Researchers conducting experimentsAntigen test is probably the most discussed Covid-19 features among Americans. People often consider their significance, effectiveness, and efficacy. All countries have created various controls to prevent the disease from spreading further. These measures include laws to stay at home, bans on public meetings, and travel limits. Furthermore, we believe these test kits will help prevent more spread of the virus.

Medicines Online intend to provide essential care for those who need it the most. So, we are conducting experiments at locations across the country. The section below explains every detail you need to know about the philosophy and approach of these.

How do these medical options benefit us?

Several public health response pillars can help slow disease spread in a pandemic. We have an opportunity here as a healthcare organization. One of them is to support these pillars. Proper use of medical options helps to check for the Covid-19 virus. The test to result may help slow the spread to other patients and communities.

How do we work? We help in 3 ways.

  1. First, we help in finding a case. Our team identifies the most outbreaks or severe outbreaks. They show people how to stop the spread.
  2. We also help in reference tracing. Thus, it helps to notify and track their near friends, who could become ill.
  3. Last, we steer patient guidance. Here, we guide you on everything. This includes a guide for patients and their loved ones. Your health represents our focus.

Are we making these more readily available? Yes. We are exploring all possible areas. After all, we intend to increase the number of patients that we can recommend to do an antigen test.

Here are some of the things we’re working on right now

We review home Covid-19 test kits. Furthermore, many businesses now push to make homemade medical options. More so, experts are examining all possibilities for identifying more relevant samples. Such samples offer the best fit. Besides, they provide a high degree of accuracy. Also, they include a short processing period. Currently, the FDA permission doesn’t extend to DIY methods. It may be a gating factor in their near-term use.

We also set up free sites. Open-air testing helps clinicians treat more significant patients. Besides, they use smaller volumes of personal protective equipment ( PPE). Thus, we consider it as an ideal way forward to check our patients effectively and efficiently. We already have driven-thru and running with more coming soon in several cities.

We work with our health system partners. Experts have established relationships with some of the most prestigious hospital groups. Whom we communicate with to identify opportunities for joint testing efforts.

Finally, we partner with private labs. Doctors must ensure prompt collection of patient specimen samples for research. After all, they collaborate with commercial laboratories and health system collaborators. Thus, they maximize laboratory resources that better fit our members ‘ needs.