I don’t know this doctor personally.

I want to thank those who praise his miraculous qualities – perhaps even justifiably. But you risk creating false hopes! All of us, especially the sine causa, are at such a level of disappointment and desperation that we cling to any hope. Taking tests for the Ureaplasma and the antibiotic treatments just for its sake is useless. It only risks creating serious intestinal problems and making the STD Test and bacteria even more resistant. And this is told to you by someone who, in a year, had to take almost 10 months of various antibiotics for recurrent infections. The result? At the last antibiogram, I was practically resistant to all the antibiotics.

Warning Against Blind Praise

I don’t intend to undermine the bias towards this doctor and treatment; perhaps there is some truth, but balance is crucial. Let me explain better: my husband’s andrologist is also of the “certain infections make pregnancy practically impossible because they destroy the sperm” school. However, he has NEVER prescribed STD antibiotics like this to either my husband or me without proof of an infection. If the sperm culture, my swabs, or the Doppler ultrasound detected a Ureaplasma infection, perhaps even a latent one, then yes, the antibiotic treatment was prescribed. Otherwise, YOU DON’T TAKE ANTIBIOTICS LIKE CANDY! And in any case, despite the repeated antibiotic treatments and the undoubted improvement of the seminal fluid, I still haven’t seen the miracle of pregnancy.

Conclusion: Doctors are men and do not perform miracles; some are better than others, and as in all professions, some are more empathetic and others less. But in reproductive medicine, the miracle or the BDC (depending on your point of view) is the responsibility of others (providence/provident fortune/destiny/fortune… the choice is yours).

Individualised Treatment is Key

All treatments must be targeted to the individual case and individual needs. Otherwise, even this doctor’s phantom miracle cure is yet another standardisation like hospital protocols for stimulation: on some, it works, and on others, it doesn’t. Then we complain that we are treated like sheep in a flock…

Advocating for Informed Decisions

Women, let’s stop for a moment and reflect, as Horsetta wisely did: let’s not get caught up in irrationality and sadness. We look for solutions in medicine but within the confines of our actual needs!

Personal Experience and Truth

I want to point out that my story is true and should not be questioned…everyone is a different case, and what may benefit and be useful for my well-being may not be for someone else’s well-being.

I’m not naive, and I don’t take STD drugs just for fun… I know very well that they are chemical compounds that alter the balance of an organism. I certainly didn’t enjoy bombarding myself with hormones to try to get pregnant… much less did I enjoy taking antibiotics, and I had negative effects in both the first and second cases. Furthermore, I didn’t write on this forum to sanctify anyone or to discredit anyone else… this is my very personal story.

Clarity on Medical Decisions

Dear Horsetta, I know well that it means “uncertainty of the analytical method”. Perhaps you don’t know that there are also ranges of values for the AMH within which one falls when discussing fertility. There are others within which one falls when one is not fertile. For example, 0.1 is in the infertility range, and 0.5 is in the fertility range.

For you, it probably means nothing; for me, it meant something. Furthermore, it must be said that we were not given antibiotic treatment to increase the AMH. Instead, it was to cure an infection that I transmitted to my husband. This Ureaplasma infection compromised the fertilisation of healthy oocytes from a donor. As a result, two egg donation treatments carried out in Spain with the best donors produced only a few embryos (4 or 5 at a time). These embryos did not survive beyond the 3rd day of fertilisation and could not take root. What do we want to call this? Just bad luck? Maybe we needed to investigate the matter a little more. I think so….13,000 euros we sweated to earn.

Spectrograms vary due to stress. Do you think I don’t know? But there can also be other causes, do you know? If some values ​​reduce or worsen regularly over time and increase or improve after an important STD antibiotic treatment, perhaps there is a real and scientific reason, or is this also science fiction? Thirteen thousand euros wasn’t enough to compare them and see something was wrong.

Clarifying Medical Procedures

Dr Scarano did this: He analysed and evaluated every parameter of our tests, made a diagnosis that he confirmed with other STD tests, and then gave us the treatment. What’s so elusive?

I don’t understand your fury against this Ureaplasma treatment… I assume you have read all the scientific treatises and studies on the various stimulation protocols for PMA. Consider the side effects of the hormones used. Doctors and professionals have conducted studies on STD infections that are yet to be discovered. You can discuss a field still being tested; however, that doesn’t invalidate those who study it.

Antibiotic Treatment and Infections

As regards the resistance to Ureaplasma bacteria caused by the improper use of antibiotics, I must say that I suffered from cystitis for about ten years. Every time it flared up, I did a urine culture and STD antibiotic treatment for 6-7 days. Very often, I used different drugs depending on the antibiogram. The situation is sometimes normalised, sometimes not. With Dr Scarano’s care, I saw negative urine cultures for the first time 3 times in a row. Is this also science fiction?

Before starting the treatment, we spoke with our doctors, one of whom is an infectious disease specialist. Although he admitted that the treatment was extensive, he supported us because he admitted that it was very valid.

I don’t want to convince or deceive anyone; everyone has a ureaplasma story. I know people who, despite countless STD antibiotic or hormonal treatments, are unable to realise their dreams. Couples like us have spent money to hear from great luminaries that MAYBE the cause of infertility is your husband.  Still, they cannot prove it in any way, so we have to resign.