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Electrolytes Profile Blood Test – Clinic Visit

Electrolytes Blood Test - Clinic Visit


Clinic Visit Blood Test
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Battersea Clinic Location
Results in 1-2 days
3 Tests:
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What is Electrolytes Profile Blood Test?

An electrolyte blood test is a test that determines the electrolyte and carbon dioxide levels in your blood.
Electrolytes are ions and minerals found in the blood, such as sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate. At any rate, they have the ability to conduct electrical impulses throughout the body.

Why get a Blood Electrolytes test?

For routine testing or as diagnostic assistance for a specific ailment, such as oedema (abnormally high levels of water in the tissues) or cardiac arrhythmias. Altogether if one or more electrolytes are out of balance, your doctor may want to closely monitor that electrolyte. Correspondingly whilst addressing the underlying cause of the imbalance.


3 Tests

Sodium: Enables your nerves and muscles to work properly.

Potassium: This helps your nerves and muscles “communicate” to each other.

Bicarbonate: Helps measure how much carbon dioxide is in your blood.

How does our Clinic Visit test work?

Please make your appointment online and visit us on-site to have your blood drawn by our Registered Nurse. Please note that you must present your ID for your appointment.

How long do blood test results take?

The target turnaround time for Electrolytes Profile blood test is 1-2 working days. However, this turnaround time is a guide only and will sometimes depend upon assay run schedules.


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