Making Your Status Visible

Covid-19 is invisible, but your health status need not be. This post will explain the processes of getting PCR tests and an Online QR Code Status. Get an HPV test to know your health status and let others know your health status.

What is a Status Exam

Firstly, this important idea is one of the fundamental reasons we developed the Patent-Pending Multi System. It can be used for an HPV investigation test for a dangerous type, variant, or other health checkup risks. This is a Health Status verification by registered general nurses around the world. It has three states using a globally styled traffic light colour System.

It uses fully trained and certified nurses first to approve the Status based on the laboratory results, certified by Photo ID cross-checked with the name on the results from a credible clinic or lab that conducted the testing. A fully trained Nurse is also obligated to explain this system’s rules. So, this Status is supported only and is not a reason to change any recommended behaviour.

The Dynamic Status updates when the WHO and government make a rule change. It cannot be legally used unless Dynamically displayed inside the patient’s account, so it is not just a screenshot. Dynamic Status means that QR Codes can have the following:

1. An expiry date: Status for some types that last only a few days, and some can last for months.
2. Name of the company and the Nurse who gave the Status.
3. The type and the date
4. The name and address of the patient.
5. Patient acknowledgement of having this basic data encoded.
6. An alert if the code has expired

Passport Status

However, some Foreign Governments and Airlines have accepted some types as acceptable evidence for travellers, like the Covid-19 QR Code Status. As such, we support a Travel passport in such tests, and the HPV Health Status of the QR Code reflects the dynamic agility of our online Account Health Status system. Technology changes with PCR tests, and the Healthcare Industry understands the differences. The Medicines Online Health Status dynamically changes to reflect such changes.

Revoke Health Status

Moreover, to avoid abuse of our Health Status Medicines, Online reserves the right to Revoke its Health Status Code if it feels a Patient is bringing its reputation into disrepute by using the Status in any violent manner in the community.

So, processes and Steps

  1.  Receive your PCR test results from a medical centre.
  2.  Purchase your COVID-19 QR Code Status on the Medicines Online website.
  3.  Upload your photo ID and the results into your customer account on the Medicines Online website.
  4.  Therefore, within 48 hours, you will receive an email to log in to your account to receive your HPV Health Status from the Registered Nurse assigned to you.

Finally, have fun and use our Health Status for HPV variants in responsible ways.

Legal Note

Medicines Online is not the actual provider of your Covid-19 Health Status. We are the private display system that allows a Registered Nurse to provide your Status in your account based on the information you have provided to them. Therefore, it’s your choice to show your code where you may feel it’s reasonable. And this may be at a bar, restaurant, club, care home, gym shop, or work or travel.