Sexual DISEASE: symptoms and recovery


Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum. I’m contacting you to share my experience and get your feedback. After a year of external burning in the vaginal and anal area, I was finally diagnosed with Chlamydia. And also with Ureaplasma. I had to change gynaecologist because the first one turned out to be incompetent and insensitive: he said that if I only felt external burning, I had to go to a dermatologist because he couldn’t do anything. He didn’t even have me get tested for HPV.

So I went to a more scrupulous gynaecologist who had me do specific swabs, and here I am.

He gave me Zithromax, but it had no effect. The values ​​are the same as the previous swab.

So now he gave me Bassado, and I hope it works, even though I keep reading negative experiences about HPV.

At this point, I have 3 questions to ask you:

1) Have any of you who have or have had Chlamydia ONLY experienced external burning in the vaginal and anal area? I have NEVER had internal pain or stitches, but only a burning sensation in the labia majora and minora and around the anus.

2) Is there anyone who has eradicated this HPV disease? I would also like to hear positive testimonials.

3) On the Bassado, it is written that 2 tablets must be taken on the first day, and for the remaining 6, only one tablet per day. Instead, my gynaecologist prescribed 2 a day for 7 days. Is there no risk of overdose?


At that time…

It may seem strange to you, but I swabbed and tested myself for chlamydia, so, let’s say on a whim, I had read that this bacterium existed, and I said, let’s do it!

I had some slight itching, but I had streptococcus agalactiae—nothing serious. Three days of uvuli, and it was all over!

Anyway, the HPV swab was done, and it was positive!

I have never had cystitis, burning pain, or problems during intercourse!

I had chlamydia, and of course, I never had intercourse without a condom….

The swabs I took before the chlamydia were negative for ALL except the chlamydia… And I had 3 months of treatment for it… and itching, burning, burning!

I swear I have never had unprotected sex again, so the moral of the story is that in August, I took an STD swab test, and it’s all positive for all the diseases except chlamydia!

I did 3 antibiotic cycles again to treat positive ureaplasma, positive Gardnerella, and to treat enterococci and e.coli…

Eggs for candida!

A massacre!!!

It doesn’t always happen like this, but I would have recovered if they had given me the ambassador immediately!

And instead of Zithromax dissolve, rapamycin for 15 days and then heal!

But many girls have treated themselves with ambassador and recovered in 15 days! I didn’t know it before!

Okay, I don’t think the same thing will happen to you, we’re all different…!

But did you know that if you search for Ciproxin on the internet, it says that it also cures chlamydia? But I don’t think so!

Okay, kisses, I hope I was clear!

Don’t worry, you’ll recover! Do you have a boyfriend? Does he care?

Doctor AnnaLise

Maybe it’s just the population I work with, but I swear most of my HPV patients have had other STDs at some point. Many over and over again. My colleagues jokingly (to each other) call it the strep throat of the vagina. However, it can have long-term consequences, especially if not treated.

About 10-15% of cases of chlamydia go on to cause PID. Long-term sequela of PID are chronic pelvic pain, infertility and ectopic pregnancy- however, still, only a minority of people with PID go on to have those complications. One group estimated that a cohort of 100,000 females acquiring PID between 20 and 24 years of age would go on to have 18,600 cases of chronic pelvic pain, 16,800 cases of infertility, and 8550 ectopic pregnancies. (Yeh JM, Hook EW 3rd, Goldie SJ. A refined estimate of the average lifetime cost of pelvic inflammatory disease. Sex Transm Dis 2003; 30:369.)

It’s a good thing you haven’t had HPV symptoms ( or I’m assuming so since you didn’t mention them)—it doesn’t make your risk zero for HPV, but it does lower your long-term risks.

The important thing is that you are getting treated now and will know how important regular testing is.

Fun fact: There was a shortage of chlamydia/gonorrhoea tests during the early months of the pandemic (due to materials being redirected to the HPV test), so governing organisations advised us ONLY to test symptomatic people for almost a year. It was a horrible situation, but you may not have even been offered a test if you had gone in during that period.


I honestly don’t have any personal experience, but My sister had chlamydia for a year and got pregnant while having it. She is a healthy 2-year-old and is now 3 months old. I know we want reasons as to why we’re not getting pregnant even after 8 months. Even if your HPV health is good and you have no problems, it can take a while to conceive. There are many other reasons, so try not to stress too much. You got treatment and did everything you were supposed to. Sounds like you’re being proactive about it. I would keep expressing your concerns to your GP. Bug them, push for answers, be annoying, cry!

Who cares what anyone thinks about you? It’s your body, and you are more aware of what’s happening. It took me 3 years to have my 3rd baby. I couldn’t even see a specialist until 2 years ago. It was so frustrating, and I wish I had pushed them more after TTC a year. I knew there was some reason why I couldn’t get pregnant.

Finally, after everything and all the tests, my doctor put me on progesterone to start a period, and I got pregnant. Such an easy fix to be dragged out for 3yrs. I wish it were done a lot sooner. Now, this time TTC, I’ve been TTC for 10 months with 3 mc in between, and I’m gathering a team of doctors to help me. My regular HPV family doctor, a natural doctor, and an OB doctor. I want all opinions and options!!

Best wishes to you, and I hope you get things figured out, but being proactive is the best thing you can do now.