My story Good morning, everyone!

Finally, I can share my Ureaplasma Test story. First, thank you for all the knowledge I’ve gained from this site and all of you. I’ve quietly followed since 2008, finding many STD HPV test answers through forum research. Today, however, I want to share my own experience and current situation, and I appreciate any time you can spare to read it.

I’ve suffered from cystitis since childhood, experiencing attacks even then, though I didn’t understand what they were. They’d often disappear on their own, but the pain lingers in my memory. With my first sexual experience, cystitis became a regular occurrence, always treated with Santibiotics that offered only temporary relief.

In 2008, seeking Ureaplasma solutions online, I discovered this community’s efforts to introduce mannose to Italy, which eventually succeeded! Excited, I began self-treatment with mannose, but unfortunately, my experience was mixed. While it occasionally helped, I once endured excruciating pain and even developed nephritis and severe renal colic, leading me to abandon mannose.

Instead, I found relief in GSE grapefruit seed tablets, which became my go-to remedy, effectively managing my attacks. Though I’ve read they’re not recommended here, they were my salvation. I share my experience in the hope it may help others facing similar challenges. Thank you for listening.”

Medication regime

Continuing, I am now 33 years old and have always taken the pill since I was 15 because I was told that irregular cycles could “settle down” and that I had polycystic ovaries. Well, last year, I did a transvaginal x-ray again, and the HPV Specialist doctor told me that I never had polycystic ovaries!? Oh well. I decide to stop taking the pill because, after all these years. It seemed right to me.

The pills were stopped only once in 2008, and for a year, I had amenorrhea, hair loss, a disaster, and then I started it again (useless progesterone cycles). I stopped it in September, and as I imagined, I started seborrheic dermatitis and hair effluvium. Unfortunately, it also triggers a vaginal infection; I have never suffered from Ureaplasma infections! Candida only once in 2007 because I discovered I was “allergic” to an aggressive pharmacy soap that contained hydrogen peroxide (!!) Flours at the gynaecologist caused absurd swelling and candida in the emergency room.

Since then, I have only used ultra-delicate organic detergents or just water, and I have never had any more problems until now. Unfortunately, I discovered that I also have a high-risk HPV strain (31-39), and for two years, I have been going for a visit every six months; in September, a cin1 developed; luckily, my doctor today is waiting and told me that it doesn’t happen has to do nothing monitor.

Getting an Exam

I’ve been feeling some discomfort since September, so I do a vaginal swab (my insistence… the doctor didn’t tell me anything), and it turns out I have ureaplasma 100,000 colonies; the rest are all negative (mycoplasma, chlamydia, candida, e coli, common germs). The doctor tells me to put Meclon cream. I didn’t do it, so I started the Miriam protocol. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lactobacilli count or pH because the doctor didn’t want to prescribe them (nerves). Kelairon cream caused me severe itching, so I can’t use it.

I took a supplement on my initiative (showed it to the doctor, who approved it anyway) with inositol, chaste tree, etc. and to my great surprise, I finally got my period back! I had no problems for a few days until, on the 4th day, I felt all swollen and externally, especially the small lips, and itchy again. Yesterday, I put on Greek yoghurt today a little better, as if the tampon had irritated me and the urea infringement had never gone away.

I leave you the completed HPV Test questionnaire: What are your main symptoms? Where are they located exactly? How often do they occur? I’m keeping myself at bay for cystitis now; it flares up when I don’t drink much! Are you okay between attacks, or are you still feeling discomfort? Which? I’m fine with cystitis when it flares up. I take GSE tablets. Have you identified any triggers in particular? Sexual intercourse, stress, heat, cold, nutrition, particular periods of the cycle, anything else? Do you have a recent urinalysis and urine culture (if you suffer from cystitis)? What do they report? All triggers were reported.

The extensive questionnaire

Do you have urine Ureaplasma swab sticks at home to monitor the situation? How many times a day do you pee, and how much do you drink? I don’t drink much. Mannaggia is stronger than me, but I drink at least a litre. Is the flow of pee slow and double, or does it have a single, abundant jet? Do you have to push to urinate, or does the urine come out spontaneously? When I have cystitis, I have difficulty, and it hurts otherwise normal. Do you have pain during intercourse, and is penetration difficult?

Eh, it’s been painful since I stopped taking the pill, and I have the problems mentioned above. Do you also suffer from candida and vaginal infections? What symptoms do you have during an attack? I currently have external itching around my labia minora, which are red and inflamed. Have cystitis and vaginitis always been confirmed by urine cultures and vaginal swabs, respectively?

I haven’t had any for years, only a recent Ureaplasma swab in October, which gave positive urea in 100,000 colonies. Do you have a recent vaginal Ureaplasma swab with an indication of pH and lactobacilli? What do they report? Unfortunately, not for the reasons written above. Do you have burning pain when you wear jeans, when you wear synthetic underwear or when you use sanitary pads? Sanitary pads now! Never had before.

Final message

What contraceptive method do you use? Now, condom. Do you use lubricant during intercourse? Yes, I noticed that it goes much better. Have you noticed if cystitis appears 24 to 72 hours after intercourse? Not always. Do you use an intimate cleanser? Sometimes, it is only mild organic detergent or just water. How’s the intestine doing? Are you able to download yourself every day? Yes, I don’t have any problems; I eat healthily.

Can you recognise the pubococcygeus muscle and contract/relax it? Yes. Have you ever tried doing some self-massage? Yes. Does heat help you? Yes. Have you read the articles on the homepage about contracture and vulvodynia? Do you recognise any Ureaplasma-type symptoms? Yes, I don’t have any problems with this HPV Viral type, at least never before. Are you following any of the tips we suggest? Which? Yes, kg reverse, and I try to stay calm.

What other diseases do you suffer from? None, I think! Which sport do you play? I have always done home workouts with weights.