Does Sex Cause UTI? A Nine-Year Battle for Answers

Does sex cause UTIs? Can you find out with an STD test? Before finding my soulmate, I never would have pondered this question. Ours was a classic story. New love, heated passion and endless sex. Until bam! I got my first HPV Test with an infection after sex. Then, new love turned into big love, and we decided to become exclusive. So did my UTI. It became a part of us. It took over my life for almost a decade. My last about of UTI was a year ago. For nine years, I struggled, my partner struggled and our relationship, though rock-solid, also underwent frequent volcanic eruptions. 

“Do you wipe from front to back after a bowel movement?”

“Your partner is too big, and you are too petite. Your anatomy is probably not matching.” 

“You must get married.”

“Drink Weiss beer.”

“Do you have anal sex? Use sex toys?”

“Some women have this for their entire life. Learn to live with it.” 

“Take a small dose of antibiotics after intercourse.” 

“This is not an emergency. Please do not visit the emergency section.” 

“Every other woman has this problem, so why have you come to an emergency?” 

When I recall everything

I was told by those regarded as the best STD doctors in Europe and Asia they almost seem funny now. I can hardly believe all the precautions against UTI that I took and the endless treatments I tried when they failed to work. 

In the end, the answer to ‘Does sex cause the need for STD Home tests? ‘ would come unexpectedly and abruptly. Just like a Hollywood movie where the hero battles ceaselessly, and then poof! With one effective blow, the enemy is dead. 

After nine years of pain, I would finally conquer my invisible enemy. I would go on to pee normally. It seems absurd. And yet, it’s true. I now pee normally and no longer fear making love. Some nights, I remain in bed all night without the need to wake up and urinate. I no longer jump out of bed immediately after sex to pee. Maybe I have become too carefree too soon. 

Doing Everything Under the Sun to Determine, ‘Does Sex Cause UTI?

What was I doing during my nine years of wondering if sex causes STDs? Everything! Everything is under the sun. Reading, researching, experimenting with home remedies, meditating, yoga. I gave up cycling, wore loose clothing and even contemplated if it was all in my head! The recurrent UTIs—more than eight bouts a year—crippled me. 

The fear became pervasive, growing stronger than my mind and immune system. It wore me down, physically and mentally. 

Though the UTIs always arrived after sex, my partner had no symptoms whatsoever. Everything seemed to indicate that I was carrying something within my body. But in the end, one simple test—one I insisted on despite my doctor’s protests—revealed our shared problem. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, I should share the steps I took in the nine years leading up to an HPV Lab Test and diagnosis. 

A Methodical Approach to Find Out ‘Does Sex Cause UTI?

The first thing I did was to begin documenting my pursuit of wellness. I created a spreadsheet with all the doctors I’d seen in Europe and Asia, the tests conducted, the corresponding results, and the medications prescribed. It was a comprehensive file containing every detail that none of my doctors ever stopped to look at. Live UTI Free now offers a form similar to this for all UTI patients.

The diagnostic methods were many and varied. Multiple sonographies, urine tests, blood tests, urine cultures and ultrasounds. A CT scan, colposcopy, HPV and PAP-test. Time after time, E. coli was identified as the culprit. And yet, I couldn’t help wondering, was that the problem, or was sex causing my UTIs?

And then there were the treatments. There were two six-month-long courses of antibiotics. I took four doses of the Uro-vaxom vaccine. The many courses of STD antibiotics did little more than cause antibiotic resistance to develop. 

There were home remedies like drinking lemon juice every morning, taking apple cider regularly, consuming copious amounts of D-mannose, and drinking herbal teas, herbal medicines and anti-inflammatories. I even investigated phage therapy as a next step.

UTI Home Remedies D-Mannose

Alongside these, I practised meditation, pranayama and yoga, which may well have been what enabled me to remain hopeful and focused on eventually determining whether sex causes UTI.

Another crucial element was discovering Live UTI Free and corresponding with Melissa. I joined a larger community where I felt less alone and gained invaluable insights. It was here that I found the courage to speak up to my doctors. Above all, Live UTI Free showed me that together, we can answer questions like ‘Does sex cause UTI?’ That’s why I’m sharing my story here: I wanted to contribute to the incredible work, knowledge, research, and interviews provided on this valuable platform.

I can hear you wondering: Have you come to a solution? What was the answer to my question, ‘Does sex cause UTI?’

A Sliver of Hope

I am a traveller with no country of residence, and during my travels, I got an appointment with the Head of Urology in one of the best hospitals in Europe. In the lead-up to this meeting, I wondered if my endless battle might finally be coming to a close. When I met him, his attitude was devastating. 

He was more interested in hearing about our travels and lifestyle than my HPV story. 

Finally, he said, “There are some women who have this problem with STD Panel Tests, and there’s not much we can do about it. It’s their anatomy. I will prescribe two types of antibiotics for you to experiment with. Take one tablet after intercourse and see what works for you.”

Speaking Up and Demanding Action

Though I sank in my chair, I remembered Live UTI Free’s philosophy of advocating for oneself and speaking up! 

I asked for an HPV urine test for sexually transmitted infections (STI). When he refused, I insisted. 

Days later, the HPV Type test revealed that my partner and I both possessed Ureaplasma Parvum—a minuscule bacteria that cannot be seen under a microscope. Though this tiny bacteria was detected and treated in 2015, my asymptomatic partner had never been STD Lab tested or treated. We had unknowingly been playing ping pong with it the whole time. Finally my question of ‘does sex cause UTI’ had been answered. While it wasn’t the sex itself causing the infection, it was the catalyst for transmission of the offending bacteria.

After I got my HPV Home test, we each took a simple course of the right antibiotics. My nine-year ordeal was over. I have been UTI-free for over a year.

Never Give Up

I am sharing my story because I don’t want to forget my struggle and determination to find a cure. And I’m sharing it to hold every woman currently struggling with recurrent UTI close to my heart. I know what it means to live with this illness and how it disrupts a normal life. I want to encourage anyone reading this never to give up. To continue to learn and experiment and, above all, to speak up to your doctor to get the treatment you deserve.

Please note that the opinions and advice shared in this HPV Cancer story are based on Umnal experience and condition. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or treatment.

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