Healthcare professionals doing examination
As the vaccine for Covid-19 is in progress, scientists are looking at different options such as doing a PCR test for the general public. So far, the practical result is successful tests. Examinations on animals proved that the cure produces immunity. It stops the pathogen from attacking in the lungs, but not in other parts of the body. The immunotoxin made at Oxford University, UK, is also in human trials. This stopped six monkeys from getting the disease. But there were germs present in the nose of these monkeys. Despite all these questions, all of these options are in the first stage of human examinations.

Why use these options on animals?

The purpose of doing these examinations on animals is only to check the safety. It is also to know the side effects of these. The final goal of doing more extended clinical processes is to check whether this saves humans from getting infected. Data on these animal trials is a clue. It is to find whether this makes a strong immune response against this deadly disease. It will be vital to know the working of the cure. Lab researchers might have it already, but they need more time to improve the outcomes.

Human trials

Different labs, after victorious animal examinations, have started human processes. Similar to how a PCR test was introduced, this process usually consists of three stages. In the first stage, labs take fewer than 100 volunteers. Labs inject it into their body and, after some days, check the results. In the second stage, labs usually take almost 1000 people and give them regular shots. They fit the side effects that it provides to boosts up the volunteer’s body’s immune system. In the third stage, labs take over 1000 aides. They try it by infusing them into their bodies.

All the lab’s progress is now in the first stage of human trials. They have made the primary cure and have tried it on animals. Labs have found that it contains dead or weak pathogens to boost the body’s immune system. It creates antibodies before the attack of real and severe ones. These are the nurses of your body and fight against these deadly illnesses. These antibodies react with the cure containing viral substances. They destroy RNA and protein, hence killing it. Labs have found that this checks the body’s nose, throat, and lungs from getting it. So, it is clear from all the studies that this made by the labs is so far good.


This process has shown that this makes an immune response against the coronavirus. But it will take time, almost 12 to 14 months to complete an improved form. I hope so; there will be successful tests by the end of summer, 2021.