‘Rewrite’ the disease and protect the future.

Close your eyes in a hospital bed and travel back in time. Travel to the day that proved fateful in the life of a young woman to rewrite a story of HPV DNA Testing and illness and transform it into hope. Thanks to seemingly banal STD Lab Test choices, which, however, can make a difference, even after many years.

The short film “Riscrivere” is produced by Brandon Box, directed by Mattia Lunardi, and promoted by Msd Italia. It is under the patronage of SItI (Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine, and Public Health) and was presented exclusively at the Rome Film Festival.

Viruses and tumours

At the centre of the story brought to the big screen is the Papillomavirus (HPV) infection, today the most frequent among those transmitted sexually. Furthermore, this pathogen can cause different types of cancer: cervix, anus, vagina, vulva, penis, oral cavity, pharynx and larynx. In Italy, over 6,500 cases are tested each year are attributed to chronic infections of oncogenic strains of HPV, the virus that causes all cervical cancers (2,400 diagnoses in 2022 alone).

Here, we enter the topic of the ‘short’: preventing cancers linked to Tests for HPV is possible today. But we need to intervene in time.

Lindie’s ‘journey’

The story follows the story of a young woman, Lindie, who, in a hospital bed, finds herself reflecting on her past and that of her family. Near the bed, she finds a broken bracelet on the floor, the same as the one she had as a girl. Trying to understand who lost him, Lindie enters the hospital, but upon opening a closed door, she suddenly finds herself in the house where she lived years before with her family.

She thus witnesses many familiar episodes, observing them with adult eyes.

Nobody sees her, but she sees everything. Settle arguments and mend misunderstandings. The invitation to join the anti-HPV vaccination. Because Lindie was in hospital due to the consequences of the infection, the magic of cinema makes it possible to ‘rewrite’ the past and change the course of events.

“Rewriting a story, a story, or simply a sentence means having the possibility of travelling through time in some way, simultaneously experiencing the past, present, and future. Lindie’s story—underlines the director, Mattias Leinardi, who gives voice to many are facing an STD Test for HPV and a cancer diagnosis. The empathy that was created in working on these characters can be conveyed to the public, trying to give the work the task of entertaining while at the same time making people reflect.”

The importance of prevention

Seeing her on the screen and putting yourself in the shoes of a modern family is not difficult. “Today we run a lot, and we never have time,” said Nicole Luppino, president and CEO of MSD Italia, underlining the experience of Lindie’s mother. “But there is a time that we must never give up. And that is that of dialogue, which is fundamental to protecting our children from preventable diseases. The correct information is important – Luppino recalled – It is never too late to rewrite our history. As I always say, a healthy life is never enough.”

Also, as Roberta Audace, SItI president, added, “We have a vaccine available with a demonstrated safety and efficacy profile. One that covers over 90% of tumour forms associated with the virus. Regarding cervical cancer, secondary prevention offers us the possibility of intercepting early with screening. Therefore, for both the presence of HPV through viral DNA research and lesions (Pap STD Home test), we can intervene on pathology with a lethality of around 20%.”

But there is no shortage of shadows. Male and female adolescents retain the right to vaccination throughout their lives. And to the Pap HPV DNA test for neck cancer in the uterus (uterine cervix), which is offered to women free of charge. We take little advantage of these tools, which we must instead learn to use.”

More health equals more savings.

Preventing HPV also involves savings in public health. The direct costs of these infections are estimated at over 542 million euros per year. There is a new National STD Vaccine Test Prevention Plan 2023-2025. It sets the achievement of anti-HPV vaccination for 95% of adolescents of both sexes. It requires the recovery of unvaccinated subjects, guaranteeing the right to free vaccination. And up to at least 26 years for girls and up to 18 years for males. Valuable information because, in real life, it is important to make the right choices at the right time.

Possible prevention

The short is aimed at everyone: young people and adults. (whether they are parents or not) It brings episodes, emotions, and misunderstandings to the screen. Many families with teenage children have in common. The objective is to stimulate reflection on the risks associated with HPV infection Tests. This virus has also been classified as the second leading cancer-causing pathogen in the world. It is capable of causing cancers of the cervix (or neck), anus, vagina, vulva, penis, oral cavity, pharynx and larynx.

Some forms of infection, more rare, have non-visible and transitory manifestations. But which, if persistent and untreated, can entail the risk. In a small percentage and over a long period – of developing more serious lesions. Related to cervical cancer.

This explains why many women are infected with the Papilloma Virus, while only a few develop tumours. 

It should also be remembered that the identification of the high-risk virus does not mean that cervical cancer will necessarily develop. In most cases, it is a transient infection that lasts for a few months and resolves spontaneously. Without creating problems, approximately 90% of women diagnosed with high-risk HPV are already negative within a year.