What are the Causes and impacts of Alarmism? Unjustified?

Tests for Mycoplasma and Urea infection Tests are designed for the very small bugs normally present in humans in numbers of less than 1000/ 10000. UCC (colour changing units). Only in the case of immune deficiency and alteration of normal genital balance does it grow in an uncontrolled manner, causing urethral symptoms (secretions, stranguria, dysuria) and genitals (vulvar burning, itching, yellow and serous discharge, dyspareunia, concomitant vaginal infections. Undoubtedly, these pathogens (as for all those for which there is a specific synthetic drug) have created exaggerated interest alarmism.

Claudio Paternoster (specialist in infectious diseases in Trento) writes:

“The precise pathogenic role of genital Mycoplasma is in many cases speculative or not entirely proven for the following reasons:

• Many healthy, asymptomatic adults are infected and detected by Myco and Ureaplasma Home Tests at the genitourinary level.

M. hominis (~50%), Ureaplasma spp.

(~80%), M. genitalium (~25%)

  • Published studies on the pathogenicity of these microorganisms possess
  • important methodological limitations
  • The isolation of these microorganisms is difficult and complex.”

For years, our association has been fighting against the extreme importance of Mycoplasma Lab Testing that continues to be given to pathogens against the (ab)use of antibiotics and destructive approaches. Based on real case studies, on thousands of cases followed, on experiences and true testimonies which (we have now learned) are the most important, we can state that:

• in most cases where the symptoms have been attributed to Mycoplasma, there has rarely been an improvement in symptoms after targeted antibiotic therapy;

• antibiotic therapies rarely eradicate the infection (often also)

2-3 consecutive therapies are not enough:

Even in the case of therapeutic success, Myco often returns many times after a short time, which is a sign of resistance. After these therapies, there are more worsening cases than when there is an improvement (probably due to prolonged antibiotic therapies). We have seen more swabs become negative with the reconstructive approach than with antibiotic therapy; there is no evidence that these bugs cause sterility and preterm births, and the latest studies have highlighted the possibility that all this is caused precisely by the absence of lactobacilli and not by the presence of pathogens. Testimonials from the forum “Regarding ureaplasma Home testing, the doctor who did the control swab told me that there are 2 schools of thought: those who use the antibiotic and those who don’t consider it necessary.

The Mycoplasma drugs made it worse for me the situation, but I no longer intend to take them, considering the mild symptoms. Reading in the various forums on the internet, it is scary how many cycles of drugs so many people are subjected to and without getting the results.

“I’m also joining the 12-inch TV club (ok. enough…).

After a course of drugs per month, from December to January, and without having taken a single lactic acid ferment, the doctor prescribes a swab and urine culture. All negative, except ureaplasma <10,000.

Now, even on the Acidif CV leaflet, it is written that dysmicrobism can lead to the onset of ureaplasma urealyticum. So, anyone not a medical graduate with a minimum of reasonableness realizes that mine was not a ureaplasma infection. It was a general imbalance in which ureaplasma testing had raised its head (I understood this.

AFTER the treatment, AFTER signing up to the forum and AFTER reading the first sensible things for two years now).

So, very low bacterial load and zero symptoms.

What I had were symptoms from (now I know)

Contracture and neuropathy.

In a hurry, I am told that Myco or Ureaplasma Urealyticum infection detection Tests are helpful also as its the cause of cystitis, and “But the urine culture always showed Escherichia coli…”, “But I have no vaginal symptoms”, “But the urine culture she’s negative now,” and BAM!, five days of ciproxin. Nothing changes, of course. Ah yes, one thing changes: I get another nice cystitis after a month.

And the symptoms? The same as before; in fact, perhaps the cystitis has worsened something at a nervous and tissue level, even at a vaginal level, yes.

So, would I be mistaken if I advised my doctor to leave plasmas alone unless they transmit programs in ha?”


