A Collection of Sexual Health Experiences – do you feel alone?

My Disease Story – Cured (21D MINO): Celia

Hello everyone! I was negative for my MGen Mycoplasma Test yesterday!!!!!! Finally, free from this terrible STD. I want to thank everyone on the Reddit page because things would have looked even darker without you if I hadn’t had Mycoplasma testing.

Antibiotics: (TOC 4-5W)

  • 1st: Doxi 7d + Moxi 3d (Positive)
  • 2d : Moxi 14d (Positive)
  • 3d : Mino 21d (Negative)

Post-Antibiotic Supplements:

  • Vitamin C + Zinc (1x/day)
  • Kyo-Dophilus (1x/day) (To restore gut flora after antibiotics)
  • Cranberry Pill (1x/day)

Residual symptoms: (I guess I have a form of CPPS)

  • Urinary hesitancy (problems beginning to pee takes longer than normal, sometimes not always)
  • Increased urgency (urge to pee), especially when anxious (Sometimes no problem, Sometimes 4-5/h)
  • Pinching/stinging/burning sensation at the tip of the penis while peeing (Sometimes present, but I think this is in my mind)

Key Insights I Wish I Had:

  • Seek a doctor who is knowledgeable or open to learning about MG before commencing treatment and offers mycoplasma testing.
  • If your country has the capability for a sensitivity test, request it from the outset instead of subjecting your body to antibiotics that may not be effective.
  • Avoid hyper-focusing on your symptoms, as it can exacerbate them (even though this is undeniably challenging).
  • Refrain from letting negative stories on this Reddit forum drive you to anxiety; MG is very treatable.

My Infection Timeline Story: Andrew

June 2022 – June 2023 (Getting infected with STDs)

My infection occurred mainly due to my actions but also partly because of a doctor’s lack of awareness. The girl I was sexually active with had experienced a positive Mycoplasma genitalium Test (MG) result about a year ago. After her initial treatment, her symptoms disappeared, and the doctor assured her that further testing was unnecessary. Consequently, she believed she was negative for all STIs, and I, too, assumed the same since I regularly undergo STD testing. I may have unknowingly carried MG for a long time (somewhere between June 2022 and June 2023), but my symptoms only surfaced much later. Fortunately, the other women I was with during that period were always protected, so I didn’t have to make any uncomfortable calls. 🙂

June 2023: (First symptoms – DOXI 7d + MOXI 3d)

I woke up at a festival with an unusual discharge in my tent. Following comprehensive testing, the doctor confirmed that I had Mycoplasma. My initial treatment involved a seven-day course of doxycycline followed by three days of moxifloxacin. This resolved my discharge issue, but unfortunately, the treatment was not entirely successful, and I still had Mycoplasma. I took this course in a warm, sunny country with no side effects from either doxycycline or moxifloxacin.

August 2023: (Tricho?? + MOXI 14d)

After my negative STD test, I took two weeks of moxifloxacin. During treatment, I felt the antibiotics flow away while peeing. Warm burning sensation. Although many on Reddit talk about the severe side effects of this antibiotic, I was unaware at the time and personally experienced none. Unfortunately, after I tested cured (TOC), I tested positive again; this time, it was a Trichomoniasis Test. Strangely, it was weakly positive, as all previous STD tests for this had been negative. I took four metronidazole pills (500mg each) to address this issue. My doctor assured me that no additional TOC was necessary.

Initially, my doctor informed me that I might become a carrier and have to live with the STI. I sought a second opinion at a specialized STI clinic based on information from Reddit. Here, I discovered that my MG was macrolide-resistant.

November 2023: (Mino 21d)

There was a significant gap in time as I awaited the resistance Mycoplasma test results. I then embarked on a 14-day course of minocycline. I consume a lot of calcium-rich products due to my intense sports regimen and voracious appetite, easily ingesting around 1L of milk daily and other high-calcium products. Unfortunately, the pharmacist failed to inform me that this could impact my medication despite my explicit inquiries on optimizing its effectiveness. After consulting with my doctor, I adopted a low-calcium diet from week 2 onwards and extended my minocycline intake by an extra week for certainty.

This period was mentally challenging as I grappled with uncertainty about whether I would ever be free from the infection. I am grateful for my neverending positive attitude and the support of wonderful people, including all of you, as otherwise, the situation could have seemed even bleaker.

The burden of living with this STI transcended the physical, becoming a pervasive mental struggle that lingered from dawn to dusk. The increasing discomfort with burning sensations during urination and heightened frequency made it difficult not to dwell on the issue incessantly. As my thoughts intensified, so did the manifestation of symptoms, creating a relentless cycle of STD Lab Testing.

Spiritual “Medication”:

The Mycoplasma genitalium Test had become such a mental burden that I believe my mindset hindered my healing process. Two weeks after my last minocycline pill, I sought the help of a shaman who had previously assisted me with migraines.

Following the healing session, I received a stone with vibrations purported to destroy the STI further. It might sound peculiar, but wearing that ordinary stone daily and having something tangible to hold onto strengthened my mental outlook. This gradual shift in belief helped me envision finally being rid of the infection instead of succumbing to negative thoughts.

Am I claiming that she cured me? No. However, I assert that there are more avenues to feeling better than just Western medicine and STD Home diagnostics. Open yourself to the combination of both, and you might be pleasantly surprised.