Smoking is one of the most common things in the 21st century. According to a 2020 estimate, 22.3% of the world’s population is engaged in the smoking habit (use of tobacco). Among them, 36.7% are men, and 7.8% are women. If you are one of them but trying to quit, trust me, this is the best decision ever. However, it needs struggle and dedication to succeed. Various health issues can also be unplanned events in your annual plans, but you can predict them better with CBC Reports. Regular Smoking also increases the risk of various sexual diseases like herpes. Thus, undergoing constant Herpes Reports is also necessary.

If you are sure you can quit Smoking, remember that this can be easier to accomplish if you are committed to your decision. There is no need for plenty of resources, but it just requires your dedication and efforts.

As you read, this article means you are struggling to discontinue this dangerous habit. This article will surely help and encourage you in your journey to success.

Reasons Related to Stop Smoking

There is not a single reason, study, or research that encourages Smoking. However, numerous points motivate us to halt this habit. If you want to live a longer, healthier, and happier life, you can’t afford Smoking as your soulmate. But you will get defeated if you try to keep them in conjunction.

Below are some solid reasons to strike your mind and make you more determined to quit Smoking.

  • Smoking is not just detrimental to the smoker’s health, but it also affects the surrounding people. Secondhand smoke is much more harmful to non-smokers, including your family, children, friends, and relatives whom you adore and love. They are also at risk of various health problems just because of their smoking habit. Is there any other reason required which encourages you to quit Smoking?
  • Smoking is a silent destroyer of the lungs. Smokers are at high risk of catching flu and pneumonia. Regular CBC Kits are suggested for these people to stay enlightened about certain infections.
  • They make your lungs weak and thus make them more prone to infections.
  • Quitting Smoking will increase your age.
  • By quitting this habit, you’ll also save the environment polluted by tobacco smoke.
  • Smoking also increases the risk of acquiring sexual infections like herpes. It also becomes mandatory to get Herpes Testing for a constant period.
  • American Health Association states that Smoking is a significant reason for chronic conditions. Atherosclerosis disease is a chronic condition that can develop due to smoking habits. In this condition, fatty substances accumulate in the arteries and can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Regular Checkups with Reports will Help.

As stated above, avoiding a habit is not an easy task. And when it comes to Smoking, it is one of the toughest and most challenging burdens to throw off. This is because, along with mental health struggles, it can also create various physical health issues that need to be examined regularly. A complete count health checkup is necessary for these people to monitor their internal health. It will update you with any upcoming concerns to handle them immediately. You can check your status at your house using home monitoring kits without going to any lab, hospital, or clinic. They will ease your worries and help you comfortably.

Get Examined to Stay Safe from Infection

Smoking weakens your immunity and opens the door to every new infection, including sexually transmitted diseases. Herpes is one such condition that can infect smokers very easily. Thus, buying a home monitoring kit is a sensible idea to prevent the severity of the disease. The Herpes Variant Kit can help discover the infection even at its early stage when the treatment is straightforward.

Follow the Stop-Smoke Approach, and Don’t Forget to Perform Regular

According to the UK government, almost 60% of their civilians want to quit Smoking. But without any help, only 10% stay tobacco-free for 3 to 12 months. Various research shows that the most effective programs for quitting Smoking are the combination of counselling of the person, whether on a call or in person, and medication/ nicotine replacement therapy. Both methods are also effective when used alone, but the conjunction increases the chances of success.

The duration of smoking counselling cessation depends on the severity of the addiction, gender, and period of addiction. According to the CDC, a successful tobacco cessation program contains the following key components:

  • There are at least four sessions.
  • Each session must contain 15 to 30 minutes.
  • The session might last for at least two weeks.

Why is it hard to Quit Smoking? 

Many people find it hard to quit Smoking, and the reason behind this is their addiction. Cigarettes are designed by the tobacco industry, which focuses on making them as much addictive as possible.

Tobacco items contain nicotine that increases the urge to smoke more. It is the central part that makes a person addicted to Smoking. It allows your brain to release certain chemicals that make you feel good. However, if you don’t smoke for a specific time, the urge for nicotine again starts, which demands Smoking. Moreover, they target young people to follow this addiction by making the marketing of cigarettes cool and trendy. Youth is the most vulnerable population to get this addiction easily.

If someone struggles with this demand and doesn’t go back to Smoking, many health changes can occur in your body. Thus, having regular Complete Count Kits is necessary to fight against health complications. This will make your quit-smoking journey much more manageable.

Staying healthy is the wish and right of every person. Suppose, while avoiding an addiction, you acquire a disease or infection; isn’t it the worst feeling ever? It can also discourage the motivated person in his journey to success towards quitting Smoking. Thus, taking preventive steps is better than future complications.


Everyone knows that Smoking harms health, but they still don’t pay attention to it. However, some people struggle and fight to quit this habit. For those people, regular CBC Reports help avoid the development of any health condition during their journey to success.