Infections and someone else

Doctors stories 

If a woman who is sick and risky to everyone around her gets tested in a ureaplasma checkup, she leaves very healthy and happy, having been cured by one conversation. It happens. Here, too, there are some causal Mycoplasma test cases.

My patients

The doctor very much forbade one of my patients from getting pregnant until she and her husband were cured of Ureaplasma (“UU”). Two years of treatment: some antibiotics were given, control tests again showed urea, other drugs were prescribed – again it appeared after a while, and so on in a circle for two years, from one drug to another.

But the point is that you cannot get rid of UU, and there is no need to do it. A woman came to me terminally ill and left completely healthy.

There are absolute pathogens, that is, those microorganisms that, when they reach us, cause harm and illness. For example, gonococcus is the agent that causes gonorrhoea. Treponema pallidum is the causative agent of syphilis. Chlamydia is one of the main causes of tubal infertility. HIV kills the cells of our immune system, and so on.

Many conditional pathogens live with us in peace and harmony; only sometimes, rising in larger numbers than they should, they cause disease. Conditional bugs include candida—when it multiplies, it causes candidiasis (“thrush”), Gardnerella, UU, and many other bacteria.

They cannot be eliminated; they do not need to be treated in a healthy woman who is not bothered by anything.

Mycoplasmas and UU are the smallest free-living organisms. They don’t even have a cell wall. What did these kids do so wrong?

The vast majority of asymptomatic healthy adults have cases of mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas. Mycoplasmas and UU are part of the normal microflora of the vagina.

They get pregnant without problems and give birth to healthy children.


Yes, Ureaplasmas Home Tests can help prevent the development of associated nonspecific inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, such as bacterial vaginosis. Still, they are conditional pathogens like staphylococcus, streptococcus, or Gardnerella and will be treated with standard antibacterial therapy.

The presence of Mycoplasma hominis, Ureaplasma parvum or Ureaplasma urealyticum in your body cannot be the cause of:

  • infertility;
  • habitual miscarriage;
  • miscarriage;
  • congenital malformations of the fetus, etc.

A special PCR examination is needed to detect ureaplasmas/mycoplasmas (except for Mycoplasma genitalium). Pregnant or non-pregnant women should not carry out treatment.

They do not carry out treatment for the “Ureaplasma detection test”. They do not search for conditional pathogens in the vagina using the PCR method (qualitatively) in the absence of any complaints. The only exception is the Mycoplasma PCR Tests.

The world has carried out no special examinations to detect UU. Only in the CIS countries is this done

I worry about my patients with all my heart. And this is only the path to professional burnout…

Well, how can you not worry?

Look at this yourself: just this week, three women came to see us who have been treating UREAPLASMA carriers for a long time, while they need serious treatment of the underlying disease. Now, I will explain my pain.

Ureaplasma Lab Testing is one of the many (well, VERY numerous – there are many dozens) solutions for the normal microflora of the female vagina. Itself, it is a fairly harmless microorganism. Only in rare cases (and more often in association with other microorganisms) can it cause gynaecological diseases.

Only the lazy language (well, that is, me). They have not written about the massive, unfounded obsession with Ureaplasma. About the fact that there is no need to be examined, much less treat its carriage. Nevertheless, I hear questions (and sometimes demands!) about the treatment of UU absolutely every working day… And you know, I take this calmly. Everything is simple here – explain, reassure, insist….

These are their stories.

But sometimes, this “Ureaplasma PCR test gimmick” has risky consequences. The stories of four of my patients will tell you more eloquently about my pain.

At the beginning of summer, a woman planning a pregnancy contacted us. Even before the start of the appointment, I noticed her increased anxiety, suspicion, and some initially hostile attitude towards me.

This woman tried unsuccessfully to recover from a UU infection for a year; therefore, she was very much forbidden to have sex. And they postponed the desired pregnancy indefinitely…

But the most unpleasant thing, which has no reason, is that over this year, the AMH level has lowered from 0.9 to 0.2 (AMH is an indicator of ovarian reserve, i.e. ovarian reserve) – and this is in a woman who initially applied for planning a pregnancy! Today, this patient of mine is already in her second IVF treatment.

A different story…

Another woman. I asked for the same thing – it was necessary to monitor the cure after treatment for a UU infection. She received repeated courses of antibacterial therapy and visited gynaecologists every month and more than once. At the same time, the woman herself was bothered by pain during periods and sexual intercourse. Without proper Mycoplasma Lab Tests and treatment, this woman’s chronic pelvic pain got worse, and endometriosis, which is its cause, further rose.

A patient recently wrote to whom I refused treatment for anaplasmosis. The woman did not heed my recommendations and found a doctor who organized this treatment. As a result, a young, healthy woman in the very early stages of pregnancy took long-term anti-bacterial drugs that were contraindicated during pregnancy. What now – screening for fetal development anomalies, termination of pregnancy – I don’t know…

In conclusion

Results of a very in-depth Mycoplasma Home test of the state of the vaginal microbiota. As you can see, areas are also present there. Still, they do not play the most important role – the main problem here is the colonization of the vagina by anaerobic flora – mainly Clostridia. Naturally, treating urea itself will not change anything here but will only delay the results and treatment of the real disease.

In conclusion, I will be banal and repeat. UU is NOT a sexually transmitted infection and is NOT a hidden infection. It is NOT necessary to be tested for UU – neither when planning a pregnancy, nor during pregnancy, nor just like that. Isolated cases of UU should NOT be treated.