Are you Properly Cleaning It?

Protection Masks are essential as they keep our loved ones safe. According to government regulations, it should be worn when one is outside. Though this is common knowledge due to COVID, most people do not know how to wash it, which is mainly why people are doing covid tests. We have seen instances where people recycle their face masks and, without proper handling, contaminate them. In addition, they expose themselves to the disease. Masks should be worn when you visit a clinic, even if you get an allergy kit.

Most used in the UK are:

  • Surgical
  • N-95
  • Fabric

Though the N-95 has a protection rate of 95%, they are not commonly used as they are reserved for doctors and healthcare providers who deal with covid tests. Whether you are buying online, surgical is the most common, but it has one disadvantage. Who can not use it more than three times? If the mask is made of non-woven fibres, washing it will only destroy the tissues that protect you from exposure to the virus. Before you learn how to fly your face masks, know how to wear them first.

surgical masks to be worn to a clinic for a covid test or an allergy test.

Usually, people prefer to wear disposable surgical masks to a clinic for covid or allergies, but cloth masks are also acceptable for a visit.

Wearing properly

Before you wear your mask, make sure your hands are clean. In addition, make sure you only touch the ear straps and not your nose. After putting it on, rewash your hands. Avoid touching your mask once it is on your face to avoid contaminating it. Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Do not wear your mask under the chin.
  • Cover the nose with the mask at all times. If you visit a clinic for covid, remove it only at the time of the test.
  • Sanitize your hands before touching the mask

Step for Cleaning

One main advantage of cloth products is that they are reusable, saving you a lot of money. Cloth masks can be worn to clinics if you have booked a covid test.

Steps to wash:

  1. Wear a hand glove if you are an essential worker or if you believe that it could be contaminated
  2. If it has a non-woven filter, make sure to remove it before washing
  3. Release any detachable elastic bands. If any
  4. If you hand wash the product, ensure you soak it in hot water to kill contaminants. Contaminants may be present from the last time you did a covid or allergy test at a nearby clinic.
  5. Scrub the mask using a heavy-duty detergent or soap
  6. After cleaning, rinse with cool water
  7. Dry in the sun or choose hot cycle mode on an automatic dryer
  8. Always try to clean your masks after visiting a clinic for a covid test.


Before taking a covid test or visiting a clinic for your allergy test, remember that wearing these masks will prevent you from getting the illness. But keep in mind that fabric is only 35% effective. If they have a filter, the effectiveness increases to 55%. With these statistics, it is clear that they are not as effective as surgical and N-95. Fabric masks tend to leave spaces around your nostrils that can result in contamination. In addition, in between the fabric, there are large spaces, meaning tiny aerosolized droplets will pass through them.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Scientists recommend a fabric that is not so difficult to breathe in with your nose but has some resistance. It is not worth it if you don’t feel any resistance in breathing. At the same time, resistance should be tolerable and reasonable. The covid and allergy clinics near you will have better mask information. Please don’t hesitate to talk to them if you are in doubt.