When we go to a hospital for an antigen test for Covid-19 or any other place with health dangers and dust, we see people wearing PPE face masks. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. Hospital doctors and other paramedical staff wear these to protect themselves from germs. We also see chefs wearing these to prevent their facial hairs from entering the food.

Uses and Benefits

  1. We should increase the washing frequency of our hands and wear covers while going into public. This can save us from contracting Covid-19. These diseases we catch while we are outside. It also protects us from inhaling the polluted air we breathe daily due to the carbon-emitting vehicles on roads.
  2. During this pandemic of Coronavirus, we should wear this PPE while we go into public to keep ourselves and other people safe. In this situation, we must know that most of us can afford PPE daily. So, why not make it a habit even after this pandemic?
  3. In this outbreak, masks are good for two reasons. First, they cut down 95% of the breathing that sends the virus particles about six feet away in the air. The second is that it protects the virus from entering your mouth or nose.
  4. PPE covers will save us from other viral infections we catch from others by touching them. Then, touching our face by hand, the mask will protect our face.
  5. Sometimes, we catch these viral diseases when an infected person sneezes in front of us. Inhaling the air, we may also be infected. This will save us from infections in this manner, too.
  6. When we go outside, we should wear a face mask. If we don’t wear this out, we can catch several diseases like asthma, exacerbated and chronic illnesses like lung cancer. These are also beneficial in our daily routines.


A cloth mask can also protect you from microscopic virus particles. If you cannot afford an antigen test, wear it daily and wear a cloth cover while going out. Because wearing something is better than wearing nothing; it will last longer and is washable, too, so you can disinfect it once every two days. If we wear these protections, it can be risky.

A study by professionals in Nepal suggests that washable covers lose effectiveness after multiple washes. Experts have not suggested material that will not lose effectiveness after numerous washes. If they offer any fabric, it can be said that these are effective, but is it unsafe to wear these masks?

Following the techniques mentioned above for masks will help you achieve the most benefits. Health professionals advise making a habit for you and your family to wear these PPE essentials. Even after this pandemic situation of Covid-19, every time you go out. It is for saving yourself and your loved ones from diseases that can lead you to live a healthy and safe life.