After the torrid month of summer, the monsoon brings a sense of calmness. Many people love to enjoy the rain and soothing winds of this season. Children become excited about the rain bathing. Farmers get thrilled to know that their crops are going to wave again. However, with all of these enjoyments, this season also brings the threat of diseases. The unwanted monsoon diseases can make your life a living hell. In the last few years, covid has also been added. However, it can be detected via Covid tests in London. Many infections can make your monsoon a nightmare if you don’t prepare for it. Fortunately, there are many solutions to overcome the threat of monsoon diseases. One of the best ways is to buy home testing kits of CBC.

Yes, you heard that right. Get a home monitoring kit for a complete blood count exam and check your and your family’s health status whenever you sense the symptoms of Monson’s common diseases. But wait? What are the common illnesses that outbreak in monsoon season? If you don’t know about them yet, this is the time to do so to prepare for the monsoon season.

Let’s discuss some common diseases and infections that outbreak in the monsoon season and also understand the use of complete count tests for those diseases.

1. MALARIA: Can a report help with this disease? 

As the monsoon is primarily the rainy season, we know that mosquitoes get the power to reproduce with showers. They multiply in millions, and various malaria-causing mosquitoes also take birth in them. Plasmodium parasite is the agent behind malaria, which is present in the female mosquito. That female mosquito is known as the Anopheles Mosquito, which breeds in the water logging places common in monsoon season.

The symptoms of malaria include a high running fever of almost 105*C, chills, and discomfort. This condition can linger for multiple days. You can take a CBC Home Test as a routine checkup to examine your situation. Home monitoring kits for complete blood count exams can help monitor the patient at home. They help identify the malaria parasite species and check for evidence of anaemia, as this parasite can damage the red blood cells.

2. DENGUE: Is it Usable in this?

Among all the diseases during the rainy season, dengue is one of the most common conditions that arise from a mosquito bite. A tiger mosquito, also known as Aedes Aegypti, causes this Disease. The patients suffer from high fever (dengue fever), hypersensitivity, low platelet count, and joint and muscle pain.

A CBC Test can also be highly useful in this Disease. It can give you the value of platelets, which tend to decrease in dengue infection. A low platelet count decreases immunity and makes a person weak.

It is suggested to check the platelet count regularly while suffering from dengue, as it goes down from 1.5-4 Lakhs to 20,000 to 40,000. The dengue virus attacks the bone marrow, which produces the platelets. Thus, platelets get damaged in this Disease.

3. TYPHOID: Get one to monitor your condition Regularly in the rainy season

A bacteria named Salmonella typhi causes this water-borne Disease. The main reason for this infection is dirty food and water intake. These bacteria multiply rapidly once they enter humans’ digestive systems. Later, they end up joining the bloodstream.

Common symptoms include abdominal pain, constipation, headache, sore throat, vomiting, joint pain, and high fever for a long time (typhoid fever). One can go for a complete blood count checkup showing many white blood cells in typhoid-positive patients. However, the standard test for typhoid is the ELISA blood Exam, which shows the presence of its bacteria.

4. VIRAL FEVER: Understand your Fever with Reports

Although fever is ubiquitous throughout the year, it catches a high grip in monsoon. Even a single bath in the rain can cause some people to acquire viral fever, and they feel many symptoms, including fever, fatigue, body chills, dizziness, weakness, and pain in joints and muscles.

However, it is hard to avoid viral fever in the monsoon, but you can still try to do so by not letting your body wet with rain water and by taking medicines after the symptoms arrive.


Diarrhoea is also a prevalent disease during monsoon season. The reason behind this is the intake of unclean food and water. This condition can show mild and temporary issues. However, it can also turn into life-threatening ones. Its symptoms include watery stool, abdominal pain, bloating, fever, and nausea.

Another disease is influenza, which mostly occurs due to temperature fluctuation. It is commonly known as flu, which infects the patient’s nose, throat, and lungs. A CBC Test is helpful in both of these conditions and can tell the improvements and downfalls of the treatments.


The arrival of the monsoon brings the baggage of diseases that can make your life a living hell. You can use Medicine Online’s home CBC Finger Prick Test kit to safeguard your and your family’s health. The Report is the best to use in the monsoon season. It will keep you updated on your internal health at home. In the threat of coronavirus, you can also use the home kit for covid in London. Covid can only be controlled by thorough screening. So, don’t waste time; get a covid checkup. “Don’t wait for illness to start; value your wellness now and use home monitoring kits.”