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The whole world is now standing still because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Everyone is searching for a cure because people are eager to go back to their healthy lives again. Moreover, people still want to socialize, travel, interact with their family and friends. But when will this pandemic goes away, and all of us will get our old lives back is uncertain, others resort to an Antigen test near me to make sure they are healthy. So everyone is hoping for an effective vaccine to stop the spread of this disease.

Lab scientists from all over the world are trying to develop it. Furthermore, they are showing some promising results. Here are the facts about the effects of the trials so far.

Promising Outcomes

  • There are three stages in humans.
  • Firstly, the 1st phase is for assessing safety.
  • The 2nd one is for efficacy.
  • And finally, the 3rd one is for expansion.
  • One hundred fifty-nine candidates are developing vaccines.
  • Five of them have completed phase 2 studies.
  • Lastly, seven companies have started phase 1 trials.

Here are the participating companies in this development.

Cansino Biologics

  • A Chinese company Cansino Biologics entered phase one of clinical trials on March 16, 2020.
  • They administered the vaccine to 108 healthy volunteers of Hubei province.
  • After 28 days of observation, they release their report in The Lancelet.
  • The report stated that only 7 of the candidates showed adverse effects after an Antigen test near me. But other candidates showed an immune response to the disease.
  • So the effectiveness of it satisfied the team. They also started phase 2 trials with 500 participants.


  • They had also entered phase 1 on March 16, 2020, with 45 people.
  • Divided them into three groups for examination.
  • They gave them small, moderate, and high doses of the shots.
  • They had observed the participants for 43 days. Their antigen test near me results showed that the candidates developed immunogenicity from Covid-19.
  • They were able to stop replicating the pathogen.
  • The levels of antibodies in the candidates were like the patients who recovered.
  • Moreover, when the participants qualified for phase 1. Moderna got approval from the FDA to start step 2.
  • They started to phase in May 2020 with 600 participants. The mRNA-1273 is the 1st mRNA for human use.

Other companies that are developing a cure

Oxford University

  • First and foremost, the University of Oxford confirmed success in its animal trials.
  • They vaccinated monkeys in April 2020.
  • The university began a phase 1 study with 1,110 healthy volunteers aged 18-55 on April 23, 2020.
  • They gave half of these people vaccines.
  • They assessed them for 28 days and found promising a test to result.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals

  • Inovio Pharmaceuticals has created a DNA option.
  • Firstly, they began phase 1 in April 2020 with 40 healthy volunteers.
  • Secondly, the volunteers were from Kansas City and Philadelphia.
  • Thirdly, they found promising results from these volunteers.
  • After this, they also got permission for phase 2 trials.
  • Fourth, Sinovac, Pfizer, BTECH, and BionTech mRNA also showed positive reports.
  • Finally, the results of these are not 100% positive. But these show that there’s a chance to develop a proper cure.
  • All the companies are going ahead in their next step of development because it is required to come up with a solution quickly.
  • Because of all the efforts made, we hope we might succeed in making a solution for this curse.