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Childrens Allergy Profile, 29 tests – Home Kit

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A quick finger-prick blood test for Children’s allergies which measures 29 Tests

Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test
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29 Tests:

Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Dog
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Horse
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Codfish
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Rice
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Birch
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Soybean
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Peanut
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Hazelnut
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - MugwortMugwort
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Carrot
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Potato
PotatoChildrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Apple
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test - Egg white
Egg white
Childrens Allergy Profile Home Test -Cat

Click here for the complete test list

Click here for instructions How to do a Blood Test at Home.

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You are not allowed to cancel this subscription before 3 months.*

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Thank you for visiting this page. Some commonly used search terms are Childrens Allergy test, Childrens Allergy Testing UK, and Childrens Home Allergy Test.

What is a Childrens Allergy Panel Test?

An allergy occurs when the immune system interprets a foreign substance harmful to most people as harmful. When you are allergic, the immune system overreacts to the allergen by producing antibodies such as IgE immunoglobulins.

Why get a Children’s Allergy Panel Test?

  • If you have severe earache, headaches and itchy eyes.
  • And if there is a risk of an allergic reaction to a minimal amount of allergen.
  • If you are being treated with antihistamines or other medicines.

Instructions for use

Firstly, Please take your sample in the morning. We advise that you use this for at least one hour before any medication.

When you collect your sample, try the following tips:

  • Drink plenty of water. Being well-hydrated will make it easier to collect your sample.
  • Shower before you take your test or run your hands under warm water for a few minutes, as heat improves blood flow.
  • Do light exercise (move around, walk, etc.) to get the blood flowing.
  • Also, ensure your arm is below your heart level – let gravity do some of the work.
  • Nails that are too long can make it difficult to collect a sample.
  • Do not shake the sample vigorously but invert the tube gently 10 times. (gently swirl the tube after each drop of blood).
  • And, do not squeeze (milk) the finger.
  • Re-warm your hands during collection where needed.

29 Tests

  • Immunoglobulin E: measures the level of Immunoglobulin E, a type of antibody.
  • Cat
  •  Dog
  •  Horse
  •  Codfish
  •  Rice
  • Birch
  •  Soybean
  • Peanut
  • Hazelnut
  • Mugwort
  • Carrot
  • Potato
  •  Apple
  •  Egg white
  • Egg yolk Cow’s milk
  •  Timothy grass
  • Cultivated rye
  • Wheat flour
  • Alternaria alternata
  • Aspergillus fumigatus
  • Cladosporium herbarum
  • nBos d6 BSA (milk)
  • and, nBos d8 Casein (milk)
  • also, nBos d5 Beta-lactoglobulin (milk)
  • and nBos d4 Alpha-lactalbumin (milk)
  • Dermatophagoides farinae
  • Finally, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

How our Home Test Kits Work

blood test tube

Order your kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

drop off test

Drop off the parcel preferably in the morning to get the earlier box clearances. Using the Return Track24 pre-paid label on each kit, drop the package off at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Red Box to return it to the Lab.

ready results

Once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your certificate.​

But, how long do blood test results take?

Finally, the target turnaround time for Childrens Allergy Panel Test results is within one week. Thus, the turnaround time is a guide only and will sometimes depend upon assay run schedules.

Therefore, please take your test from Monday to Thursday to avoid delivery delays at the lab. 

Also, therefore the way forward for home testing is to ensure that you send the Childrens Allergy testing UK sample at the right time. Don’t leave it sitting around the home for 1-2 days. Also, to reduce clotting effects, please send the sample before the collection box cut-off time for the last collection and when you take the sample.

Lastly, the Medicines Online Scientists are fully trained by the instrument suppliers and our Quality Control and Medical Directors. Therefore, you can rest assured that the samples will be processed quickly and reliably.

However, our company’s standards require Policies and Procedures to be audited weekly and maintained regularly. Thereby adding an extra layer of quality control to your samples.


4 reviews for Childrens Allergy Profile, 29 tests – Home Kit

  1. Cynthia

    I had some doubts about my result, but medicines online were very kind in clarifying everything and helping me. They are amazing

  2. Bianca

    I bought it for my son and I was afraid of not knowing how to do it, but the information is very clear and medicines online was very helpful with all the doubts I had. Great service.

  3. Daryn CLARKe

    I am a regular customer of medicines online and both outgoing packages and incoming results are always very timely. It just works. After an ordering issue today that was cleared up in a matter of hours and to my complete satisfaction, the action will ensure I stay a regular customer necessitated by my condition. Medicines Online 🏆

  4. Tom Booth

    The service was excellent, however Iwas tempted to give 4 stars as I had a question about the Cholesterol results which I phoned up about and struggled to get a satisfactory answer, but the company rang me back as they realised I was not entirely happy and gave me first class advice regarding my question. I would certainly use this company in future

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