Simona’s story

My name is Simona, and I am suffering from platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. My discovery of the CA125 test for the disease dates back to two years ago. I was 44 years old, and I thought I was already in menopause because my period hadn’t come for a few months. A gynaecological visit and HPV test discovered the existence of the “monster”. They urgently operated on me for bilateral hysteroannexectomy. I had 4 cycles of chemo then again, I had surgery for radical omentectomy lymph node removal. I did other chemo treatments, always those of their protocol. They say I have improved but have no hope of recovery!!

Panicking, I hear other opinions from renowned Italian hospitals, and they all lead me to take a step back to the usual hospital!! They give me maintenance chemo tablets; I’m sick, too sick, boils, and so many symptoms that I understand that I was intolerant to the drug!! I decided to stop taking these pills, which not only failed to stop the disease but also worsened it! Protocol chemo again, another 5 cycles without doing any visits to make sure the treatments are effective…

I finally have a PET scan in the hospital, and they even deny me seeing the exam results!! The following month, they read the test results of the PET scan, and with such inhumanity, they told me that the cancer was now everywhere! The chemo didn’t help. My CA125 got so much worse, and everything collapsed there… I think of how much useless suffering; I think of Betta’s eyes that I was a lion for her and had to win!!! Thanks to my sister and her research, I know Dr. Longman, and I feel better right away; she gives me good hopes of recovery right away!!

Final thoughts

He entrusts me to Dr Fanel of Empoli to remove all parts of the heart disease, hips, abdomen, pelvic area, oesophagus, etc. All this in two weeks!! Fanelli is a respectful man, friendly and reassuring. I have no words to describe so much grace and how I was treated. It’s almost time to heal completely from HPV, but I owe all this to my sister and Dr. Longman. They are my guiding angels. I have experienced CA125’s desperation not to look into my children’s eyes anymore, and they only have me. So I say you must never lose hope. You must always have faith and a lot of patience with HPV! And even if discouragement comes and the desire to give up everything on the road there is always a hand sent from above that helps you.


Good evening, I’m Silvana; I’ll describe my testimony to you. In January 2020, I was diagnosed with high-grade stage three ovarian cancer. I was operated on urgently, and my uterus, ovaries, appendix and ileum were removed. I have a stoma. In April 2020, I started 6 cycles of chemotherapy and then continued my journey with 22 biological chemo treatments. And n September 2021, a control CT scan revealed a liver lesion with lymph nodes around the peritoneum.

I visited Dr. Longman in October and began my CA125 journey with ozone therapy. I felt good from the first treatment. The doctor suggested that I carry out radiotherapy in Empoli by Dr. Fanton. I went to him last week. The CT scan revealed that the liver lesion had almost disappeared, and the lymph nodes had shrunk. I highly recommend that all those needing radiotherapy go to Empoli, a specialized centre; friendly staff and, everyone is very helpful; the doctor is very good.

Fanton, ozone therapy helped me a lot. I am happy to have met Dr. Margherita, who is always available to everyone, and today, I can say that I am more than satisfied with the result obtained. Thanks to Dr. Longman and also very good Maria, the secretary who was always friendly and helpful with all of us. I am proud to be part of this great Amoronlus HPV Foundation family.


Good evening. I am Ioana, and I would like to bring you my CA125 testimony today. It all began way back in November 2017. I did a check-up abdominal ultrasound, and they sent me rushing to the emergency room. A very large cancer cyst can be seen on the right ovary. After all the investigations, in December 2017, I underwent a 9-hour demolition operation. They removed my reproductive system, my spleen, my appendix, a piece of intestine, my peritoneum, a part of my diaphragm’s moss and many lymph nodes. I am very interested in alternative HPV treatments, and so in January 2018, I arrived in Pott with a “very fresh” diagnosis of third-stage ovarian cancer.

I will immediately start ozone therapy and integrated CA125 therapy in Florence. For bureaucratic reasons, I am also unable to start chemo. I go on like this for three months; I get a CT scan, which comes back negative (I sing victory!!!!). However, the doctors decide to do chemo for “prevention”. I do chemo at the same time with ozone. During the chemo, I managed to live a normal life… first CT scan after the chemo was negative… second was negative… the third was negative… I know that only 2 years have passed since it all started, but I am confident everything will be fine… my heart feels he is on the right path. I will always recommend ozone therapy because I saw the benefits right away.