“In October last year, given a desired pregnancy and already “equipped” with papillomavirus, strain 52, I took a vaginal swab and came out positive in Ureaplasma tests.

Urealyticum, microbial load 100,000. The gynaecologist prescribed Mycoplasma Tests, which I then believed to be correct. And obvious antibiotic therapy: 21 days of bassado, the most specific antibiotic for that beast.

I don’t like antibiotics, but I tell myself if I want a child…

During the therapy, I get candida, and at the end of the 21 days, I am in terrible condition: I have all kinds of symptoms: burning, urgency to urinate, bladder heaviness, itching, redness and vulvar swelling… I don’t understand anything anymore. I don’t know if I have to treat cystitis or candida first. First, I do the urine culture, and a colony of Klebsiella comes up with a bacterial load of 900,000 colonies.

I consult the urologist, and he loads me up with another drug, this time specific for cystitis, ciproxin 1000 × 15 days (and it doesn’t even give me lactic ferments); I take it confidently, expecting improvements every day, but the symptoms don’t regress.

Later on…

Twenty days later, I had another Ureaplasma Urealyticum infection, Swab Urine Test and another urine culture. This time, it’s Escherichia coli, with a bacterial colony of 800,000! I no longer trust the urologist. But I can’t miss work, so I am taking Monuril for 4 days. I was destroyed. Two and a half months of continuous suffering. I cried in the evening, hugging my partner and asking him if I would ever get out of it. I was about to go into depression. It seemed that life wasn’t worth living. Lived. In these conditions, I do the vaginal control swab for Ureaplasma tests, and it is always there, blessed, with its beautiful charge of 100,000 colonies.

I swear I wanted to die!

In the frantic search for why, I come to this site, which has been my salvation. (…)

I began to understand that I had done everything wrong after my Mycoplasma Tests. That I had tortured my body and had not respected it. By listening to doctors and taking antibiotics, I had only destroyed all my defences. I remain at the mercy of all the bacteria that happened to pass through (in my case, there were several). So I changed direction and started to follow all the instructions on the forum; I banned antibiotics from my life, I took mannose, and I started to understand that in addition to bacteria, there can also be other causes that cause the symptoms of cystitis. I understand that many other pathologies (vestibulitis, vulvodynia, contracture, neuropathy) can affect the pelvic organs and deprive them of their natural balance.

I learned to manage acute attacks of cystitis (or other) with mannose alone, finger manoeuvre, application of heat, vaginal massage, MEG herbal tea, magnesium, mannose-based cream as a lubricant during intercourse (my cystitis was often post-coital), oral and vaginal lactic ferments, and certainly something else that I now forget…

In short, I try to give my body its importance again. And I try to give it back what it has stolen.

I improved significantly on the cystitis front, but it’s not enough: I resumed my pregnancy plans (which I had put aside), and in March, I did a vaginal swab to check the Ureaplasma and the charge was reduced to 10,000 (therefore decimated). But that’s not all: yesterday, I got the result of another control swab, which was NEGATIVE!

I eradicated what seemed to be a Mycoplasma bacterium test, which is indifferent to antibiotics (and how many antibiotics!!), only by rebuilding my defences. Only with a lot of patience and giving my body the way to react without harassing it with drugs and counter-pharmaceuticals. But that’s not enough. I also had the result of the Pap test, and it was negative. Repeat the Ureaplasma Lab test in three years.


Girls who read me, I’m not telling you not to listen to doctors about mycoplasma Home Tests. I’m just telling you to use your head and not blindly trust those who wash their hands of your ailments. Antibiotics, most of the time, don’t solve anything at all when they don’t make the situation worse. Talk to your doctor about it, and start a dialogue. Make him understand that you are not empty and know there are alternatives.

I heard it said here on the forum. Oh my God, how true and holy it is. We are not born with these pathologies inside us. We need to eradicate them; we must do so.

And this is exactly what happened to me. Trust me. Your life is at stake.”