Face Masks
Italy was the first major western country to be hit by Covid-19, mainly because it was among the first to block Chinese flights and conducted thorough screening using an antigen test. Some indicate the average age of the population, which is the oldest in Europe. Some point to weak air pollution caused by widespread lung disease in the northern business district.

Why Italy? Monk sees it differently.

  • The only thing that distinguishes this country is that the community release the broadcast in about 10 days.
  • Before they come to Germany, the United States, or Canada, if other countries don’t want to get too involved now, they will be in this place.

In this country, more than 1,800 Covid-19 deaths occurred on Sunday out of 24,747 confirmed cases. This is the highest mortality rate in any country, even over China, with 3,200 deaths and 81,000 confirmed cases.

Death rates

  • In Italy, several older people are more than adults. The Health Institute explains.
  • There are death high rates because of old age people. It is an ancient country after japan.

Most of the old who died in the past because of this virus was having other health issues. As an outcome of that, the death rates are not surprising.

  • Chinese data so far suggests
  • It is probably the oldest country in Europe, so it doesn’t surprise me.

The country has a social and open culture. People love outdoor and social activities, and they have a touchable culture.

  • The physical space of humanity here is much smaller than in the United Kingdom.
  • They hug and shake hands while saying goodbye as a gesture.

Decisions made

Hospitals that conduct a daily antigen test in the northern part of the country extend to the starting point. Health workers are exhausted, fearing that they will infect the virus and spread it to their families.

  • Fans are the only thing that will live better, and there may not be enough of them to get around them.
  • Doctors decided who got to live and who got to die.

Italy is a hub of the business centre. From all over the world, it has the closest business and educational relationship in its country.

  • Many multinational companies have an office here.
  • Staff travels around the world to attend meetings and seminars.
  • Viruses can spread rapidly from the transmit of people, but humans spread rapidly through the country.

Pressures from high authorities

I can only imagine how difficult it is for a psychologist to contact doctors and nurses.

  • Because of the pressure from high-rank officers, patients have to be monitored.
  • And we have to say that we can not do anything like that.
  • People are closer to activities than in other countries.