Married young

We got married when we were young, and only after going through thyroid surgery did we get together. Looking for pregnancy. At 28 years old, followed by my trusted gynaecologist in Calabria. The first problems came out after a thyroid test and a PCOS test. I had a polycystic ovary and an irregular cycle that didn’t allow me to calculate my fertile window.

The first therapy was with pills to stimulate ovulation, but the consequence was negative; it caused bleeding, and I had to rush to the emergency room. The investigations did not lead us to discover more, and there were no results even after 3 years of targeted relationships. The hospital doctor advised us to visit an affiliated PMA centre in Basilicata. In the waiting room of that centre, we met and spoke with many couples. For the first time, I thought we were not the only ones experiencing this drama and that many like us did not know why they couldn’t have children.

Another 4 years were lost in hormonal stimulations, intrauterine inseminations, and changing doctors…

In the end, I was told that I had to have surgery because the drugs, due to my polycystic ovary, were not having an effect. The psychological blow was incredible; I couldn’t go and visit my friends who were giving birth. It wasn’t selfish; I couldn’t do it.

On the advice of a very close friend, we booked a visit to Rome and Raprui, even though we thought it was an establishment out of our reach.

 I remember the visits and ultrasounds done with Prof. Fabrizio Cerusico and the tranquillity that they gave me. I remember the professionalism of Doctor Antinori and all the others who came here. There was always a word of comfort and hope for a solution. In fact, with them, the PCOS treatments worked. They monitored me and adjusted the dosages of the drugs.

Not on the first, but on the second attempt with the fifth, the beta hCG was finally very high. And to think that I had sent my husband to collect the exam results out of fear of another failure.

When I saw him go down the steps of the hospital, he had tears in his eyes.

I knew what to think, then he hugged me and told me I was pregnant. I was fainting with emotion, and in the car, I was crying like a little girl.

 In the following days, after having experienced PCOS losses and pain, out of fear, we immediately went to…do an ultrasound check. Luckily, there was a heartbeat, or rather… there were two! Twins! It was the day of my husband’s birthday. What better gift could I have given him than this wonderful surprise? From Raprui, they took us by the hand. They led us to the end of our journey dream, a dream come true.