My frustrating story: Unsure if I have it again

I got a positive Mycoplasma test in 2019 when even fewer people knew about it. My Tinder date exposed me, and I developed symptoms 3-5 weeks later when I had a ureaplasma test. I had purulent discharge and painful urination. It hurt most when I urinated first thing in the morning and then improved throughout the day. I later got a full STD Test kit, and the NP ordered gonorrhoea, chlamydia and trichomonas NAATs, which were all negative. She said, “Well, we can’t treat you without a positive STD lab result, sorry.”

I then contacted a telemedicine doctor who agreed to treat me empirically with azithromycin and metronidazole; however, I did not improve. Thinking it might be non-infectious, I changed soaps, tried cranberry tablets, and ensured I hydrated adequately, but the symptoms never resolved. I researched NGU, determined the best treatment for this unknown infection would be doxycycline, and convinced a third doctor to prescribe it. However, it didn’t work. A fourth doctor gave me another STI test and then gave me ceftriaxone because “You haven’t been treated for gonorrhoea yet.” Nothing. A fifth doctor said, “You must take cotrimoxazole.” Didn’t work either.


I was determined to determine my diagnosis, so I read Medscape and UpToDate journal articles. Finally, I realised that a Mycoplasma Home Test was the only pathogen that could cause urethritis but resist every antibiotic I had taken. I ordered my urinalysis and M. genitalium PCR, and I was oddly happy when the PCR returned positive. I printed out a journal article about moxifloxacin being the most effective treatment and took it to urgent care with the lab results. The doctor refused to treat me with more STD Tests. He said, “You seem to know what you’re talking about, but I’m uncomfortable treating this. I’d be doing you and the public a disservice if I didn’t refer you to an infectious disease specialist.”

Of course, no ID appointment was available, so I contacted the telemedicine doctor who treated me initially and asked for moxifloxacin. His response was, “Oh, yeah. Of course, that’s what it is. I don’t know what those other doctors were thinking!” It took a while, but the symptoms finally resolved within a couple of weeks of finishing the moxifloxacin. The repeat STD Lab test came back negative. It took six months to be cured of urethritis.

Fast forward two years to now.

I went to urgent care to get a Ureaplasma PCR Test screen, but they would only order gonorrhoea/chlamydia. I doubt I have those. Gonorrhoea is rarely minimally symptomatic, and most women get a screen for chlamydia yearly. I’m really worried about getting Mycoplasma again. It was a nightmare.

I was sure I had it until I came here and saw the post about CPPS/chronic prostatitis. I fit that description perfectly: I’ve had a previous infection. I’m worried I will get another one. I had a recent sexual encounter I regret. There is no discharge, but I have a stinging sensation intermittently at the tip of my penis.

I don’t even really want to pay the $150 to order the Mycoplasma PCR because I think these urinary symptoms are probably all psychiatric. What do you think?

A side note: I’m a medical student, and I promise when I graduate, I’ll do a much better job treating urethritis than these six different providers who attempted to treat me with STD Home tests.


Hey everyone!

It’s quite unfortunate that it’s about this topic. Just like many of you, I ended up being positive for Mgen, and I got it sexually. I am a 25m.

So here’s how I started feeling a bit ill after my encounter. It took about 2 days to notice a difference and get that ungodly burning sensation in my urethra. I went into a clinic and got an STI test. G/C. The nurse practitioner gave me a shot in my butt and doxycycline to treat what we both assumed was either or. I finished the 7-day course of doxycycline and about day 5 I started to feel better. After finishing my course of antibiotics, I found out that my STD at home test results were negative for both. My symptoms decreased in intensity but weren’t quite gone.

I was happy to know it wasn’t the two, but something was still with me. I could feel it. Also, the very last pill of doxycycline made me super nauseous, and I threw it up. A few days later, maybe a week, my symptoms came back. Instead of going back into the clinic, I called the office and let them know what happened with my treatment and that I still have symptoms, so the nurse put in another order, doxycycline (this is now my second week on this 7-day course), and I finished the treatment.

Lingering Symptoms

Again, symptoms died down to almost nonexistent; however, I can still feel the burning sensation when I lay down on my back before sleeping. I went back into the clinic a week later, and a full STD Full test was done, and I popped positive for Mgen.

I had another 7-day doxycycline course and 7 days of moxie to follow. Currently, I am still in treatment and finishing my doxycycline. I am now on the third day of Moxi. (I feel completely fine and have no side effects from Moxi.) A Ureaplasma test verified that the symptoms are still present but minimal, and I can only feel the burning sensation while lying down.

TLDR: Positive for Mgen. Took 3 rounds of doxycycline (42 pills in total with a few days gap in between of new prescription course) and am currently on moxi (day 3).

I’ll update you with a TOC and answer questions about my situation.