My story will be long, but I try to summarise it briefly.

I have suffered from a few Ureaplasma episodes of cystitis and candida over the years, but tests showed they were sporadic. About 10 years ago, I embarked on the process of assisted fertilisation without success but with two hospitalisations… one for hyperstimulation and one for an abortion. During the Ureaplasma treatments, tests and procedures, the stimulations and episodes of candida and cystitis increased. Perhaps also due to a whole year of cortisone to lower the STD antibodies, which had become very high after the abortion.

My Journey of Struggles and Solutions

Again, a few months after the scraping in the hospital, the HPV pap test was positive for papillomavirus, strain 16, therefore colonisation. We then made a few more attempts, but they were always unsuccessful, and both my husband and I were exhausted. He, too, was starting to have problems with candida and cystitis. Once everything was stopped, we took a break; the physical situation was a little better until they found ureaplasma in my husband… about a year and a half ago. We started with a series of STD antibiotics, but he stopped after the second cycle because the result was negative; I was always positive… so they gave me miracle Zithromax Zyrtec, ciproxin clitoral triasporin basado bactrim and, at the same time, alimony ovule flukimex cisdol mixin cystoma inside mesoderm dafmegym melon etc. because in the meantime I began to have candidiasis and cystitis continually.

Change of Treatment

I continued like this for 6 or 7 months. Then I changed to a Ureaplasma gynaecologist, and he told me to stop everything. He gave me natural products based on hyaluronic acid, and I felt better, but at the same time, he found papilloma again… two strains, both aggressive. He sent me to another HPV specialist who did a test and a microcolposcopy and found everything healthy, so I have to keep it under control for now. Even looking at the medical records of the conversation, he stated that it had been done in vain. This, however, is another story.

However, I went to have the virus typified and swabbed because I continued to have discomfort, and the doctor in charge of the HPV DNA analysis department prescribed me some STD homoeopathic products which made me feel better for the candida and fixed my stomach, which was now destroyed by all that. that I had taken. Ovules natur1 of the guna and the proflora. For a while, I felt better. But the cystitis came back, and he put me back on ciproxin. I started again. Also, I went to another Ureaplasma doctor and homoeopath recommended by my osteopath, who put me on a diet and gave me a so-called Escherichia Coli vaccine to buy at the Vatican pharmacy. I took it for 3 months without any effect. In the meantime, gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free diet… I reached the point of weighing 50kg, and I’m 1.70m tall, and I continued to have cystitis and candida.

Discovering Hope Through D-Mannose

Going back to the mannose… I followed the directions, and it made me feel much better. It was as good as I had felt in a long time. The candida kept returning, and I tried to keep it at bay with yoghurt, Xanax gel, etc. Overall, however, I was very happy…. for the first time in a year, I no longer felt constant pain in my urethra and clitoris… an immense relief.

Unfortunately, I am in full std relapse. I have been very ill since Tuesday; I have been taking pure mannose according to the acute phase and daily dosage and, since yesterday, Cistalgan. I don’t want to take Ureaplasma antibiotics. Slightly better since yesterday afternoon, but if I don’t run to pee at the first urge, I have strong pangs in my clitoris… a pain enough to cry.

Now, I answer the specific questions in the questionnaire.

What are your main symptoms? Where are they located exactly? How often do they occur?

   -Cystitis and candida alternate. Cystitis is more frequent than candida. At a certain point, it no longer went away… constant despite an avalanche of Ureaplasma antibiotics prescribed by various doctors, always based on HPV urine tests and vaginal and urethral swabs with relative antibiogram. The antibiotic alleviated the acute phase, but the feeling of heaviness in the bladder, the need to urinate frequently, and fixed pain in the urethra or clitoris remained.

Are you okay between attacks, or are you still feeling discomfort? Which?

   -In the beginning, I was fine, but as the months went by between one attack and the other, the discomforts mentioned above remained, and I often had candida break out.

Have you identified any STD triggers in particular? Sexual intercourse, stress, heat, cold, nutrition, particular periods of the cycle, anything else?

   -More or less everything: sexual intercourse, cycle, stress, heat, ovulation, if my stomach was upset, if I didn’t drink for two hours or held in my pee for any reason.

Do you have a recent urinalysis and urine culture? What do they report?

   -I did it on repeat… I stopped when I started with mannose. Urinalysis in May reported the following altered values:

  • Haemoglobin +1 0.06 (ref. values 0-0.03)
  • Leukocyte esterase ++
  • Ph 6
  • Density 1.002 (ref values 1015-1030)
  • Emazi3 23 (ref values 0-15)
  • Leukocytes 215 (ref values 0-20)
  • STD Culture test positive for Escherichia Coli

Vaginal swab:

  • Ph 4
  • Leukocytes absent
  • Lactobacilli present
  • Everything else negative

Urethral swab:

  • Everything is absent except numerous colonies of E.coli.

Do you have urine sticks at home to monitor the situation?


How many times a day do you pee, and how much do you drink?

-I drink constantly, and I pee just as much.

Is the flow of pee slow and double, or does it have a single, abundant jet?

Do you have to push to urinate, or does the urine come out spontaneously?

   -Variable depending on the phase I’m in.

Do you have pain during intercourse, and is penetration difficult?

   -I don’t have relationships in the acute phases. Penetration is not painful…. no problem.

Do you also suffer from candida? What symptoms do you have during a candida attack?

   -Yes. Symptoms are severe burning and itching all over the outside of the vagina and sometimes even the anus.

Have cystitis and candida always been ascertained by urine cultures and vaginal swabs, respectively?

   -Almost always. Most of the time, I was found to have candida albicans but once also glabrata.

Do you have a recent vaginal swab with an indication of pH and lactobacilli? What do they report?

   -In the case of candida glabrata, I had:

  • Ph4
  • Lactobacilli absent.

Do you have burning pain when you wear jeans, when you wear synthetic underwear or when you use sanitary pads?

   -In the acute phase, yes.

What contraceptive method do you use?


Do you use lubricant during intercourse?

   The new STD gynaecologist recommended Ainara gel, which seemed to work well until last week.

Have you noticed if cystitis appears 24 to 72 hours after intercourse?

   -Also, but not only.

Do you use an intimate cleanser?

   -Not anymore.

How’s the intestine doing? Are you able to download yourself every day?

   -I’ve never been constipated, generally very regular every morning… I had colitis problems after all the Ureaplasma antibiotics I took.

Can you recognise the pubococcygeus muscle and contract/relax it?

   -I need clarification on what it is.

Have you ever tried doing some self-massage?

   -No, but I noticed that after intercourse, I feel very good.

Does heat help you?


Have you read the articles on the homepage about contracture and vulvodynia? Do you recognise any symptoms?

   -Yes, I have read everything, but I can’t understand… I mean, I don’t feel contracted, but this strong pain in my clitoris worries me.

Do you think you’re following any of the tips we suggest?

    -Many, as I said above.

What other diseases do you suffer from?

   -Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Which sport do you play?

   -At the moment, no one… I would have liked to start running again, but I don’t like it.

I’m sorry for the errors and the length. I tried to summarise it all up, but it took work.