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HPV PCR Test – Clinic Visit

HPV PCR Test - Clinic Visit


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What is an HPV test?

Human Papillomavirus or HPV is responsible for almost 100% of cervical cancer cases in women. The infection is symptomless, so it can only be diagnosed with an HPV test. It is estimated that 1 in 2 will contract the virus in their lifetime. There is no treatment for this disease spread by skin to skin contact. However, cancer preventative measures can be taken if an infection is caught early enough.

There is no treatment for the virus itself. However, there are treatments for the health problems that HPV can cause:

  1. Genital warts can go away with treatment from your healthcare provider or with prescription medicine. If left untreated, genital warts may go away, stay the same, or grow in size or number.
  2. Cervical precancer treatment is available. Women who get routine Pap tests and follow up as needed can find problems before cervical cancer develops. Prevention is always better than treatment. For more information visit cancer.orgexternal icon.
  3. Other HPV-related cancers are also more treatable when found and treated early. For more information visit cancer.orgexternal icon.

Why choose our HPV test?

We use CE certified qPCR laboratory equipment that sensitively and accurately detects HPV in your swab.

+ Certificate Issued
+ Bonus QR CODE Health Status Evidence

What does it test for?



HPV31, HPV59, HPV66, HPV53, HPV33, HPV58, HPV45, HPV56, HPV52, HPV35, HPV68, HPV51, HPV39, HPV82, HPV26, HPV73, HPV6, HPV11, HPV81

How does our Clinic Visit test work?

Please make your appointment online and visit us on-site to have your HPV Test Clinic Visit test performed. Please note that you must present your ID for your appointment.

How long do HPV test results take?

The target turnaround time for HPV test results is 1-3 working days. The turnaround time is a guide only and will sometimes depend upon assay run schedule.

* If your results are positive please visit your health provider for treatment​ *


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