating saves lives” is a very true sentence, and it is valid for the recipient and works for the donor. But how does it help in this? The answer is that if a person has high haemoglobin levels, Donation will help lower the viscosity. Lowering the density will help to reduce the chances of heart attack by reducing the risk of clots, as they are one of the leading causes of strokes. Moreover, there is a condition, hereditary hemochromatosis, which needs regular removal of it from the body. That fluid can be beneficial to others. 

You can Live a Happier and Longer life by performing Regular Checks before and after the Donation.

Donation makes the person feel content and peaceful. These feelings have a direct connection to a healthy and happy body. Thus, people who indulge in this activity have more chances of facing health problems. Moreover, if a person donates regularly, he also undergoes regular screening. An STI Profile Test is also completed at the time of Donation. This will help him keep track of his health, and if any disease strikes him, he’ll readily treat it with the help of the healthcare team. Thus, please don’t hesitate to donate. It has more benefits for you as well. Be a regular donor and maintain your health to live a healthy and happy life. 

Things to do before Donation other than performing a Checkup

If anyone is going to donate, they must know about some of the necessary things regarding it. The first and foremost thing which is very common and compulsory is a complete blood count checkup. Along with that, an STI Profile is also mandatory. Other than this, there are various things to know about, and those are: 

  • One needs to be 17 or older to become eligible for Donation. 
  • The weight of the donor must not be less than 110 pounds. 
  • One needs to provide every detail about their health and the medications they are taking (if any).
  • Drink a lot of water before Donation.
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt at the time of the appointment. 


Blood donation is an act of kindness that benefits the recipient and the donor. It gives the advantage of free health screening with a CBC Check that helps detect several health conditions. Moreover, it also provides a chance to get screened for various sexual infections that travel in our bodies. Heart health is also said to be supported by this act, along with the donor’s heart getting filled with the feeling of tranquillity and contentment that helps retain their mental health.