The planet Earth is full of energy and power. It carries a negative charge in electrical energy. Many people perform grounding or earthing techniques to connect their physical bodies with this electrical energy. According to a theory from many scientists, the grounding technique transfers free electrons from the Earth to the human body due to the earthing process, which has many health benefits like pain reduction and wound healing. However, this health suggestion doesn’t discount the importance of regular health screening as a tool for health care. CBC Blood Testing can support every health-conscious person to get independent data on their health. A Full Complete Count Profile can detect possible ailments in the human body. And according to such information, they can take their next move.

Grounding is a natural process that has no or negligible side effects. Connecting with nature is always helpful; talking with the cosmos is always refreshing, whether on the mountains or on an off-road trip. Mother Earth is the best healer of any condition. But, here in this article, we’ll focus on the grounding techniques and learn more about them so that you can get the best out of the universe.

What is Grounding or Earthing? Why do they?

Many people are unaware of the idea of earthing. This term might sound new or weird to them. For those, let me tell you that earthing is a technique that helps connect a human with the earth’s electrical power. But, some people might wonder why they use these techniques. What are its benefits?

So, the answer to these questions is available. And we will explain it here, enlightening people about the uses of this technique. So, this electrical conduction from the Earth to the human body helps to heal the body in various ways:

  • It can help to reduce body pain
  • It can improve your mood
  • Make good blood flow in your body
  • It can give a good sleep quality
  • Boost metabolic rate
  • Help to reduce stress
  • Decrease tiredness and fatigue
  • Improve the body’s physical function and energy
  • Help to maintain the immune response
  • It can also heal wounds
  • can also impart positive effects on inflammation
  • Autoimmune disorder patients can also benefit from it
  • One can also get some relief from chronic inflammatory conditions
  • It also gives mental peace and tranquillity.

These are just some of the benefits of earthing or grounding techniques; there are many more. However, always remember to perform Full Count Home Testing that will help to ponder your attention towards your health. These benefits might have attracted you to this organic technique seen in CBC Lab Testing. Now, let’s talk about different ways to do these exercises.

Follow Different Types of Grounding Techniques 

Many people who know about grounding techniques need clarification about the exact pattern to do it. But there is no need to confuse yourself. There are various ways to do this electrical connection with the universe. The most common and easiest way to do this exercise is to stand or walk barefoot on the grass. Moreover, it can also be done by pressurizing your hand on the ground. However, in today’s world scenario, no one in this frantic world prefers to walk barefoot outside until they are at the beach. They are more conscious about their cleanliness and hygiene. This is due to the prevalence of various diseases caused by unhygienic conditions. But people can save themselves by performing Full Count Home Kit using the home monitoring or CBC Lab kits from Medicine Online. These kits will help evaluate their health condition at home.

To solve the problem of today’s world and encourage grounding exercises, various grounding tools have been made to allow the public to get electrical conduction identical to biological grounding. This includes specialized tools like:

  • Sheets
  • Mats
  • Footwear
  • Adhesive patches
  • Wrist or ankle bands, etc.

These unique tools are connected to the Earth by a cord attached to a grounded electrical wall outlet or a rod directly pressed into the soil.

Carry a Kit to different locations for doing Grounding Exercises.

The main goal of the grounding exercise is to restore an electrical connection with the Earth. This precious and significant connection is lost somewhere in today’s modern world, which has become more industrial and has made the public stay in a set of shoes made up of leather or rubber all day long. We need more time to practice these beneficial natural processes. For grounding, one must be conscious that their bare skin makes direct contact with the Earth. You must take your shoes, socks, or sandals off to perform grounding exercises.

There are different ways to perform earthing, which include:

  • Routine walking on the grass, dirt, or sand barefoot
  • Standing in humid sand or dirt without shoes or slippers
  • Pressing bare hands on the grass
  • One can also sit on a chair or table by touching one’s bare feet directly to the grass or ground.
  • Lying on the ground, grass, or sand with a bare body
  • Swimming into natural water bodies like lakes, rivers, or oceans. Swimming pools don’t work for it.
  • Gardening can also give the same benefits, but the demand is to do it hands-on.

While doing such exercises, one can place a home monitoring order online for CBC Kits. They can check their status directly after and before this exercise, revealing changes in their body’s mechanism and workings.


In ancient traditional Chinese medicine, the health benefits of grounding existed thousands of years ago. The body’s direct connection with the planet Earth’s electrical energy seems to be beneficial for the health of humans. This conduction helps transfer the Earth’s natural negative charge to the human body. Various physical and mental health benefits like good sleeping habits, a nicely working immune system, low levels of pain and stress, etc., are present in the earthing exercise and can be determined by CBC Tests. This natural exercise has lost its name in today’s modern and industrial world, but this doesn’t reduce its importance. We need to reignite this beneficial organic exercise with many health benefits. One can check them by performing Full Count regularly.