A deadly crash of a fatal virus started hitting people around the world. This virus first arose from Wuhan, a city in China. Then it made its attacks in other nations. The doctor who discovered it with an antibody test in the first patient named it Covid-19. It is striking all the countries of the world rapidly.

The spread of the illness is through direct contact with patients. Due to this, people are doing social distance. States are also paying heed to lockdown and social distancing to avoid it. They made it mandatory for people to wear face covers and hand gloves.

“Hug a Chinese” campaign:

  • The Mayor began this campaign before the first positive case came to Italy.
  • The main goal was to assist Italians to hug the Chinese. It was to take pictures of hugging Chinese people and post them on Twitter.
  • The Mayor also posted a video of himself hugging a man on Twitter to spread the word.

Ways to lessen the cases

Alcohol-based disinfectants have proven to be effective in getting rid of the covid when it releases on surfaces. Please make use of them while cleaning hard surfaces like door handles, countertops, toys, and furniture. Do not neglect cleaning your phone, laptops, or any surface you come in contact with regularly. Make sure to disinfect the packages you bring into your home. Hydrogen peroxide solutions or white vinegar are useful for the general disinfection of surfaces.

In Conclusion

During these difficult times, despite that, the disease started in Wuhan, China. We must not discriminate against the Chinese people as they didn’t also want this pandemic. Let us beat this illness by following the guidelines of the government to avoid Covid-19.

If you have any symptoms of the disease, make sure to call your doctor or get an antibody test. All the family members should follow these guidelines during this pandemic and should wash their hands with soap before and after doing any work. Washing them with soap and water for a particular duration kills the germs. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand cleanser.