Sample Specimen in Q-Tip Fit to fly covid and sti tests PCR HomeAs we cope with the outbreak, many companies have given Covid-19 kits like PCR exams everywhere. Furthermore, Microsoft is providing frontline responders with STI  Lab Test cloud solutions. These solutions help to coordinate and automate emergency response.

Advancing Today’s Medical Solutions

Earlier, we reported solutions to track critical resources and coordinate communications. We also discussed solutions to create a bot for crisis response. A patient Scheduling and Screening Template is a new solution. Plus, it is now available for doctors.

Here, it helps to scale and manage test kits, screening, and evaluations. It provides links to a portal with Covid-19 content. It also links kit resources for patients to estimate risk. The solution connects an automated screening method for booking and performing. Patient Scheduling and Screening Template brings together a seamless workflow. In turn, it helps to meet the growing need for evaluations and medical kits.

This helps both the patients and providers. The solution combines various features. For example, the characteristics of Microsoft Power Applications. Others are those for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Health Bot Software. This offers a fully comprehensive system for engagement, preparation, and screening. It also extends the versatility of the Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator. Thus, it lets organisations improve treatment planning.

Features of the Template

Features include the following.

  • Comprehensive community outreach. This involves using the patient group’s existing health records. Doctors who conduct a PCR test use it for predictive high-risk patient segmentation. They may also use it to conduct in-depth reporting on patient journeys.
  • Customer-branded patient interface and self-assessment tools. Thus, you may customise the Healthbot injected into the database as an attendant. This helps to simplify high-level triage and decide if a doctor may refer the patient further. STI Home Test kits must be completed before any medical procedures. Or a doctor may recommend the best medical options.
  • Omnichannel call centre agent tools. You may leverage Omnichannel for Customer Service. In turn, it extends to the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This is to provide the next steps for high-risk patients. For example, I can view patient information, send knowledge-based articles, and book screening appointments.
  • Automation of scheduling and check-in appointments using QR or bar codes. It allows for pre-built automation. Organisations may also send patients an appointment and associated QR messages. The regulations give them access to the centre.
  • Purpose-built patient screening automation. This allows for a purpose-built application. It intends to provide a quick and easy way to find a patient through the automatic QR code sent to the patient. The screeners can also easily link the patient and the specimen obtained during the testing.

In Conclusion

Many reviews have moved the Patient Scheduling and Screening Model. This involves specific issues over the past few weeks. It also affects how we can have a practical approach to ease the pressure of this crisis. We will continue cooperating with our consumers and partners to improve the strategy. We’ll also advance COVID-19 test kits to fit here. We will also ensure that we address the problems of this crisis.