We have been fighting for years.

“We have been fighting for years against the extreme importance that continues to be given to pathogens. Moreover, it includes the use of antibiotics and demolition approaches. A post like yours alarms users. It demolishes what we try to build daily and aligns with the common approaches in all other forums. I know mycoplasma lab Tests and don’t need your information about them. I also know every epidemiological STD Home Test statistic.

But I also know the non-in vitro case studies, the real ones. The post-therapy experiences and the true testimonies. Are indeed, as I have now learned, the most important. In thousands of cases that followed, I could understand. In most cases, we found that the symptoms were associated with mycoplasma. And there was rarely an improvement in the symptoms after targeted therapy. Even with the disappearance of the pathogen). Antibiotic therapies rarely end the infection. Often, you have to do 2-3 consecutive ones. And in any case, they are still not enough.

It returns shortly after), a sign that it CANNOT be the right path. –

After these therapies, there are more cases than in those where there is improvement. I have seen more swabs become negative with the reconstructive approach. (ph, lactobacilli, etc.) More than with protocol therapy (and I assure you that they disappear, just as HPV also disappears. If you don’t continue to lower your immune defences with Bassado and similar). –

There is no evidence that these microorganisms and the latest studies cause infertility and preterm births. The possibility that all of this is caused precisely by the absence of lactobacilli and not by the presence of pathogens. For all these reasons, I will fight tooth and nail against anyone who tries to give pathogens the same importance that, for convenience, pharmaceutical STD Lab Test representatives give them.

The point is precisely this: you (and, by the way, all of the official Tests and medicine, all of the university, and all of the health protocols) are convinced that the causes of our problems are infectious. Mycoplasma Lab Tests are not enough proof. So you assiduously try to find pathogens in the aetiology of every pathology (see cervical cancer, gastritis, pelvic problems, streptococcal tonsillitis, etc.) to attack them with classic therapies.

Not only of the pathogen but of the entire organism

What we struggle to understand, however, is that the STD Pathogen Test is a confirmation of symptoms. But the real issue is a lost balance. And that as long as we treat the symptoms, we will continue to have the same problems. This will probably only change the name (from coli to klebsiella, from ureaplasma to trichomonas, from candida to Gardnerella, and so on). It is clear in the same testimonies you reported. The women have undergone continuous therapies without solving the underlying problem.

You are in this forum because, despite the therapies you have done, you have not solved it. In an outpatient clinic, you only see the acute cases. Still, you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​the follow-up after six months or a year (the patient who doesn’t recover doesn’t communicate it; he changes doctors, and by not seeing him anymore, you are convinced that it’s healed. …Maybe!). If this were considered, I am sure that medicine would undergo notable changes. Our approach (I assure you, is much more decisive, definitive, and without side effects).

It starts from a starting point contrary to the one you defend.

You say: “Why not have a certain starting point on which to build than the whole therapy? So, first, it aimed at trying to weaken the bacterium. And then simultaneously aimed at restoring all the balance and psychophysical well-being? Here, instead, before subjecting women to invasive STD Panel tests. Of course, the urethral swab is invasive since, if done well, it causes micro-lesions, which activate the nerve endings and create fibrous tissue by healing). To diagnose stress and demolition therapies, we propose the natural reconstruction of the own defences (and not only “AFTER” or at most “simultaneously” with the Mycoplasma Tests and antibiotic therapy). However, in such a way as to eradicate not only the mycoplasma but also all those that would have replaced it in the case of traditional therapy.

Let’s directly demolish the cause; the symptoms (the pathogens) will automatically disappear. This approach does not work ONLY, and ONLY IF. If there is no improvement or the situation worsens despite everything, we are the first to suggest antibiotics, antifungals, and so on, but ONLY IF. Accepting this approach, however, takes time, patience, perseverance, and stubbornness.

Not everyone has it

We live in the STD Test era of the absence of pain, of the inability to bear it at least for a while, of panic even if we foresee its onset). Onset of the magic pill that takes it away instantly but predisposes you to suffer it). Usually, only when we are at the end of our rope, when we have tried everything (that everything which in the end was the cause of our destruction), are we willing to accept a different point of view and opposite to the traditional one, but until we reach the stage of desperation, I saw that every effort is useless.

I no longer struggle to convince others because I know that the same people who challenge me will need this approach, unfortunately. I, therefore, limit myself to waiting for the time to be ripe, and only then do I go out of my way for that person. First, it’s a wasted time and effort. I want to point out that mine is not an absolute rejection of antibiotics. They are very important, but I believe they should be used ONLY where necessary, where there are no other (less harmful) tools to treat the disease and where life would be threatened without them. Just today, Francesco arrived in the forum, a new user who has just told us about his experience with ureaplasma (a story, unfortunately, seen countless times by now).

I’m pleased to bring you the most salient passages.

In my opinion, this boy only had a muscle contracture. It caused the reduction of blood flow in the genital organs. Venous stagnation and the alteration of nerve conduction. As a result, he suffered in the genital tissues. The stagnation of waste that was not eliminated properly due to blood congestion, hyperacidity due to arterial hypoxia, chronic abacterial inflammation, a lowering of local STD Lab Test defences (a damaged tissue is not able to defend itself, for example, the continuous solutions on the skin) and CONSEQUENTLY a Mycoplasma infection (which I am sure only occurred after the symptomatic manifestation!).

It would have been enough to work immediately on the contracted pelvic muscles, and Francesco would have avoided years of pain, years of antibiotics, expenses, and, above all, sperm damage. But the official Mycoplasma protocols provide for something completely different… Sincerely Rosa