High Blood Pressure affects your eyes, and long-term damage will occur.

Low iron levels will get your health in trouble, so you must have iron tests at a clinic. Your results can be available on the same day. Adding a Lung Cancer Tumour Marker test is an excellent way to know your health situation.

There are numerous types of eye diseases. Some of which are normal and do not cause any harm. But some are dangerous and can lead to the loss of eyesight. The lung Cancer Tumour Marker report will discount other factors to consider if you have confusing symptoms.

Some such eye diseases and their symptoms and causes, such as blood pressure, are:


When the lens becomes cloudy, the light does not pass through properly, causing the patient to have blurred vision. Its symptoms can be clouded, blurred vision, increasing difficulty with vision at night, sensitivity to light and a need for brighter light for reading. The problem of cataracts increases gradually. Slowly but surely, you begin to lose your vision. There is no known reason for this disease. But conditions like ageing, diabetes, excessive drinking or smoking, high blood pressure, excess exposure to sunlight, family history, obesity and eye injury can increase the risk of this problem.


Surgery is the best treatment for cataracts. Eye surgery for cataracts hardly takes a few minutes, and the patient can go home in an hour or two. Due to the latest technology, the vision is 100 per cent back, and the surgery has almost zero failures. Therefore, people from third-world countries come to the UK for cataract surgery. Especially where the eye care facilities are poor; if you are one of them, please remember that you must go through a mandatory 10-day quarantine and Iron blood tests to end your quarantine on the 10th day. Furthermore, you will also need another check when you return.  

Glaucoma and Iron

Before surgery, the doctors say that you must do a set of tests which will help them understand exactly what is going on with your health and will also be helpful for the surgery. The doctor will do the iron profile blood tests for you.

Glaucoma is a condition of damage to the optic nerve of the eye. This eye disease occurs due to high pressure in the eye. Symptoms of Glaucoma include eye pain with blurred vision, severe headache, redness in the eyes, vomiting, a blind spot in both looks and tunnel vision. This eye disease is widespread. This problem can be seen in most people as they get older. The exact cause is unknown, but factors like ageing, family history, certain medical conditions, high internal eye pressure, and eye injury or surgery can increase the risk. The damage caused to the eyes due to black Glaucoma cannot be corrected, but the doctor can adopt treatment methods like eye drops, surgery or oral medications to prevent the problem or loss of vision. 

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a severe condition found by Diabetes Home tests that affects the eyes by damaging the vessels in the light-sensitive tissues of the retina. Its symptoms include dark spots in the sight, impaired colour recognition, fluctuating vision, blurred vision and vision loss. Due to the increase in sugar, small blood vessels get clogged, which is necessary for the retina, and the blood supply gets interrupted. With this, the eye tries to make new vessels.

Risk factors

The Lung Cancer tumour marker risk factors associated with diabetic retinopathy include patients with diabetes problems. Patients with diabetic retinopathy should consult their doctor before the flight because the weak vessels can rupture due to the change in the air pressure. It is equally important as taking Iron Home tests at home before you get the approval to fly. The doctor first asks the patient to change his lifestyle to balance blood glucose to treat this eye disease. Corticosteroids, scatter laser surgery, anti-VEGF injection therapy, vitrectomy and Focal/grid macular laser surgery can also be adopted.

Dry Eyes Syndrome

Dry eyes syndrome is common when the tears cannot provide adequate lubrication for our eyes. Tears can become inadequate and unstable for several reasons. Its symptoms can include burning or scratchy sensations in the eyes and stringy mucus in or around the eyes. It is also light-sensitive and causes eye redness, difficulty wearing contact lenses, problems driving at night, blurred vision, blood pressure, and eye fatigue.

Dry eye syndrome can occur for several reasons that damage the healthy tear film. Our tear film consists of three layers. If there is a problem in these three layers, it can cause this syndrome. The risk may be higher if you are older than 50 years. Also, the risk is higher if you consume a low vitamin A diet or wear contact lenses. Women are more at risk of this problem, especially if they do not regularly get checked. 

Checks to do before surgery

Over-the-counter eye drops can treat the problem of mild dry eye syndrome. One of the treatments is to manage the conditions that cause this problem. Its treatments may include drugs to reduce eyelid inflammation. 

Having low levels can lead to other complications. Dr Stephan is one of the best doctors in Manchester and always does a set of checks before any surgery. This is how you can do an iron profile blood test to evaluate your health and determine your levels.

Diagnosis of Eye Disease 

Various tests can diagnose eye problems and check their severity. Lung Cancer Tumour Marker diagnosis helps understand Disease complications like Angiography, Electro-retinography, Ultrasonography, Optical Coherence Tomography, etc. They also help diagnose eye problems and your health by taking Iron Home Tests. It is possible to prevent eye diseases if you properly care for your eyes. 

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