“I have a story to tell”: stories of life with Papillomavirus.

HPV-type testing shows it affects men and women. It is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, especially through sexual intercourse. STD Home Tests show it is the second pathogen responsible for cancer in the world. It causes lesions, warts, and infertility. It can cause various forms of cancer, such as carcinoma of the cervix or cervix, the first cancer recognised by the World Health Organization as totally attributable to an infection.

Human Papillomavirus or HPV infection tests and its consequences are very widespread. It is estimated that at least 75% of sexually active women contract an HPV virus of any type during their lifetime and that over 50% become infected with a high-capacity type.

Oncogenic risk.

It is important to know and make it known that our children can prevent the risk of getting certain types of cancer with a simple vaccination. This small gesture turns into an investment in health,” – says Elisabetta Iannace, General Secretary of FAVO.

The bivalent and quadrivalent vaccines (effective on 2 and 4 types of HPV, respectively) are already available in Italy and are currently in use. And the monovalent vaccine (against 9 serotypes of HPV) will be available shortly. Vaccination is the only primary prevention tool capable of defending against cancerous lesions due to the Papillomavirus.

Life Threatening

For the secondary prevention of cervical cancer, there are the Pap and the Lab tests capable of identifying the infection. For other types of papillomavirus cancer that affect both women and men, screening is not available. Furthermore, vaccination is a preventative gesture to protect your future health, your own, and future generations.

The universal anti vaccination is already in the Calendar for Life. Also, it is among the most important vaccinations for health protection and has also been included in the new National Vaccine Prevention Plan 2016-2018, recently approved in Italy.

“I Have a Story to Tell”

It is a web-based STD awareness project on vaccination against the Papillomavirus.

At the heart of the STD Project testing is a web page. And on which the testimonies of men and women who have contracted the papillomavirus infection will be collected. People who have had to face and redesign themselves concerning fatherhood and motherhood or have managed to diagnose the infection early. Or more STD Home Test stories of those who, in light of their personal youth experiences, are listing their children towards vaccination.

Childrens Program

The page will host testimonials and informative content. Also, it is useful for clarifying the HPV infection and dispelling some myths. For example, it is not true that the Papillomavirus only affects women; the use of a condom. Although recommended, it reduces the risk of infection but does not eliminate it. It is essential to inform yourself adequately, and “I have a story to tell” can represent a useful and easy-to-consult STD test tool to deepen your knowledge of this infection and its consequences.


That of her illness: an adenocarcinoma with the removal of the cervix. And it cost her months of HPV Lab testing, chemotherapy, and surgery. And unfortunately, also the loss of the little girl she was expecting. Valeria’s is, unfortunately, just one of the many stories of cancer and the virus. And this is why the project ‘I have a story to tell… Say it in Words…’ was born. Our’.

The Insieme contro il Cancro Foundation is carrying out the initiative. It collaborates with the Italian Association of Cancer Patients (AIMAC), the Adolescence Laboratory Association, and the Italian Society of Adolescent Medicine (SIMA).

How much damage can it do?

In Italy, there are over 6,500 new cases of cancer per year attributable to Human papillomavirus infections. “The Papillomavirus is the second pathogen responsible for cancer in the world – explains Francesco Cognetto, president of the Together Against Cancer Foundation. Above all, it is a necessary condition for the development of all cervical cancers.

It is a neoplasm that annually records 2,400 new cases in our country alone.

Therefore, it is essential to adhere to screening programs, which allow an early check of the infection or precancerous lesion. Therefore, the most effective tool available against HPV remains prevention through vaccination.

Speaking in adult language

Anyone who has to deal with HPV Tests with teenagers daily knows how difficult it is. Let alone when it comes to health.  “Say it in our own words – explains Maurizio Tuccinello, president of Laboratorio Adolescence, who created the format.

It comes from the idea that the most effective communicators for a message aimed at teenagers are the teenagers themselves. This is why we have entrusted the creation of this event entirely to them. Campaign, inviting other schools and other working STD Panel groups to join. By leaving the complete execution of the work to the girls and boys involved, we did not worry—not even about the perfection of the material produced from a strictly executive point of view. Still, we focused on the freshness of the message.”