We all are cautious about accepting those bogus messages and forwards concerning some advanced treatment or evolutionary medicines to treat or even not to get COVID from WhatsApp or other social sites while tempting it may be, you should pause and ponder. they might NOT WORK or even worse they might cause further injury. But, before we even start discussing those myths, let us discuss some facts. Thus we will have a solid ground to debunk the myths. The first useful fact is that you can get a test ordered from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers if you come under the amber or green list. Either it is Green list only or Amber list, both can be easily ordered. Another important fact that you should know is that there is no cure for COVID. Anybody claiming that they have a cure is criminal. 

There is no cure for coronavirus. There are vaccines and they are just preventive measures. One will prevent you from getting infected by making antibodies in your body. While the magical pill for NOT contracting the COVID itself is well, not yet there. You are not alone in this fight, several agencies and departments of various countries are fighting the battle of misinformation and getting the right knowledge to the general public at large. The administrators are working to get deceptive products, medicines, and other ‘pseudo–treatment’ stuff off the shelves of medical stores and other convenient places along with releasing a timely update of how true or false a product or medicine might be and of course not everything you read from the internet have veracity to it. There are a few fake websites that sell self-test kits. But, it is important that you order only from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers in case you are visiting here from any other country.

What we know so far from SCIENCE:

There is no effect of extreme hot or cold temperature on the virusThe COVID-19 virus is not prevented or cured by exposure to the sun or sitting in cold storage for long. Rather you can get a heat stroke or suffer from frostbite with these types of acts. Even there is no impact of humid weather on coronavirus. You cannot cure or prevent coronavirus by taking regular hot or cold baths.  Various tests and experiments conducted in 2020 proves that weather as such has no role to play. A simple reason is that COVID-19 attacks your body. And your normal body temperature remains unchanged regardless of the external conditions.  Another wrong notion that people have is about pneumonia and flu vaccines. There are various vaccines, flu shots, and medicines against the common cold, pneumonia, etc. but they too won’t prevent you from getting COVID.

Alcohol and disinfectants

It is true that alcohol, chlorine spray, or disinfectants kill germs. But, they do not kill the virus inside your body. They are useful only if the virus is on the outer surface of your body. Drinking excessive alcohol won’t help. It cannot be the guarantee for not getting the virus. Similarly, disinfectants and other similar materials will only destroy the virus outside you.  They won’t protect you from the VIRUS that has already entered your body. Those prevent them but are not a brick wall for those who are already inside the body. While disinfectants can aid in the elimination of the pathogens like the COVID-19 virus. But you should not inject, drink or sigh. Consuming them can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. You should not also use online medicines that claim to kill the virus inside your body. The best strategy is to stay indoors, test yourself with authentic ways from authentic providers. Especially from the Government list of approved 2 & 8 providers.


We all are aware now of a certain degree of the virus. But soon after the COVID pandemic began,  various immunity boosters/makers or supplements were in babble. While some indeed increase your immunity, they are no vaccine against the virus itself. Some on the other hand are unlikely to improve your immunity system or keep you from getting sick.  Some supplements like colloidal silver’ which were promoted to treat one from the COVID are neither safe nor effective in the treatment in any case. while some are deadly. so, what to do? You should get your facts checks from reliable sources and ask others about effectiveness preferable from a professional who might shed some light on the degree of the treatment. You can talk to various nutritionists in your area. There are some great doctors and nutritionists around Gatwick, Manchester, Heathrow, Luton, and Stansted. 

Effective COVID-19 prevention tips

Mundane as they may seem or sound but these are the real stuff, things you can take to lower your infection risk. Anyone claiming a cure for the virus is a hoax. Don’t trust them. Wear your mask properly! not under the chin or below the nose but covering half the face effectively. Mask is the first line of defence against any virus, bacteria, pollutant or pathogen. After that, if you have the option to get Vaccinated then do it as early as possible. There are many doubts discussed in the media about the efficacy of these jabs. But, as of now, they are the only weapon you have for the fight against corona.  Until now the tests and their results have clearly indicated that these vaccines are effective.  They are effective and they’ll provide you immunity from the virus. These vaccines can at least lower the chance if you haven’t already contracted the virus. 

Avoid being in close proximity to others, and especially to those who are sick or are showing symptoms. Until they don’t take a proper government-approved test, they need to be avoided. Wash your hands multiple times a day and sanitize them properly. Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds has been proved to be the best in various lab tests. Don’t touch your nose, eyes, and face frequently. Please do not share dishes, glasses, blankets, or other household things with other people. And finally, avoid going out in the open or crowded jam as infrequently as possible. Sure, many places are in unlock phases but be cautious and avoid too many public gatherings. Utilize work from home or study from school this way and effectively. A healthy diet and a good lifestyle can help you recover from corona once infected.