In past times, it was uncommon for women to participate in competitive sports. But now, females have equal participation in sports, even internationally. Along with this change, a trend of women increasingly has resulted in orthopaedic injury. Specific injuries, including ACL tears, stress fractures, and ankle sprain, are now more common in females than males. This might be because of their internal health, which needs regular checkups. A CBC Blood test can help with this. Along with that, CA125 home Test kits are one of the most common and needed investigations necessary to perform on every woman.

No solid proof is available if we discuss the reasons behind this normality in females. Much study and research are still necessary. However, various prevailing theories point to the differences based on the anatomical structures, hormones and other factors in males and females. Let’s understand this through this article.

What is ACL? How does its injury Occur? 

ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. It is present in the knee of a human’s leg. The knee is a hinge joint that contains four ligaments. Ligaments hold the bones together and help maintain the joint’s movement. Two ligaments inside the knee cross each other: the anterior and posterior cruciate.

An ACL injury can take place due to numerous reasons. A sudden cutting or pivoting manoeuvre during physical or sporting activities like football, soccer, and basketball is the most common cause of this condition in women. “pop” or “snap” can also be heard sometimes. The patient might suffer severe pain during the time of this injury. However, it may vary among different individuals according to their condition.

Symptoms of ACL tear injury include:

  • Knee swelling
  • Inability to bear weight on the leg
  • A slight sound of “pop” in the knee at the time of injury
  • Instability of the knee

Does the Treatment of ACL Tear differ? 

The treatment of this type of injury is the same for males and females. It typically includes anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy. In some cases, surgery can also be a solution. If surgery is needed, it is essential to have an eye on your body’s functioning and other nutritional factors. Getting regular CBC tests using home kits is an excellent way to do so. You can buy these kits and measure your health condition regularly. You don’t have to be uncomfortable by visiting a clinic or hospital. Just sit at your place and take the calculations of various factors of your body.

Why is ACL injury more common? 

If we see the structure of males and females according to their anatomical structures, they are not the same. They are not created equally but have different constructions. The female pelvis is much worse than that of a male. This changes the functioning mechanics of lower bones like the tibia, femur, and thigh bone. Due to this, soft tissues that support your joints experience more stress.

This makes the occurrence of acute and chronic orthopaedic injuries more common. ACL injury is a critical condition that is found more in females. Additionally, the mass around the knee is less in females than in males. This also becomes one of the reasons for the instability and tearing of the ACL. Moreover, it is essential to eat a healthy diet to overcome the need for vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, etc. They will help to give your bones and muscles a firm grip. You can get a CBC to test the levels of these nutrients. For knowing the status of ovaries and other reproductive health issues, CA125 Blood test kits can help.

Is surgery Needed for an ACL Tear injury? 

Firstly, let me tell you that surgery is not necessary in all cases of ACL tear. It depends on various factors like age, current physical activity level, and desired activity level in future. But if your healthcare provider has told you to undergo surgery, a health exam is vital depending on a complete blood count. This routine exam is ordered before almost every surgery because it helps to analyze various health conditions. If there is time between your surgery date, you can take advantage of the CBC Complete Blood Count test kit by ordering its home monitoring kits. For extra care, they can also go for a CA125 check, which is an ovarian cancer marker test. It will help to make them aware of the risks of various reproductive diseases.

What can Female athletes do to Prevent this Risk? 

Here, we are talking about female athletes specifically because they are the women who are more likely to indulge in extreme physical activity that makes them even more liable to suffer an ACL tear. Even if you do everything right, sports injuries can also occur at that place. They are always a possibility that depends on your actions and precautions but are not in your hands completely. However, one must never underestimate the steps to minimize these risks. Women athletes can follow the following standard recommendations to prevent ACL tear and other orthopaedic risks:

Eat a Balanced Diet: Poor nutrition can be a reason for low strength, which can lead to various injuries. If your diet lacks essential nutrients, how can your bones and other body parts become strong enough to fight minor injuries? Thus, get CBC Blood Test kits, understand your health needs, and eat and act accordingly. Moreover, constantly examine your ovary’s health via the CA125 level kit. If not discussed early, it could give you various chances to maintain your reproductive health if it has any problem that can interfere with your sports spirit.

Practice Good Techniques: Poor technique usage can often lead to injury. Thus, try to focus more on using the correct method for your respected sport.

Don’t work out while feeling fatigued: When you start to feel tired, then go for a rest. This is the best idea to relax your mind and body and helps avoid mistakes that could lead to injuries. Don’t compromise your health over your profession.


After the emergence of sports among females, the fact that they are more likely to be prone to constructive injuries than males comes out. ACL tear is one of the most common injuries. Anatomical differences are one reason behind this. However, no solid proof exists about this. Female athletes are more at risk due to their high physical activity. They need to perform regular checkups with CBC reports to evaluate their health. CA125 Cancer test results will also help women maintain their physical health.