Physicians always caution the public to take and stop their medications after consulting with a CBC healthcare provider. Still, many of us, mainly older adults, don’t always listen to this advice. They may leave the medicine without the Doctor’s prescription, or sometimes they start to take some pills as suggested by their relatives or friends. This could be harmful to their overall health instead of being beneficial. A Full Count CBC Test is what a professional healthcare worker advises before starting any medicine to evaluate the proper condition of their bodies. This CBC Count kit is a standard health checkup recommended by every Doctor before the next session, so the data from the report can be used to give session advice.

You can’t leave or start a medicine for most chronic conditions without having been checked with at least 2-3 types of screenings. Doctors know better than we do when it comes to knowing what medicine your body wants and how long it requires. So, taking medications as per your Doctor’s prescriptions would be better.

According to research by a university in Michigan, US, around 2,500 people between 50 and 80 years are indulging in de-prescribing habits. There are various reasons behind stopping or starting a medication without a prescription. But it can pose health complications.

Why is it so that many people leave medication in between? 

According to various research, people age 65 or more take an average of 4.6 monthly medications. This is relatively high in old age as medications can cause a foul mouth. In old age, people often feel less appetite and usually avoid food. But if someone is hungry and wants to eat something, their bad mouth due to medication can make it challenging to eat healthily. Thus, many old adults get tired of taking many medicines at once. Therefore, they start to skip them, eventually leaving them all over. Healthcare providers must have a healthy conversation with their patients to encourage them to deal with their medication phase properly. A Full Blood Count Type Exam is necessary for adults because they risk developing common infections and chronic conditions. It is reasonable even before taking a medicine.

Why are some people Taking Unnecessary Prescriptions?  

Many people are taking various drugs that are not benefitting them at all. There are multiple reasons behind this, and some of them are:

  • A healthcare provider may have advised a short-term drug but has not given any instruction on its stoppage.
  • You visit different CBC medical workers who prescribe other drugs by examining your previous prescriptions.
  • The patient’s health condition has resolved, but no one has told them to stop the medicine. This mostly happens with old adults and children.

A healthcare provider and a knowledgeable person must review all your drugs. This will help to protect you from unwanted drugs that are not useful or harmful to you. Many contract the flu or cold, which they also suffered two years ago. Instead of visiting a doctor, they take old prescribed medication to cure that condition. This doesn’t seem right. As we age, our body’s composition and hormonal balance change, which requires different drugs to treat a particular condition.

We can take the example of aspirin, famous for preventing heart stroke. Physicians recommend this drug to many older adults to avoid a stroke, but according to recent studies, people over 60 who are taking aspirin are at high risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. This discards the protection people get from aspirin for older people.

Proper research and Doctor’s advice play a considerable role in drug intake. For those taking a large number of drugs for a long period, doctors suggest they get a regular CBC Biomarker Test report to trace any potential unhealthy activity inside the body. A Full Blood Count Lab Exam detects every subsequent infection; if it doesn’t, it signals the possibility of any mishaps in the body.

Medications of Short-term Use

Many medications are only for short-term use, like anti-anxiety medications like Xanax. They carry various health complications with them if used for the long term. But if any person has yet to see much recovery, increasing the length of medicine alone is not the solution. Get an appointment with a healthcare worker, discuss your condition with them, and perform every health checkup they ask. Most commonly, a CBC Test Profile Kit is asked by every medical worker, along with other screening investigations. Full Count Type result opens up every aspect of a person’s internal health and thus is very useful in evaluating a person’s overall health.


Healthcare professionals are knowledgeable persons who know which drug is best for your condition and how much time it will take for you to use it. They perform regular CBC Test Reports on their patients to analyze their health status. If anyone leaves a drug without their Doctor’s advice, it might harm them in many critical ways. Similarly, suppose anyone is hesitant to visit doctors and starts to use old prescribed medicines after the arrival of any previously occurred condition. In that case, these people are also at risk of developing unhealthy outcomes. Avoiding these steps to prevent any irrelevant impact on your body is necessary. Perform regular full-count home results and stay healthy.