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In 2019, a new and deadly disease arose in China City. It started affecting the people of this city. This disease spread quicker in China than in other countries of the world. The World Health Organisation said that a new illness has come into existence. A female doctor who found it in the first patient, after doing a Rapid Instant Chlamydia Home test, was redesigned for COVID. The virus the kit detected causing this disease was later named coronavirus.

This disaster started its attack on China, and people began dying. Its way of transmitting was direct contact with a carrier of the infection. This illness started its worldwide attacks and affected millions of people. Its primary attacks were on America, Spain, Italy, Russia, and the UK. A well-developed country like the UK also didn’t succeed in stopping its attacks. The spread of this disease was through direct contact with the patient.

The governments of all countries paid attention to social distancing. An infected person shows mild cough, sneeze, fever, and difficulty breathing. Some other symptoms are also mentioned on the official website of the WHO, and governments started to release rules like social distancing. They said everyone should follow the safety protocols, such as using hand gloves, sanitiser, and a face mask. The virus affected mainly older people who have less immunity. It was not common in youth and children. People started dying due to Covid-19.

Countries and states started lockdowns to decrease the attack of this deadly disease.

The woman who saved others

An infected woman gave her plasma to Covid-19 patients. This also attacked many people in developed countries like the UK. Its fatal attacks also infect a citizen of the UK. She resided in London and showed signs of the disease, then tested herself in a lab through kits, and the results were positive. She was instantly admitted to an isolation ward in the hospital. Her life was in danger; she also had her children to consider. Her husband passed away three years ago, and now she was the only resource for her children. She abided by the good safety rules and didn’t allow herself to contact anyone physically.

After fighting continuously for 14 days, the doctors re-examined her with an antigen test, and she was now out of danger. In the 14 days of isolation, she saw the hospital’s destructive issues, filled with coronavirus patients. Now, she was in full mode to help and serve virtue. Her blood plasma was vital as she recovered as it could save other patients’ lives via a test result. She talked to her doctor and started giving her plasma. She wanted to protect other patients in danger of losing their lives. This helped also raise hope in the patients who recovered from this disease. She helped others because she knew that life was a great blessing and that God gave it only once. God gives this blessing to man only once, and everyone should realise the importance of their and others’ lives.

Due to virus infections

The CA19 Test is for Pancreatic cancer. You can do a blood test with a finger-prick home kit from Medicines Online. A virus is thought to be causing this disease, but we have yet to figure out which one.