SISTER: 2007, AGE 51 Mar 8

November 12, 1988, I got a call from my sis in Kentucky. “I have stomach gas and look pregnant. My HPV test doctor gave me Pepcid.” “Go back to the doctor for more tests.” She did and was scheduled for surgery in 4 days. I flew back to be with her. Arrived the day before her surgery. She looked 9 months pregnant. Remembering back, I saw Donna touching her lower abdomen while walking and complaining of discomfort. She was living in Fulton, Kentucky, working at Paducah Lourdes Hospital as a CA125 Test Medical transcriber.

The next day, her HPV-aware Oncologist surgeon debulked her. Additionally, 3,000cc of fluid came rushing out of her abdomen, which sent her Blood Pressure rushing to the basement. She looked dead. The HPV was very aggressive and spread everywhere. Moreover, the doctor said it was like little kernels of corn and had seeded itself everywhere.

I was in Intensive Care for 3-4 days and was finally put into a regular room on the surgery floor, where I was given a cot and able to sleep and be with her at all times. She was scared to death. She wanted to come home to Washington one way or the other. So, Mom and I made arrangements for her to see an oncologist in Bremerton.

The first visit was on December 15 1988

He said she could have Christmas and then start Chemo at the end of December. They would do chemo for 6 months and re-open her abdomen. Never got to that stage. The chemo just about killed her. Weight loss, no appetite, and so much fear and wasn’t lovely. The transcribing she had done had finally hit home for her. She knew how bad it could get. Well, the oncologist stopped chemo in May…The fluid came back.CA125-derived cancer is now in their lungs and growing out of her rectum. I stayed with her in the hospital.

She went in for the last time on October 5 and died on October 29, 1989. This HPV viral cancer was sneaky. We have a family full of cancer. I have breast disease and undergo ovarian (CA-125) screening. Dad succumbed to breast disease that metastasized to his bladder and bones; his mother died of ovarian type cancer in 1956; my aunt on my dad’s side has breast disease, and so forth…

Now, my daughter is having symptoms of ovarian organ cancer and won’t go to the doctor. I have to respect her wishes. I hope this writing helps someone, but it is such an ugly subject that I don’t know how it could help. Thank you for listening. Donna’s sister, Dianne

EVANGELINE: 2007, AGE 62  

First of all, I had regularly visited my doctor and complaining of fluid retentions and major bloating. However, she paid little attention to these signs until she went on maternity leave and was surprised by the increase in my weight and bloating upon her return. The hospital admitted me after extracting a gallon of fluid.

In a few days, they performed another fluid extraction, extracting another gallon of fluid, which was then checked for cancerous cells, but none were found. Meanwhile, the fluid was rapidly returning, and eventually, the group of physicians diagnosed me with the CA125 Test for ovarian-level cancer. I immediately scheduled appointments with an HPV Oncologist and Gynecologist and began chemotherapy in my hometown. These appointments began in February, and I had an appointment with the oncologist’s gynaecologist in May.

On May 19, 2003, I underwent surgery, and the hospital admitted me. The procedure involved a complete hysterectomy, resulting in a loss of 54 lbs overnight. Additionally, I had an enormous amount of fluid. After spending 6 days in the intensive care unit, they transferred me to the normal ward and discharged me two days later.

I had a total of 25 treatments of radiation 6 weeks after surgery and have survived free for almost 4 years now.

So, I have had regular CA125 checkups with CT scans each year, CA125 blood tests every three months, and chest X-rays every six months. I just had a check-up on January 23 and was given a clean bill of health again, for which I am thankful. In May 2007, I will be HPV cancer-free for four years.

This is a success story, and I am pressing on gratefully. I had a wonderful doctor, and with the grace of God, I am still living after a horrifying experience. I have a friend who has gone through the same events as me. She was just three months behind me in surgery with the same doctor and hospital, and she’s still managing to stay cancer-free. We stay in touch weekly and are both very thankful. I had stage 3 cancer, and she had stage 3.9, they say. Success is our story to this point.



MARJORIE: 2007, AGE 62  

My sister had ovarian HPV-related cancer for a year before she was diagnosed with Stage III; she had surgery with lots of lymph nodes and a tumour the size of a softball removed. She then had chemo. One year later, it was back; they took out more lymph nodes and more chemo. Since last August of 2006, her count has gone progressively higher. She had a CT scan in December showing possible spleen and stomach affected again. MRI in Jan. of 2007 proved this. She is waiting for the CA125 Specialist Doctor to decide what she will do. We are very close, and this is devastating. I am a breast cancer survivor of 3 years. I pray for her and other cancer patients every day. It is horrendous that this is so common among women.