The month of December is the time of family gatherings. But the pandemic has led to many questions. Most people are worried about how they will celebrate and stay safe (to do so, you must take a Covid travel test). Some people are also concerned about other blood-related issues. Hence, people are often seen doing a Liver function blood test each month. A covid test usually these days, as some have cancer symptoms, and together, they can be a lethal combination that can be terminal. Despite the rising cases of corona infection transmission, you can still enjoy yourself. You can have as much fun as possible while maintaining safety. The following tips can help you if you have a disease during this season. 

Be aware of the risk.

The infection rate and risk level depend on where a person lives. To stay safe in an area, a person needs to follow the guidance from the local authority of that area. For the case of blood-related abnormalities, doing a liver function blood profile will give you a better idea of the same. You should also follow the information from the health ministry about vaccination rates in that area. But also, in places where the vaccination rate is lower, there is the risk of a high infection rate of covid. Due to weak immunity, the infection rate is essential, mainly for older people and children.

If you enter the UK, you must go through a mandatory quarantine. You can end the quarantine only if your day 2 and 8 test results are negative. People who do a liver function blood profile understand their health better and make better lifestyle choices.

Go for vaccination

The World Health Organization has approved a few coronavirus vaccines. These vaccines are safe and have appeared to be highly effective at protecting people against the coronavirus infection. These vaccines also help in protecting those people who are around you. It is also worth noting that the vaccine may not offer 100% protection. Similarly, a blood profile isn’t a cure; it is only understanding the composition of various biomarkers in your blood. But,  it is essential to take all the guidelines that have been put in place. Consider staying home in case you are feeling off.

Anytime you feel ill, avoiding attending or hosting any gathering is advisable- this will help protect other individuals. If you do not feel good, get a covid or blood profile test, seek medical help, and stay home until you feel better.

Observe all the guidelines while you are in public at a clinic.

The government has put in place several guidelines. People should follow them to protect citizens from coronavirus infection. Some of these guidelines include the avoidance of crowded areas. Also, avoid places with poor ventilation and keep physical distance from each other. The other approach is wearing masks whenever you enter a public space. Remember to wash your hands frequently and, where possible, use your hand sanitiser for protection. Hands should also be cleaned before taking a clinic’s liver test sample.

Another protocol is not to touch your face, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. Lastly, get medical advice anytime you experience coughs, fever, or even difficulties in breathing. The government has ensured regular testing for cancer symptoms, organ disease, and updates. It would help if you cooperated with the government in this matter. 

Stay away from large gatherings.

During the celebrations, people gather a lot in enclosed places. It’s for this reason that people should stay away from crowded places. The government has made it mandatory for anyone planning to travel to take a covid test. But, it is essential to note that due to the virus’s ever-changing strains, it is impossible to detect it through tests completely. Therefore, avoiding parties, concerts, or even events is better to prevent contracting the virus and spreading it further.

On the other hand, if gatherings must happen, consider holding outdoor conferences. They are safer and consider taking extra precautions before attending those meetings. Stay updated about the medicines that can help you with cancer symptoms. 

What to do before travelling if you have a kit

Know that every mode of travel has a high risk of spreading corona infection. Cancel any trips if you feel sick or your family is unwell, and get a covid travel test done. A profile check can help you better understand your blood’s biomarkers. If you must travel, avoid travel during peak times. Check yourselves with the self-sample kits, for example, the Liver Function Testing kit you can buy from any government-approved list of providers. Always remember that your decisions will not just affect you but will also affect any other individual that surrounds you. Stay safe for your loved ones.

Disclaimer: is a digital publisher and does not offer personal health or medical advice. Call your local emergency services or visit the nearest emergency room or urgent care centre if you face a medical emergency. You should consult your healthcare provider before starting any nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, medical, or wellness program.